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A middle-aged man in his forties loses his house and job all in a matter of less than a year. Three months later his wife Gillian and unborn daughter pass away due to a plane crash over the Rocky Mountains coming home from visiting her parents in Spokane. One late January evening. Joseph dealing with all the stresses takes a winter's drive. As he drives he is jamming to whatever was playing on the cars radio and contemplating taking his own life. In the snow and rain, his vision blurs, glancing up he sees a large elk has the elk jumps into the road. Turning the wheel sharply to avoid hitting the monstrous beast, running off the road, crashing through the guardrail and down the mountainside. The elk had to be at least ten feet tall with a rack just as wide when the car started sliding and flipping several times down the side of the mountain.

Suddenly the car came to a complete stop on its top. As he climbs out by kicking the windshield out with his left foot, as he crawls out he scrapes and cuts himself badly, bloody and torn he tries to stand only to fall to the wet and snow-covered ground. Kicking in the back passenger window and grabbing his green gym bag that he kept in his car. He went to the gym daily since the passing of Gillian and little Josey The gym seemed to help him deal with things since Gillian's passing. As he struggles to stand, he sees the monstrous beast stare at him through the blinding snow as it fell, letting out a monstrous grunt and stares him down again as if to say " get the hell off my mountain and that's what you get for screwing with me." Then the elk gallops across the rocks, losing him through the heavy falling snow. Looking around in anger and disgust he remembers the radio disc jockey FAT PATTY said that that entire area is under a server blizzard warning. Turning he loses his footing and falls tumbling and rolling the side of what was left of the side of the mountain coming to rest hitting a tree with his head and shoulder. Shuttering with the pain he rests himself against the tree trying to get to his feet what seems like seven to eight-time.

Looking around in tremendous and excruciating pain, covered in some blood. Glancing out thru the falling snow, he sees in the distance what appears to a cabin with lights and smoke. The cabin was way off in a blanketed snow-covered field of snow. Thinking that trip down and thru the field, then back up thru the hellish climb, and a lot easier on his bruised and shaken bloody body. He starts down to what was left of the mountain and falling several more times. By the time he was at the bottom, it felt like all he was seeing was snow and more snow. Thinking why the hell everything happens to him. Still staring at the smoking chimney, he was off thru the snowy blizzard. After what seemed like hours of a tormented and agonizing trek, but it only took minutes. Breathing deep of exhaustion and extremely bad pain, he took a handful of snow to quench his thirst. Then he wipes his wounds on his face with the bitterly cold white stuff. Stumbling through the knee-deep snow, he kept focusing on those dim lights and blowing smoke. Wondering what was ahead, he kept moving forward, hoping there would be warmth, comfort, and food. He stopped occasionally to the howling that hopefully was a wolf or coyote waiting to devour him. Starting to shiver from the cold, blizzard wind, that chilled him to the bone, he kept moving forward. The cold wind felt like it was ripping his skin and wounds apart. He stumbles falling into the snow face first. Rolling onto his back, the snow fell into his torn shirt and jeans and into his open wounds on his chest.

Laying there for a while, muddling his agonizing thoughts and losses, he starts begging to God to let him die and die fast, so that the starving animals could feed on his flesh. God, I have nothing to live for. You have taken everything away from me; my wife, my parents, and You even had the gall to take our unborn daughter. As he rises to his knees, a strong wind blows a tree limb to the snow-covered ground. He crawls almost 25 feet to reach the broken limb. Leaning against the tree, he pulls himself up using the tree for support for his cold, wet, and almost lifeless body. Using the limb as a crutch, he continues on. Hearing the crunch of the wet snow under his sore, tired feet made him feel nauseous to his stomach, still begging God to let him die so he could heal from the pain of his losses and his miserable pathetic life.

Looking back, he sees his tracks and spots of his own blood. As the snow starts falling again, he cries out, "Why God? Why are You doing this to me? as the wind lets out a thundering howl. He cries out again. "God, what the hell have I done to deserve this?'" as he stumbles again trying to stand, a wicked blizzard wind knocks him to his knees, yelling again. "Hey God, are you there? And if you are, let me die." As he cries out, the snow slows and the sky clears, and the wind dies. Looking up at the new clear, wintry stars in the sky, the winter moon seemed to shine a path right up to the dim, shimmering lights and whatever was ahead. Upon reaching the lights of what was a small cabin with candles in the windows. Leaning against the door, taking every ounce of strength he had to pound on the door.

As the door opens, he collapses into the brightly lit dwelling saying, "Please, please help me." A lady quickly grabs him. She was about in her late forties and she showed signs she had a hard life, but her bright, blue eyes, long, curly hair, and warm touch made him feel safe. Oh, Lord, my dear, what has happened to you? Grabbing his arm around her neck, dragging him to a table and chair near a fireplace. Rushing over and closing the door to keep the cold out, she hurries over to a sink and pumps water into a porcelain bowl. She grabs a rag and starts to clean the cuts, scrapes, and bruises, saying my dear, it's a wonder you're alive. She goes back and pumps water into a cup saying drink this. Pulling out a jug of whiskey, she says this is gonna burn, but it's all we got. She starts cleaning his arms and then she removes his ripped, bloody shirt. She starts cleaning his chest, back, and neck with the whiskey. All the while she says, you are lucky to be alive and not die out in this cold. I haven't seen anyone in this bad shape since that awful war. As cold as it is you could have caught your death out there in the God awful messy winter, and we would not have found ya til spring in this God has forsaken death valley.

Patting his shoulder saying "I'll be back in a jiffy ", going through the door near the sink area of the cabin's kitchen. Coming out of the room she handed him a pair of pants and shirt that belonged to Benjamin before he passed away during that awful war. Pointing to the hall to change in the first room". Coming out he was rolling up his sleeves to fit his short arms. Saying "Thank you, ma'am, for your help and kindness". As he sat at the table the lady poured a cup of coffee and a bowl of what seemed to be stew that was over the open fire in the stone fireplace." Just made this. eat up and sit by the fire and get warm". The lady walked into the room that he had just changed in. As he was eating, it brings back the thoughts of his moms and wifes cooking. Halfway through the bowl, he heard a beautiful voice singing from one of the rooms in the hall. Gulping the last drop of coffee, the lady walked through the hall wearing a long white flannel gown.

Brushing back the hair from his forehead, she asked him to tell her what happened for you to end hope he in the middle of a snowstorm and the middle of nowhere. As she patted his beat-up shoulder noticing the ring on his finger." "Aha, you are married".
While he told his story to the nice lady. She smiled at him and said.
My name is Endia.whats yours? "My name is Joseph and from nowhere in particular. Well, sweetheart death comes in many, many forms, we all have our own little secrets, looking for our own God. Besides it looks like you'll be here for a while, the nearest road is five miles away then you got the road upon the horrid mountain or about twenty in the other direction there is an old Indian reservation on the other side of that mountain, pointing to the south. He laughed and said I'm not going to any place near the mountain anytime soon. Endia told him "with your broken leg" "you are not going anyplace soon at least till the storm is over, that may be until spring; besides I have not had a guest since the Army took my son away from me. Leaning over she dimmed the oil lamp that sat on the table and lighting a candle in each of the front cabin windows. you can have this room is small but comfy and I'll be across the hall in that room, it will be nice having someone to see in the morning.
Endia slipped into the room at some point in the night. Awakening Joseph saying it has been so long would you like to have some company letting her flannel gown fall to the floor. Joseph watching the flicking light of the candle and from the moons glow glistening off her body and black hair. Endia stepped out into the cold floor and into the bed facing Joseph and kissing his forehead and lips. The silent cabin had life in it once more.
Joseph was awoken at the food cooking. trying to get out of bed and falling to the floor. Hearing him falling Endia ran into helping up and walked Joseph to the table in the kitchen near the freshly lit fireplace. Giving Joseph a cup of coffee and a plate of food for breakfast, sent chills of heat though both, as their hands graze the others. Looking out the window Joseph thought the sun made the cabin look brighter and much bigger than it had the previous night. The snow reflecting off the snow-covered ground outside. Joseph was just a little bit happier after the unexpected events of the last night. Sitting beside him Endia touched Joseph's shoulder telling him that for a long time she stared out the window wanting a man to take her and make her feel young again. leaning over and kissing Joseph thank you for being that man. Knowing that it could not last with her many secrets she held, Made that entirely impossible. Smiling at Endia and passionately kissing her back. Looking at each other with a fiery passion in their eyes there was a knock on the door of the cabin. As it was being opened there stood a young boy and an old man that appeared to be of Indian. Good morning Ms.Endia said the old man handed Endia two small boxes of food and other goods. Smiling Endia said thank you Dark Thunder let me introduce to Joseph, he had a horrible accident last night on Death Moutain last evening. he was near death by the time he reached my doorstep. Dark Thunder reached out to shake Josephs' hand. It looks like that mountain got more of the best of you. I saw your car being pulled off the side of the mountain. Looked like a total loss. I figured as much Joseph said. Turning to leave Dark Thunder said I'll send some medical supplies from Doc Screaming Bear. It should only take a few hours. Over the course of the winter, Joseph and Endia were becoming close may be closer than they should have. As the weather started becoming warmer. Joseph started to venture outside. Endia show Joseph the land, animals and cave in which the stream came from. pointing at the cave. There is a reason I can never leave this land. Holding Joseph's hand leading to the cave along the stream. Entering the mouth of the cave. water ran from the walls of the cave to a pool on the ground of the cave. The water glistened lighting the entire cave. Endia kissing with all the passionate lust as several times before. There is a curse on this land to never age, and those that live upon this land shall never grow old or die. Stepping into the pool of water Endia said this is my secret to happiness I drink the water and bathe here in this magical heaven. Reaching for the hand of Joseph saying come bathe with me my love just once more before you leave and forget about this place and time we have shared together. Beautiful early spring morning The sun was just coming up on the horizon, behind the grove of apple trees. That morning Endia kissed goodbye with the sadness of all the pain and sadness her heart could stand. Take Chantel, Chantel was a white stallion. Kissing goodbye for one last time. Chantel knows where to take you and her way back home. with tears in their eyes, Endia handed a small leather saddlebag.

Slowing her running gallop to a trot Chantel stops beside a building alongside the tracks. Joseph walking up to the ticket window. Without looking up from his tasks. The old graying man slid a ticket under the glass, saying the train would be here in thirty minutes and she is never late. Asking what time it was. The ticket master said a chilling laugh it was half-past eleven, almost midnite with a bone-chilling voice. Turning around Chantel was gone. Joseph awoke to the screeching halt of the train. Standing Joseph is met by a tall white beard saying your steel-horse awaits you. Joseph being shaken awake by a lady that could not be much past her teens. "We are here sir.." Exiting the modern-day train-station. Joseph was out in front of his own apartment building.

Joseph awoke to the glare of the blinding sun off the living room clock. After a fast shower and new clean clothes. He grabbed his sister in laws car keys they had got her on the last Christmas. He was off to find the angle of mercy, took care and healed him and had saved his life. He wanted to show his appreciation and gratitude. As he drove up the same mountain that almost took his life month before. Finding the spot where he thought he had hit the elk. Jumping out of the car and running down the mountainside and almost hitting his knees at the bottom.
In the distance, he sees a man on a tractor. He yelled running to the tractor stopping the man. After the tractor had stopped running. the man was about in his sixties asked "What can I do for you"? as he spits on the ground and whipping his mouth after. Asking where the cabin was that had stood over there next to those apple trees.
The man took his hat off shaking his head and said that the cabin hasn't been the since before I was born. My great granny lived there and she passed in 1893. But the house over there along the stream belongs to my older sister Endia.

WHAT??? How could that be? Sir thank you for your time sorry I bothered you. Walking back up to his car at the top of the mountain. Joseph could not figure it out. Reaching his car he reached in the passenger's seat grabbing the pack he made. Grabbing the bottled water, the neckerchief caught his attention. Looking at the neckerchief he saw what looked like writing, So he unrolled it. Embroidered in blue it said.

Wondering the name Endia was such a rear and odd name how could it belong to two different people. Joseph thought that he might as well go to see Endia. Reaching the bottom. Joseph runs towards the house yelling Endia's name. Both India and Joseph meet at the porch's edge. Smothering India with passionate kisses, Joseph telling her how much had fallen in love with and had missed her but it only seemed like only a few days, India saying how she thought he would never be back. Smiling and joining hands walk in the stream to the cave.

by JR.GARDNER. March 2016
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