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Love story. Man finds love but a witch tries to stop it

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Chapter 1

Sitting at the green light on Fourth and Delaware, Jason sat wondering why he was doing this. But it’s been a while since he’d had dated actually it had been over three years. But

he didn’t want to let Crystal down. Crystal had begged him to meet her cousin Debbie for months. The only thing that he knew was that Debbie was a nurse that had recently stopped nursing for personal reasons due to the hostile administration changing hand and to be near Crystal, they were like sisters.

Turning on to Delaware Ave. Jason glanced in his rear-view mirror he saw Georgia State Tropper SUV behind him. Jason had always hated authority figures that were probably the reason he left the Navy only after four years. The only reason Jason had gained respect for in his time in the Navy, was Chief that taught him he had to admire and respect himself before he could anyone. Without really paying attention to the officer behind him, he noticed the flashing lights. His heart and stomach knotted up. Pulling over, he thought that he had done something wrong. But the black and silver SUV sped past his red Toyota. With a sigh of relief, Jason pulled back onto Delaware Ave heading to Crystal’s townhouse apartment. He kept his secret thoughts and fantasies of Crystal to himself for over three years.

Jason wanted to find true love but never did feel comfortable around women. Jason knew he was a decent looking guy to be in his mid-thirties. Before Jason had left his apartment he made sure he was cleanly shaven and his shirt was clean and ironed. His black jeans and blue shirt made him feel a bit younger or at least hopefully it did. The music coming from the radio had come to a stop and after a few beeps, Jason hit the phone button on the steering wheel. , “Hey”, ” Hope you are on your way”. Jason laughed telling Crystal he was on his way. Laughing at her telling her “not to give up on him yet”. ” Ok, I hope you wear that nice smelling stuff you wear at work, smells so sexy.,”

Jason’s thoughts immediately went the lustful thoughts he had for Crystal. Jason thought Crystal’s well-toned body shook Jason’s lust button her medium bronze tan topped it off. Jason knew that he was an adult and wanted to act it. But the deep desire to be with that special girl. Controlled these thoughts. Shaking them off, knowing that would never happen. Crystal’s voice came back saying the Debbie was eager to meet him and was getting ready now, and to leave the day and events up to us. Saying the two of them had talked about it all night. Telling him bye and thanking him for agreeing to meet Debbie. The music came back playing OLD MAN RIVER. A deep sigh of relief or tension expelled from deep within him.

Glancing to the passager seat at the roses he had ordered last night and picked up just minutes ago. He wished Crystal would have told him more about Debbie. All he knew was that Debbie was in her early thirties, and was some sort of nurse and had come into money. He had to admit it did intrigue him. A mysterious lady had to be every guy’s sexual fantasy. Looking at the clock on the dash. Thinking to himself just about ten more minutes. As Jason was getting out of his SUV the clouds just started to cover the area. Brushing himself off and adjust his shirt. Grabbing the roses from the passager seat. Taking a breath, he heads into the building that his friend and boss lived. As he walked up to the elevator the doors opened and a well-dressed man exited the elevator. Stepping into the elevator Jason pressed the number nineteen. It seemed like it took forever to reach the nineteenth floor. The doors opened on the fourth floor, as an older attractive lady stepped into the elevator. The lady had to only smile at Jason. Telling him, hello saying how nice he looked. The smell of whatever it was she was wearing, caught his attention, making him feel light-headed, it was She caught him off guard and felt her staring at him, felt like it was burning into his soul. Uncomfortably moving to the side of the elevator car. Hello, my name is Beonca Davenport, I live in four twenty-seven. I’m physic by profession and holding her hand out with an oval business card between her fingers and a seductive smile, that would seduce even the Pope. Taking the card he felt a jolt of something run through him. His thoughts went to him and her in each other’s arms. She had on a short purple shirt that didn’t leave much to the imagination and jeans that fit her curves perfectly. Her jet black hair and hoop earrings topped it all off making her look even more mysterious. Her soft sensuous voice that gave him chills as she rubbed his arm and shoulder, whispering into his ear saying I’m here if and when you need me. I thought we’d never see each other again Pulling her hand away from his arm as the doors opened with a kiss on the cheek

As Jason stepped off on to the nineteenth floor. It was like he was back to himself. Turning and looking as Beonca waved, smiling as the elevator closed. Looking up the hallway till he found apartment nineteen. As Jason took a deep deep breath, he knocked n the door.

As the door opened, Crystal was standing in faded blue jeans and an Ozzy Osbourne t-shirt. Motioning to come in, she hugged him saying that he didn’t know how much it meant to her for him willing to meet Debbie. To him, Crytal look both hot and sexy if it was possible to be both. Being partially being pushed on to the couch. Smiling she said Debbie, is getting dressed now.

Sitting talking about the meeting Crystal and Jason had with a new client on Tuesday. Debbie walked into the living space. Standing to the right of Jason. Standing Jason said Hi, my name Jason handing the roses to a tall well-built blond in heels and the deep green eyes that sparkled drilling holes into his soul and the sexiest black dress with no back. That he had ever seen. Smiling saying thank you with a slight kiss on Jason’s lower cheek.


Feeling himself slightly overheating due to the blushing of being kissed nearly on the lips from a very sexy, a woman whose body had to come from the heavens. Crystals taking the flowers from Debbie’s, hands telling them she’d put them in a vase. From the kitchen, Jason saw Crystal smiling giving him the thumbs up. Jason Taking Debroah’s hand to help her sit. Over Debbie’s shoulder seeing Crystal grinning. Debbie saying well. Crystal hadn’t told me an awful about you other than your work together. Debbie leans back on the couch propping her beautiful face on her right palm, crossing her legs.

Jason asked what would she’d like to know.?

Looking at Debbie smiling with her louses red lips. That puckered just enough to make him want to kiss them.

Looking at Jason she said tell me about what it was like growing up. Laughing he said well I started out like everyone else, I was born but a month late. I played baseball and football as a kid. I was a boy scout during my teenage years and became an eagle scout. Graduated near the top of the class of 88. That served in the U.S Navy for four years, went to the University of Ohio gaining a degree of business administration and an under degree in communication. I moved here Jasper to take care of Grandma Moore and started working for Crystal within a couple of weeks. Thinking how much he must have bored Debbie to death. I can’t wait to hear more. Asking him if he’d like a glass of wine, as she walks over to the kitchen. Making sure to show Jason every curve she had. Saying no thank you, I do not drink, I’ll be driving tonight. A man with caricature, I think that’s awesome. Sitting down beside Jason handing him bottled water making sure the wet bottle rubbed his outer thigh.


As Crystal entered the room wearing a set of pants and a sleeveless plum blouse, that match with her standard white tennis shoes. Spinning asking So guys what do you think. Smiling. Debbie whistled. Pouring herself another glass of wine. Debbie started telling Jason about herself. Telling Jason the first thing in common is that she too was born the usual way but was born a week early. Joking she said I wanted to meet the world, and Jason wanted to stay where it was safe. Patting the edge of Debbies’ leg just below the seam of her skirt and just above her bare knee, which sent chills down her leg. Telling of her college years at the University of Michigan in which she studied Education but with all the shooting in schools today, that she thought she’d be more helpful to the world if she went into the medical field becoming a nurse at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center and the University of Michigan Hospital.


Looking at her phone Crystal said she didn’t want to be late that their reservation at Flairentinos is at six and it’s a fourth five minutes drive so they should be leaving shortly. Opening the apartment door Debbie and Jason followed walking to Jason’s red Toyota opening the back door for his boss and friend. Crystal making a smart ass comment that she was a woman and didn’t need any help getting into a car. opening the passenger door

Debbie rubbed his shoulder down to his hand. Saying I don’t mind the attention, with a sparkle In her emerald green eyes and smiled. Saying thank you, Jason, her lips glistened with each word she said.


Pulling Into Fairintenos parking lot just as the evening sky started to dim into the night. Opening Debbie door and holding his hand out for Debbie to take. Helping her out of the car. Debbie held her arm out, linking theirs together. Leaning just a little close Jason says, may I? and kisses just the upper edge of her top lip. With a deep sigh of sexual tension. Debbie says yes. Which took both of their breath away, making both of them want each other more than they have ever wanted anyone before.

Helping the ladies to their chairs in the corner table overlooking the river, as the sun setting reflecting off it. Jason sat down noticing the Crystal was smiling at Debbie. A gentleman approached the table handing each a menu asking if they like to start the evening with a beverage. Looking at both Jason and Crystal, Debbie said they’d like to try a bottle of the houses Carignane. The gentleman telling them his name was Jacque and that was an excellent lively acidity in this wine makes for bright, crisp cherry fruit, which plays off the tomatoes in the lasagna (acidic tomatoes can kill a low-acid wine). A hint of pepper in the Carignane echoes the spice in the Italian sausage. Pairing well with Lemon Ricotta Risotto with Asparagus, Peas, and Prosciutto

This risotto is a lot more lemony than you might expect, so get ready for some bracing tang along with the rich cheeses.

Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a great friend to spring ingredients: Its crisp acidity and fresh herb components warm up to asparagus, peas, and tangy ricotta. Our bottle pick, with a little oak, is a go.

Jason and Debbie both busted out in tears laughing and telling Crystal how Jasque looked like Don Vito Corleone. Saying they’d better like the food and wine or Jacque would make them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Finishing his Lemon Ricotta wiping the sauce from his lips asking to be excused.


Jason standing holding his right arm out asking Debbie If she’d care to dance, walking to the dance floor as Nothing Compares To You is playing. Putting his hand to her back and hand In hand. Debbie whispers in Jason’s ear that she was having a wonderful time. As the evening progressed and four dances later Debbie says that they have left Crystal alone to long. Both headed back to Crystal and their table


Pulling Into the Outland Apartments. Crystal says she’d leave them alone getting out of the car. Reaching her hand to Jason’s hand with a few squeezes. Telling each other more about themselves. Looking at the moon, both realize It was almost 2 am. Jason said he’d better get her in that Crystal hates it when he’s late for work.

Walking Debbie to the apartment still arm in arm. Kissing Debbie on her lips with a slight flick of his tongue to hers. Asking if he could call her. Smiling placing her hand around his neck pulling him In for a deeper kiss. You’d better call or Ill call The Godfather and ask him to make you an officer you can’t refuse and closes the door. In a teasing smirk.


As elevator doors open there stands Beonca grinning devilishly and mischievously. Well, it’s nice seeing you again. Leaning in more closely Jason could feel the heat from her body. As the doors of the elevator on the fourth-floor Beonca kisses Jason telling him to call and she knows he had her number. Patting Jasons lower back and one tap to Jason’s backside derriere. Saying and I know you want too as the doors close.

Sitting in his car, as Jason started the engine his thoughts of what a wild night and time he knew he could have with Beonca, but being with Debbie just felt extremely right. Putting the car in drive, he saw a human figure in Crystal’s window. Waking up haring his phone ringing, he didn’t recognize the number. Answering it he heard Debbie’s sweet sexy northern accent saying good morning, thanking him again for last night making his chest skip a few beats. Telling him Crystals had already left for work and saying how she’d like to see him again. But this time it’s on her. Since they had only just met it was only fair. Asking about a movie at his place.


Walking into Nelson Advertising. Crystal laughed saying well what did you think? I do believe you could have had your way with her if you wanted. With a bit of a smirk saying “really”. Looking, asking if she really liked him. Obnoxiously Crytal says how Debbie would not shut up about him and fell asleep talking about him. Handing her the Willson file.


Saying how he thought it could use a couple of kids eating ice cream in front of his establishment. Both agreed and made a note to discuss with David that afternoon. Debbie walked in making both Jason and Crystal realize It was noon. Handing each a coffee. Looking at Jason saying I hope you like coffee, so I got you a straight-up black and a few sugars. I also got an idea of a movie for tonight and leaves with the smell of her scented body wash lingering behind her.


Adjusting his shirt a knock comes from the door. There stands Debbie in a red and purple plaid button-down shirt with jeans that matched and boots. I hope, is this okay showing him The Notebook DVD case. Leaning into Jason’s chest, just close enough so he could smell the Water Crescent Jasmine she was wearing. Debbie knew that he knew she was teasing him and planned a little more flirting later. Pulling a box of tissue from the shopping bag along with popcorn and soda. Hey, you have the Braves on. What’s the score? Looking at Jason inquisitively. It’s the bottom of the fifth, the score is Dodgers five, Braves three. So you’re a Dodgers fan, too bad but I’ll try not to hold that against ya. Her smile warmed his heart and soul. Before it was the ninth inning. Debbie was popping popcorn in the microwave. Punching Jason in the arm saying I told you the Braves would make a comeback.


In the bathroom, Debbie prepped her long flowing blond hair letting it fall over her left shoulder., Unbuttoning her top two buttons, just enough to let a few ideas flow between her and Jason. Leaning into Jason’s side asking if he is ready to see a grown woman cry. Every time Noahs is rejected by Allie it just breaks my heart, and he tried so hard. Alzheimer’s disease is so horrible. I hope I have someone like that by my side If I ever get Alzheimer’s.

As the last credit rolled Debbie was fast asleep in his arms. Gently moving her from under his arm, placing her feet on the couch. Kissing her on the chek saying goodnight my sweet angel.

The morning sun crept through the blinds in Jason’s bedroom wakening him to the smell of bacon and eggs coffee. Sitting up Jason shook the night away. Walking into the kitchen he saw that breakfast was on the table. Looking at the table, the plate had scrambled eggs with cheese sprinkled on them with three slices of bacon and coffee with a note.

Picking up the note that said,

had a great time hope you enjoy your breakfast.

I heard you call me your angel. Thank you for being such a gentleman.

Love, Deb

With a lipstick print below her name.


It was already three pm and Jason hadn’t heard from Crystal or Debbie all day. Just about to call it in for the day. The office phone rings, answering Jason sighs hoping it wouldn’t stop an early day. Good afternoon Nelson advertising, this is Jason may we help you. Crystal laughing saying I didn’t realize that sounded so lame. Grabbing the phone from Crystal. Hey, this is Debbie we have been talking and I need a huge favor. Would you mind stopping by I’d like to talk?


Stopping by Angelino’s pizza Jason picks up two mediums. As he put the pizzas in the passenger seat the wind began blowing with a chill to it. Saying to himself falls about here. As he walked into the Crystals apartment building he saw Beonca in the hall. To avoid a strange and sexy confutation, he headed for the stairs. Finally reaching the nineteenth floor, stepping into the hall. There she stood pointing her finger at him saying you can not outrun me. Pressing her lips to his once again it seemed like sparks flew through him. Don’t mess with me, come of your own free will, I don’t play nice when I’m angry. Saying something in a bearly audible tone. Waving her hand then pointing at Crystal’s apartment door.

As the door opened Crystal said you’re just in time, the power just went out. Stepping into the apartment that was only lit by the light of the hall and outside lights in the parking lot. Debbie and Crystal informed Jason of their plans. It was all basically settled Jason was flying out with Debbie to Dearborn to help Debbie pack and move here to Jasper. Debbie smiled saying she had put a downpayment on apartment four twenty-four. Crystal saying the was the apartment beside the lady everyone says is a witch. Yea just saw her on the elevator she is a little over the top. Besides that, she just hit on me and pointing her finger at me saying something weird and your lights are out and the hall lights are on. It seems like its just your place.

Kissing Jason cheek saying pick me up at six our flight leave at eight.


Gripping Jason’s hand as tight as she possibly could, as the SouthWest, left off the runway into the stormy sky. Jason asked Debbie if flying scared her so bad. Why fly? It is the fastest way to get back home, pulsing saying back to Dearborn. My home is in Jasper with you and Crystal now, easing the grip on Jason’s hand. Looking into Jason’s deep caramel flowing eyes. Telling Jason that she really didn’t have to work anymore. Explaining how she was raised by her grandparents, and how they made tons of money in real estate before the industry collapsed That she just wanted to be normal and have a normal life. Gazing out the window Jason stated how he couldn’t believe that they’d been together for three months. Patting Jason’s leg saying how she loved him and since it been three months to call her Deb or Debra. Debbie sounded so high school. Deb, it is kissing her hand.

With a three hour layover at Nashville International Airport. Deborah suggested a walk and lunch instead of sitting in the terminal. As Jason ordered a Tennessee style cheesesteak with a Coke. At The Cafe. Tennessee Tavern sat outside their gate, 8B. Deb said how she had noticed Jason didn’t like a drink, asking why. To put it simply I don’t like who I am when I drink. One is my limit. Tipping her glass of Chardonnay saying she wished she had that kind of caricature and valor. As Jason took the last gulp his drink he notices the lady across the concourse at The Sweet Shop staring at them.

As Deb went over to the Sunglass Hut just down the concourse. Jason standing in front of the window in Gate 8B, watching planes arrive and depart. Seeing a woman approach through the terminal window, seeing was Beonca. Both stare at a jet pulling into the Gate. Jason not removing his stare and bluntly demanding to know why she was stalking them.

The evil vixen, with her eyes and lips and dark hair bouncing off the window. Taping the glass with her red nail, saying it’s not us, it’s you I am after.

Pressing the fingers of her left hand to the terminal window. Saying you’re little princess will pay for standing between us. That Beonca did tempt his dark side a little. Jason did notice her backside in the reflection as she walks away. He hears her say I know your watching, your pathetic soul.

As the Captain’s voice comes across the intercom system saying they will be arriving in Dearborn in thirty minutes and that’s its a chilling forty-three degrees and to enjoy the remainder of their flight. Returning to her seat she looks at Jason saying she felt sick. Saying it must have been the shrimp and wine. Asking if it could be anything else. Just the water we had at the airport. But I did have a scoop ice cream from the sweet spot at the gate.

As the Uber driver pulls into Carriage Park Apartments. Bearly making into her brownstone, Deb dashes down the hall. Holding her hair back, Jason knew who this was the work of. As deb woke it was starting to get dark. Noises coming from the kitchen shook her to be fully awake and feeling like she had died and forgotten to lie down.

Handing her a wet rag and a cup of tea. Relix you’ve been out cold for three days other than the bathroom. Resting her head on the couch’s arm, Jason places the washcloth on her head. The rest is going help. I’m going out and pick up a few things. All I had to do is mention your name, Dave, at Budget just handed me the keys, I’ve already packed some stuff as you can see. She just noticed most everything was packed, and on the truck. Sitting up near tears saying thank you. Handing Deborah a plate of toast it will help your stomach. Looking and says that saying she was a nurse, she supposed to take care of people, not be taken care of. Why are you so kind to me?


Carrying three grocery bags, sitting them on the counter. Rapping his arms around her shoulders, just close enough to cup her firm breast with a gentle squeeze saying he was glad she was feeling better. Turn to wrap her arms around Jasons fit waist. With a deep long passionate kissing, saying not to start something he couldn’t finish. With almost everything packed and in the truck by nightfall. Telling Jason tomorrow is a new day and a new start. Looking in the mirror Debbie looks at herself in the bathroom mirror thinking how old she looked, but not bad for thirty-five. Standing in the hall and walking over to the door of the bedroom. Saying it gets kind of lonely in here, dropping the extra-large red bath towel to the floor. Following Deborah, holding Deborah’s soft hand as she pulls him to the mattress on the floor.

As the rain pounded the bedroom bare window. Lighting and thunder made their climaxes more powerful and stimulating. The morning light beamed through the window. Jason pulls himself up off the mattress. Her soft hand pulling him into her. Saying we have no place to be. Rolling on top of Jason kiss him first on the lips, stopping only to admire his Navy tattoo on his chest. With the streaks of lightning lit the enter room and kisses her nose to her bounty that God had graced her with, continuing to her place as she climaxes with the rolling thunder.


Climbing into the cab telling Deb the tank is full, and this is to fill us handing a box of doughnuts and a straight black coffee for me, and a Caramelchiato with a touch of berry for you.

Today is September first a new beginning to my life. Only about ten hours well be there before morning. With a hint of mischievous flame in her eye, Deb grinned suggesting taking a long way. While rubbing the inside of Jason’s right upper thigh with her newly polished nails painted nails in of the color magenta. Resting her hand just long enough, that she knew how he felt about her.


Asking Jason to pull over and let the storm pass. Deborah was right Jason had been thinking the same thing since they passing the welcome to Kentucky sign. Saying I really can’t see a thing for the last twenty-four miles and there was a rest area just ahead. The rest area was almost deserted, one guy smoking a cigarette outside the information center. Debbie hated to go out into the storm, but when a lady has to go, a lady was to go. Opening the cab door running as fast as she could in the rain heading to the information center.

Jason leaning back resting his neck and head against the driver’s window. Jumping back into consciousness as Deborah shuts the door her blues-drenched wife-beater shirt that showed all her cleavage, and showing the mood she was in. Be right back, crawling through the door of the van that leads to the storage area.

Glancing over his right shoulder he saw Debbie in her entirely necked body with nothing but, just a pair of wet g-string panties. Turning so that Jason had a full frontal view, asking what? smiling. The temptation was too much as he kissed her, rubbing the left side of the purple string of her wet panties.


Pulling into the Outlands Apartment parking lot. With two boxes each walk into the building. Crystal steps out of the elevator. Saying she expected them yesterday. Looking at each other with a stutter both say that they took a long way around. Laughing hysterically, Crystal says sure, I’ll be in the laundry room. Smiling at each other. Deborah saying will this is it. My new home. Deborah unlocks the door to her new life. Jason feels a sharp burning pain on his left side as Beonca passing them in the hall. Three hours later and like a million boxes, she was officially moved in.

In the bathroom, Jason noticed his side was black and blue with four catches in the football-sized bruise. As Jason was out of the building there stood Beonca smoking with a bit of a scary, seductive grin that was my last warning. Surrender to me or else, crushing out her cigarette and walking in.


The room is dark only lit by candlelight. Beonca lays four tarot cards on the dark chestnut table.

Death, Love, and two World cards have she flip each over reviling its face value. Lighting a green candle the stood in a silver stand on the table. The flames light lit the table.

Placing the World card in the center of the table. Laying both the Death and Love card side by side on top of the World card. Placing three long blond hairs on the top of the Death card. Cutting her finger and dripping her blood, three drops of blood on the Death card and the Love card. Stabbing the Death card catching its hair in its blade. Saying something in Latin. Pulling the knife out of the table with the card, hairs still attached. Hold in the card over the flame smiling.


The cell phones, the third ringing wakes Jason. Not even looking at who it was he answered it. Hey, Ja this is Crys, Deb just called an ambulance and then me. We are at Piedmont Mountainside Hospital, Doc thinks it’s her heart.

Holding Deborah’s hand. Dr. Yakamora walks into the clinical decision unit. room G of the emergency department. Asking if they could be alone. No, these are my friends, the only people I have, it’s ok. I have the results of your electrocardiogram. I don’t really like them. Ms.Sanders, you’ve had a heart attack. I am suggesting you stay a few days for observation and tests. Before we decided on a course of action. You’ll be up in the cardiac unit. I’ve scheduled a stress test at six am tomorrow morning. Then we’ll decide on a heart catheterization.

But Doctor I’m a registered nurse. I’m supposed to start Friday upon the Pediatric floor. Turning the doctor said he would notify the administration department immediately.

Kissing her, Jason told her he would be right by her side. I’ll go get you some things from your place. Smiling with a heartfelt thank you. Handing Jason the apartment key asking Jason to pick up her cell phone and an outfit of clothes.


Stepping out of the elevator Jason pulls the key out of his pocket. As he starts to put the key into the lock. Bianca’s door opens. Wearing nothing but a black sheer, semi-transparent nightie. If you are looking for your little princess, she was taken out this morning by a couple of paramedics earlier this morning in a sadistic almost happy tone. Jason telling Beonca that he knew and she was in the hospital. Beonca taking Jason by the arm, leading him into her lair. Hand him a cup of tea, telling him it would help with his nerves. As he was telling Beonca it may be a heart attack, he started to feel light-headed and queasy. Whispering a soft shhh. Rubbing lotion on her hands, then on Jason’s neck and shoulder working her way to his chest. Holding his hand leading him down a hallway lit by only one candle. Looking at his watch it was nine am. Jumping up pulling his sweatpants on saying Oh shit, What The Hell. With tons of crystals hanging from the ceiling, there were glass globes and candles everywhere. Running out into the living room. Beonca stands to say awake so soon?

What the hell did you do to me? Jason standing there pulling his black shirt over his head.

Raising Beonca points to the door. The long black sleeve hanging from her arm saying You must leave now. At that moment Mortisha Addams ran through his mind.

At midnight Jason stood beside the hospital bed. Wondering what was going on. What had on earth had he done? Laying the gym bag on the cart beside the bed, that had a half-eaten meal or whatever it was. In walks, a nurse in gray scrubs checking on Deborah’s vitals. Waking to the noise. Deborah smiles groggily at Jason and smiles. Holding her hand saying Jason telling her everything will be ok. Asking why it took so long? I must have fallen asleep on your couch, I just sat down for a minute.

Looking at the beautiful woman whose hand he was holding, he had just lied to. He didn’t even know what or why it happened. Thinking of the experiences he and Deborah had back in Dearborn and on the interstate in Kentucky. He knew she was the one. How would he tell her that he loved her? Would she love him back, even with what just happened with Beonca? Feeling Deborah move. Looking at in tears asking if she was ok? Saying just uncomfortable and hungry. Disappointed in himself, asking what she’d like? MMM. I’d like a nice greasy, cheeseburger. Bowing with a grin saying your wish is my command, kissing the top of her hand.

It was nearly five o’clock, by the time Dr.Sanders came in telling them her results are good for the most part. Looking at Deborah with a stern look you’re a nurse and you know the spill cut your fats and alcohol get lots of exercises. I’ve signed and your release papers. As soon Kathy makes you an appointment with my office your free to go.


Helping Deb out of the car in front of The Outlands Apartments. Standing in front of the elevators, was a sign.






Opening the apartment door. Jason felt like they wear being watched.

Telling Jason she thought the Halloween party sounds fun, and she hadn’t dressed up in years.

Well, we have two weeks to think you’ll be up to it. I’m not dead, I just need to take better of myself.


Phone ringing, Crystal yelling for Jason to get the phone.

It was just the Girls from the CAKE SHOP confirming our appointment tomorrow. Ok, she yells from the breakroom. Deborah coming in dressing for the ever-changing October temperatures. Exchanging a kiss, she said since we’ve been together for almost six months. I think its time for you to have this, kissing him on the lips, laying a key to her apartment on Jason’s desk. Heading into the break room/ conference room to talk to Crystal and closing the door behind her.


Deborah was telling Crystal about her plans for the Halloween party and asking if she was going. Deborah and Crystal came out of the conference room talking and walked without a goodbye or love you. Leaning out the door watching them, even under Deborah’s black leather duster Jasons imagination got away from him. Until the cold fall wind cut his dream short. Looking out the front window Jason noticed it had gotten dark. Looking at his watch, it was 6:47. Mummering as he locked the door looking down the street seeing the 61MAN DINER thinking what a good mom n pop meal would tastes like.

A redheaded woman having to be in her 40s with a gruff voice asking are you alone, of course, you’re alone were all alone. Dropping the menu on the table. Saying sit here, decide and ill be back.


Halfway through his 61 burgers. Jason found himself wondering if everything was ok with the girls.

Where were they? And what are they doing? The waitress with the really shittty attitude sets a cup of tea in front of him saying in the same gruff hateful tone. Says it’s from the lady over there. Pointing across the diner. With her cup raised and a nod. It was Beonca smiling. Jason knew she was trouble but lustfully and mysteriously so was so sexy.

Nursing his tea as if it was a glass of Scotch. He feels a warm presence. Looking up from his phone, there she stood. May I? Pointing at the chair across from him, sitting down. Look darling I promised you, a reading, there is no better time than the present. Reaching for Jason’s hand. Rubbing his palm saying, oh a long lifeline. I haven’t seen one this long in a very long time. Rubbing circles, in Jason’s palm with her red fingernail. Humming seductively. I see you such a strong caring and passionate man. There is a gray haze surrounding you. I see a very attractive and sexy blond standing beside you. The haze around her is much greater than yours. I see a little girl standing off with a lady with her.

Looking up at Jason, Beonca smiles saying seems like I feel a deep, deep presence in your past possibly another life or a dark secret of sorts. With a shake and node Beonca raising her head to look at Jason. With a sigh and a wooo My dear darling, you need to confront your past before it carries you to your grave. Smiling taking a sip of Jason’s tea. Beonca pats Jason’s hand, moistening her lips with a little pucker as if she desired a kiss. I will see you later daring, Beonca gets up a walks out the door of the diner.


Looking down at the table wondering what just happened. Jasons phone rings Crystals name is flashing on the screen. Hey. It’s me, sweetie. We are in Atlanta looking for costumes for the apartments Halloween party and wounding what do you want to be. Tell you what I’ll pick you out something. Jason, able to tell Deborah had been drinking. Asking how much she had to drink? Only three sweetness, hearing Crystal in the background. Feeling like he was hurt and being lied to, Jason disconnected the call in anger.


Walking past Nelson Advertising to his car. The air was turning a bit chilly, an early winter Jason said to himself. Turning the corner, Beonca stood at the bus stop. Hey there stranger with that smile on her ruby red lips. You look like you could use an ear and maybe a drink. Rapping her arm into his, saying Rocco’s is around the corner. Almost leading him, as if he was in some sort of trace he followed her. Sitting in the back table. Drema said haven’t seen you in a while, Jason, how are you. So the usual for you both. Beonca putting her hand on Jasons saying Sure and asking her about her family and classes are going. Leaning into Jason telling him that she is studying Journalism and her dad had terminal cancer. It has been three years since I’ve been here and I didn’t know that about her, Jason said. Placing a banana-lime daiquiri in front of Beonca and a Jack and coke in front of Jason. Jason asked what did she mean by running from my past what past and how she knows him. Drema passing commenting that she didn’t know you two was an item. Beonca said we’re not at least, not yet. Rubbing his thigh under the table. You see sweetie we have been together twice before. Don’t you remember the bridge that we used to cross in Berlin, to shop and, the Nazis started shooting. The bastards killed you, you died in my arms darling and they took me and 2 others, abusing us doing horribly and awful things to us. I had a child of one of the guards. I named him Devlin like we wanted to out the first son.

I was one of the ones burnt to death in Massachusetts. You tried so hard to fight for me, but I told you to go so you wouldn’t also die. I saw you watching from behind the church. Kissing Jason saying I’m so sorry darling that you had to see that. A young boy, barely a man should not have to see his older lover die like that. After four daiquiris and five Jacks and screwdrivers, Drema and Tracy had to call a cab for them.

Waking to noises for the shower. Fulling waking of Beonca standing there with her black hair in a ponytail her oversized loop earrings signing from the morning the light showing the dragonfly tattoo on her neck well. Why do you have my shirt on? Jason asked in a demanding tone. You don’t like me on your shirt. I liked it on me, I thought it looked sexy on me. But If you insist, unbuttoning the only two buttons she had buttoned crawling into bed. Jason said we can’t do this. Placing her hand under the covers, kissing him whispering no one has to know.


Driving thinking about what he was going to do if he really had relationships with Beonca. But most of all who did he love more, Turning south on Sam Nelson Rd. There it stood his old church before the Army, where had gone to Alcohol Anonymous after. Parking in front of Our Lady Of La Salette. Sitting on the stairs of Our Lady, just stirring at nothing. Walking into the cathedral, it took his breath. So beautiful and overwhelming. Lighting a candle, saying a prayer and nodding quietly saying hello, sisters as 2 nuns pass. Stepping into the oak box. He stared at the cross right in front of him.

Yes, my child came from the other side.

Father, please forgive me. I have sinned, in fact, several times in the last two months. As a result of my drinking again I have sinned against the woman that I love and sinned against myself, the church and against God.

When was your last confession?

It’s been almost 5 years

How long have you been sober?

3 years until last month, Father I don’t like who I am when I drink

My son as pennants. Go confess your sins to the woman you love. 20 hours of service to the work of the church and most importantly get back on the wagon and go to Alcohol Anonymous. Our group would be of great assistance to you.

Go and sin no more.

The Priest closes the confessional window.

The darkness and quietness of the confessional, become deafening, as his tears started to flow.


Laying across the couch watching television and soul searching there’s a knock on the door. Answering it you, Deborah was holding 2 boxes. Smiling Jason was happy to see her. What’s this?

Our costumes, walking in and sitting the boxes on the table in the kitchen, saying this is serious we have to have a talk and started crying.

Ya, I know with tears forming in his eyes.

Jason, I got drunk and woke up the next morning. I didn’t remember who it was. So I sneaked out. I sat out in front of the building crying which seemed like forever.

Hugging Deborah as tight as he could. Deborah sweetheart I love you more than anything, but I too slept with your neighbor, Beonca, after several drinks.

Laughing are you sure, that she didn’t put a whammy on you. After all, she is a witch.

Maybe she did, I had a cup or two of tea she gave me. Uh, Uh but last night it was me. I had gotten something to eat at the cafe’. She was there. I left and was walking to the car at the other end of the block. She was standing there at the bus stop. We exchanged pleasantries I offered her a ride. She offered to buy me a drink at Rocco’s and we ended up here this morning.

Hugging each other swearing not to let it happen again.

Smiling but first, we must burn those sheets. I really do believe she a witch. Sometimes I get the feeling she is following me.

Jason agrees, as long as you agree to go to AA with me.

Evidently, we both are horrible drunks.


Sitting in Deborah’s apartment watching tv. Crystal comes in dressed as Vampire. Giving a friendly love punch to Jason in the arm.

I’d suck your blood but I don’t like your type.

Dude, you make an ugly pirate, does Captain Sparrow know you went AWOL.

Laughing Jason told Crystal that Captain Jack is sleeping on the Pearl with his bottle of rum. The good Capitan won’t even know I’m gone.

While Jason and Crystal were making fun of each other.

From the hallway, Deborah says ready or not. Stepping out into the room wearing a sexy blue nurses scrub carrying a clipboard and a red stethoscope around her neck. Jason grabbing his chest saying nurse I’m not feeling well. Smiling rubbing his arm with the stethoscope maybe I’ll check your temperature and blood pressure later if you’re not feeling better.

Walking into the party a bit late everyone is talking, dancing and drinking, looking like everyone is having a good time.

While Crystal is dancing with Peter Pan. Deborah walks up to Jason leaning in the corner. Handing him a bottle of water saying not drinking may be harder tonight. Putting his arm around her saying it’ll be fine, we can do this together.

The room got a little bit quieter. As a witch walked into the room, it was Beonca. With all the greeting and small talk. Deborah and Jason were dancing to the Ghostbusters theme. Beonca steps up asking if she could break-in. Looking in Deborah’s eyes for permission. Go ahead I trust you. Walking away Deborah whispers he’s mine, leave him to me or I’ll kill you.

As the two join hands Beonca says with a bit of a smirk on her face. She’s a bit off, never mind. I don’t want to come between you two, but I think you should know that sort of a bit late, kissing him on the cheek. Pulling away telling Deborah he was hers, thinking for now to herself walking off smiling with a deadly sinister smile. As the night progressed Beonca was telling fortunes and reading palms and cards. Looking up Deborah was sitting at Beonca table holding out her hand.

Laughing and talking like old friends Deborah, Crystal, and Beonca talk for hours. Becoming friends quickly.


Calling Jason from the pediatric floor. Telling him she had made a double date with one of the nurses tonight, pick me up at 4.

Walking up to the nurse’s station and kissing Deborah handing her a single, red rose. All of the ooooo, and ahhhing from the ladies inside the nurse’s station.


Deborah introduced Kara, saying this the one I have to take care of her, she’s always getting us into trouble, and I’m the new one. Kara introducing her husband Dave. Standing Dave and Jason shake hands. With everyone sits as Kara pours herself some wine. Offering some to Deborah, holding her hand out. Kara replying sorry I forgot. Deborah telling Dave that she was a recovering alcoholic. Hiding the fact that Jason was too. Jason and David realizing both are Dodger fans and veterans. David joking how his recruiter had screwed him into joining the Navy as a corpsman, P.O. Abbott telling him he’d get to hand out drugs and hang around the women. But ended up in the Marine Corps for 6 years because the Corps uses Navy hospital personnel.

Halfway through dinner, and lots of chit-chats. Stopping the conversation, Deborah points to the table on the upper level, actually just 4 steps. There she is. Jason just looked don’t let her know you’re acknowledging her. Kara and David. Looking over their shoulders inquisitively. Clearing her throat saying softly The real pretty lady up there, nodding in the direction of Bianca. Finishing their desserts. An extremely tall young lady sits 2 daiquiris for the ladies and 2 rum and coke in front of Jason and David. These are from the lady in the blue dress, pointing to an empty table.

Lowering to a bearly attainable voice. That lady that, unfortunately, lives next to me. Everyone says she’s a witch. We are sort of friends in a passing sort of way. We both have been in her apartment, she is definitely a witch. She did fortune-telling and tartar card readings at the Halloween party. It’s like she’s stalking us and always making sexual innuendos to Jason. Like she’s trying to seduce him or something. Jason said well she offered him a drink and it was hard to say no, then I’m dead drunk. She had told Jason they’ve had lives together, in the past.

As all four say goodbye. The female Valet hands Jason the keys to his car. Getting into his car, Deborah asks what is that on the dash. With a horrific look on her face, it’s from her. Reading it Jason crumbles it troubling it into the backseat. As Jason and Deborah say goodbye with a short sweet kiss. As Jason pulls out of the Outland Apartment parking lot. Waiting for a green light, the passage door shuts. There she is, how did you get in, the door was locked. Shhh now pulling Jason’s lips to hers. I wish it was me with you tonight instead of her. Replying Jason said. Look Beonca if we really had a past, it’s in the past. Besides you and Deborah are becoming friends. I like you but I’m in love with Deborah. Kissing Jason again, well see you soon, sleep well darling. But if you like me that means I still have a chance. Oh and Jason, I’m late, you and I have planted a seed in the garden of life. Kissing him once again good night darling.


Hey, since we’re both off tomorrow and it’s not too cold yet. How about a picnic tomorrow. Call me when you get this. Jason.

Hey, It’s me, I know it’s late. I’d love to go could really use a break That little boy that I was telling about. Well, he passed away this morning. It got us upset. He was fine on Monday turn for the worse last night. Not into too good of spirits right now. Deborah starting to cry I love you, see you at about 8? Hanging the nurse’s station phone as Deborah leaves to go home.

Arriving a little before 8, Jason called Deborah’s cell phone saying he was outside. Getting into Jason’s car asking why all the secrets. Just to avoid any confrontations. Holding Deborah’s hand kissing her saying it’s just us today.

So Mr. Secrecy, where are we going? Smiling Jason replies So place special. Pulling Amicalola Falls State Park. Pulling off the road, into a gravel lot and helping Deborah out handing Deborah a blanket. Carrying a basket in his right hand with his left tightly around her waist. Reaching a lake where the light from the autumn sun reflecting. Deborah kissing Jason saying how beautiful it was with all the blues and golds from the sun. Pulling Deborah into him saying it is, isn’t it

A few kisses later, Jason takes the blanket from Deborah, laying the blanket and basket under a large Northern Red Oak. Pulling her hand come, on I want to show you something. I did dress for this Deborah said with a little bit of complaining. Come on laughing at her, you look fine. You’re beautiful how could you not look fine. Kissing her. It’s only about a half a mile up. Jason said smiling come on sweetness. My shoes weren’t made for hiking. Fine then, Jason grabbing Deborah, I’ll carry you. Embracing each other all they could do was kiss each other. With the passion between them, Jason let Deborah slip to the ground, with her toes of her heels nearly touching the ground, Pulling away Jason looked into her green eyes. Deborah kissed him. I think I should walk or well never get to where ever we are going.


O.M.G. looks at those waterfalls. They are so beautiful, let’s get closer. As Deborah edges close enough to feel the spray. Wrapping her arms around Jason. Telling him that shed always had a fantasy of making love under a waterfall. sheepish Jason said that sounded fun. Grabbing Deborah’s hand into his. First, we need to talk. Smiling Deborah asked what was so important that we had to make a day of it. Deborah was hoping in a forever kind of day. After several long steers. Jason asked if Deborah would forgive him. Forgive you why. I love you. Well, sweetheart, you remember that night you and Crystal had in Atlanta. With a tear forming Deborah asked him not to bring it up. Jason squeezed her hand, well that very same night I had an affair with Beonca, in my defense I was drunk or she got me drunk. Kissing Jason caressing his face. We can forgive each other and move on. Looking at the ground in shame that’s not the worst of it. Bianca said she was pregnant and its mine. Last night she said she’ll know the sex next week.


So this is why the hell you wanted me up here alone. I thought you were going to ask me to marry you, but someone else is carrying your baby. Losing her balance Deborah slips in the falls and runs down the gravel trail with only one high heel shoe. By the time Jason caught up to her trying to hold her. With all the yelling Deborah shoves Jason into the lake throwing the picnic basket at him, wrapping the blanket around herself. Throwing the only shoe she had, saying I hope she gave you something that will kill you or make you itch the rest of your measurable life. As Jason catches up with Deborah asking her to get in its starting to rain. Reluctantly Deborah said ok, but I’m getting in the back

Pulling into the Outlands Appartments. Deborah slams the door breaking the glass in the door. Saying I hope you rot in hell. throwing the blanket at him. As Deborah turns there stands Beonca, looking at her. Deborah says, Bitch, I hope you rot in hell with him. Beonca smiles looking at Jason saying I told you you’d be mine.


Three weeks later.

Hey Crys, how is everything going at the office, do you need any help or something. NO, I, think you should take more time off. She doesn’t want to speak to you or any other man either. How could you do that, I thought more of you? I trusted you. Take the rest of the month, I’ll let you know on the first if I will continue your employment. Slamming the phone to the desk.


Well, you stop knocking on the door, I’m coming, opening the door. Stepping into Jason’s dark and cluttered apartment. Looks like you haven’t been out in a while says,

Bianca. Haven’t eaten anything besides takeout. Look I know you and your sweet Deborah are no longer an item. And since I am carrying your, I mean our child. Let me do this. We can be good together, we have been, rubbing his shoulder with a warm but seductive smile. Go clean up and shave. I’ll fix you something besides (looking around the room ) pizza, tacos and Chinese.

Jason enters the kitchen there stood Beonca cleaning up all the takeout containers. Sitting Beonca hands Jason something. Smiling it’s not alcohol. It’s my family’s recipe for sweet tea. It’ll cure what ills you. Spaghetti is on the stove.

Darling, I know that you thought you cared for her. You see she couldn’t handle being with a man like you. But I am here darling, I have been and always will be. Reaching for Jason’s hand as he pulls away. Look Beonca I do appreciate you trying to help. I will be here for our child forever. But as far as we are concerned, I’m just not sure, about anything. Please be gone when I get back, at least for now. Before you go I just want you to know I go to the doctor next Monday to find out the sex of our child (rubbing her stomach)Saying nothing he shuts the door.

As Jason walks through the parking lot, heading to Ritter Park just across the street. Starring at the reflection in the river. Jason sees Deborah crying in its reflection. Looking up to the late afternoon autumn sky Screaming what do I do?

Looking down at the waters in the river. Jason hears Deborah’s voice, but he does not understand what the reflection is saying. Jason looks up but instead, of the sun’s glare, the moon is there shining over the night sky.

Opening his apartment door. Jason smells the smell of clean. Been almost a week since he’d felt like life was worth it. Going to bed without touching the plate of spaghetti that Bianca had made for him and crumpling a note, that was on the table throwing it into the trash.


Nelson Advertising this is Crystal how may we help you improve your business? Crys it’s Jason. It’s been almost a month, do I still work for you or not. I know that I messed up with your trust in me. But most of all I really did mess up with Deborah. I’d give anything to go back, but I can’t. I’ve made a mistake and have to live with it. I’ll be the man and take care of Bianca and my child, as I should. But I still have strong feelings for Deborah, and will do anything to make it right. Would you please tell me what to do, to get on her good side at the least. I’ll do anything.

With a long silence and sigh. Well, I guess that I could use your help around here. Besides, I miss your neatness and your sense of humor. I suppose you are probably running out of money. If you’d like you can come back on first. It kind of out a little behind here, we took on two more clients and the Club Facts asked for you specifically. But as far as I am concerned, with a long pulse. I forgive you, besides we’re pals. We started this and I can’t do it without you. I let my personal feels get in the way of our partnership but most of all r friendship. For that I am sorry. As far a Deb is considered, give her more time. Deborah misses you be on words can say. She talks about how her life has changed and Jason you the reason and you have changed it for the better. Trust in her and yourself, it will work itself out. See you on Tuesday and bring coffee. I can’t make coffee it’s killed the office plants. Besides the weather guy on the radio says we have a bad storm coming.

As the unusual heavy fall thunderstorm, knocked the power out for most of Jasper. Jason sat on his couch, watching Netflix. As the phone’s power died. As the rain pounds against Jason’s apartment window. There is a light knock, then pounding on the apartment door. Opening the door to the hallway that was dark as the black molly that was in the fishbowl sitting on the antique black cherrywood Victorian box that was given to Jason by his great grandfather. Though the dim light from the candles in Jason’s apartment. He sees Deborah’s face. Falling into Jason’s arms crying and saturate from all the rain.

Telling Jason that she had walked from Cotton Wood Circle, nearly a mile away. Sitting Deborah down, Deborah continuing to cry saying . I don’t need a blanket to stay warm in winter, I don’t need an air conditioner to be cool in summer and I don’t need an umbrella to remain dry in the rain. I will stay warm, cool and dry under the shelter of your love in every season of my life while holding Jason’s hand. Jason, I have missed you. Would you forgive me for being so stupid and foolish? I should have been more understanding, after all, I am guilty of doing the same. Before Deborah could say anything or explain. Jason kisses Deborah on the nose saying it will be fine now as long as we are together. Deborah continues to cry as she falls asleep in Jason’s arms.

Waking Deborah up to a cup of hot coffee. Asking if she felt better? Smiling, a weak and sleeping smile. After Deborah starts her third cup of coffee Jason hands Deborah a clean towel and set of clothes, her to get cleaned up while he fixed breakfast. After her second omelet. Deborah looks a Jason across the table thanking him for his forgiveness. pulling Deborah to her feet, embracing her as tight as he could saying Steve Maraboli once said “Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.” We’ve cried watered our seed now its time to grow and move on. Running his hand across her cheek, telling Deborah she was the girl of his dreams kissing her passionately on soft tear stain lips saying I LOVE YOU.


Sitting at Club Facts, Crystal and Jason discussed their plans for advertising with Serina Davenport for the club. After a few hours of negotiations. both return to the office. As the skies over Jasper starts to darken. Deborah comes carrying a couple of pizzas from Buffalo Petes. Kissing Jason as she walks to the conference room in the back. telling Jason about the hospitals Christmas Party, asking Jason if hed mind escorting her to the party. I would be honored kissing her, handing Deborah the hast slice of pizza.

As Jason leads Deborah to the dance floor, Santa Baby is playing from the stage. the evening grows long and seems to be dying to a handle full of couples on the floor. Deborah and Jason staring out the window overlooking the river, the moonlight causing the rays glistening over the snow like diamonds over the river. Holding Deborah in her a red evening gown with a large bundle of mistletoe hanging overhead. Jason bends pulling a ring out of his breast pocket. Deborah id like to ask you to be the party of my Christmas for the rest of our life will be the Christmas gift and be mine, will you marry me. As the snow starts falling again, A kiss lingers for what seems like hours. As Spring ends. Deborah and Jason are sitting in the maternity ward. A nurse walks in the waiting room holding a baby smiling, the doctor at her side saying that his mother didn’t make it we are sorry but congratulations the little guy is healthy. Holding the gift of life say Driven meet your mom Deborah. As Deborah reaches for Driven, smiling you’ll make a wonderful father.

As Jason fastening Driven into his car seat. Deborah grasps Jason’s hand asking if he is okay. Sure why glancing out his rearview mirror seeing Beonca standing beside her grave. Deborah asking do you like you both had previous lives together. maybe, maybe one never knows. Deborah smiling telling him that she loved him rubbing her baby bump.

by, JR Gardner

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