Unforgettable Love: Sebastian and Ximena

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Prologue The story of Ximena and her unforgettable love begins long before she even realizes it. The kindhearted and optimistic, almost to a fault, young woman meets her love under very strange circumstances. Life or death circumstances. She meets mister right, and it is love at first sight for one of them. Will his not-so-great career pull them into more danger!? Their love story may not exactly seem logical, but it is fate that brings them together, and a curse that may pull them apart.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Attention: There will be some Italian translation to follow in later chapter. If you must know feel free to translate. Also there is explicit language and sexual content, you have been warned.

Chapter 1

“Knock, knock…Ximena?”

“Ugh…She’s not here right now!” I yell through my pillow. I hear the door creak open followed by quick footsteps. Lucia runs through my now empty bedroom. The walls are bare and the furniture missing. The only sign that someone inhabited the space is my bed which I currently occupy. All my furniture was sold to avoid getting a moving service. As for my personal items they were all packed and loaded in my SUV.

“Oof” Escapes me as Lucia jumps on me.

“Luciana!” I exclaimed my voice muffled by my pillow.

“What was that? I thought I might have heard “Luciana” but that can’t be right.”

“Luciana Maria Savellini!” I yell

“You are gonna get it now!” She begins to tickle me relentlessly.

“I give…hahaha…I give…hahaha.”

“What’s my name?” She asks as she continues to tickle me.

“Lu..Lu..haha…LUCIA!” The tickling stops

“That’s what I thought. Now get your lazy ass out of bed. We gotta go soon. I already made breakfast. All you have to do is get ready.” She commands me to do that last part.

“Five more minutes please” I beg

She snatches the pillow off my head and rips the blankets away. Then she stuffs them in my last moving box and tapes it closed.

“Hey! You forgot my sheets,” I exclaim.

“Buy new ones. Those are too little girlish for a grown woman anyway.” She says as she leaves the room with the box. I look down at my sheets.

“I guess she has a point.” I sigh. I guess I am too old for unicorns and rainbow sheets. I snicker at how ridiculous they are.

“Stop messing around Ximena.” I look up and see Lucia is standing in the doorway. I stretch my arms and legs.

“Yes, Mistress Savellini” I jokingly say as I get out of bed.

“You know I hate when you call me that just as much as I hate when you call me Luciana.”

“Okay Oaky” I walk to her and squeeze her tight. She gives me the stink eye. I put my most adorable face on and bat my eyelashes at her.

“Come on Lucia…you know I’m only teasing.” I tilt my head to the side and bat my lashes furiously. She cracks a smile.

“You are lucky I love you or I would have to kill you.” She says this with a smile on her face but an ominous voice. I shudder. Sometimes this girl really seems like a killer.

“haha..stop being such a creep,” I say as I pinch her cheeks. Her demeanor changes and she is back to the lovable Lucia I know. This happens every time I bring up Mistress Savellini or call her Luciana. Which I only call her when she is being super demanding. I never understood the mood change I’m only joking with her. Of course, I don’t really think that she is a Mafia Boss. But her Italian roots and her sometimes demanding attitude make me want to tease her. Lucia is my best friend and roommate. Well soon to be a former roommate. We have been inseparable since the day we met.

… (Flashback)

I walk down the hall of my dorm scanning the doors as I pass them. It’s move-in day and I’m searching for my room. My roommate assignment was random, though we are supposed to have things in common. The email I got said that we were roomed based on major. So maybe we can be study buddies. I keep searching, all the doors are labeled with two names, and from what I have seen it’s based on the last names of the occupants. Come on. I cannot believe they just expect people to randomly search an entire floor to find their room!

“Mercado…Mercado…Finally” I mumble to myself.

“Mercado was it?” A beautiful voice calls.

“What?” I ask as I look to the voice. In front of me is a girl just as beautiful as her voice. She has long raven hair, perfectly symmetrical features, and gorgeous water blue eyes. Her eyes are a stark contrast to her black hair, but it suits her perfectly.

“Savellini” She extends her hand to me. I grab it and laugh, she’s my roommate.

“Mercado,” I reply with a smile on my face, which she returns.

“Did I hear that correctly?” A nasally high-pitched voice exclaims. We both look to the owner. She is the stereotypical white rich girl. She is a Blonde-haired blue-eyed bimbo with her face caked with make-up. I mentally prepare myself for the word battle that is to come.

“Savellini and Mercado…ugh! They really do let anyone in these days.” She fake laughs and high-fives one of her minions. “Ladies lookout we have a Mafia Mistress and her gardener here.” I feel rage boil inside me.

“Don’t be bitter because you had to use your riches to become “Beautiful” while we on the other hand are simply blessed.” My roommate burst out in a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

“Do you know who I am!?” Blondie yells

“Yeah, the local plastic surgeon’s guinea pig. You might want to find someone new; your nose job is obvious, and you will need a miracle worker to fix those nonexistent lips.”

“AAAHHH!” She yells while self-consciously holding her nose. I turn my back on her, she’s not worth my time.

“Come on Savellini, we have better thing to do than to listen to Miss Piggy snort.” I take my roommate by the hand and open our dorm room door and lead us in. Her face is shocked. I turn to close the door and wanna be barbie is still standing there with her mouth open. “Close your mouth your attracting flies.” That is the last thing I say to her before slamming the door in her face. I start laughing at the whole situation when I hear a musical peel of laughter behind me almost sounding like bells.

“that was priceless…You are like a word samurai” She laughs one last time before wiping a tear away from her smiling face.

“Takes years of practice. But honestly don’t judge me on my harsh words. The Samurai only comes out for racist bitches promise.”

She puts her hands in the air like she is surrendering. “Who’s judging?”

We both hear three consecutive knocks coming from the door.

“I guess Barbie finally has a comeback,” I laugh as I open the door. “What can I do for you Miss P…” I stop as soon as I see it’s not her at the door. It’s a handsome man in his early 20s and I’m at a loss for words.

“What is it you said…Close your mouth your attracting flies.” He says with a smirk. I quickly close my mouth and look down blushing with embarrassment.

“Capo!” Savellini says sternly. Dang, I need to ask her first name. I feel weird referring to her by her last name.

“Yes,” He replies almost like he has been scolded by his superior.

I look at my roommate and she has a stern look on her face. What is happening right now?

“I tuoi ordini non avrebbero mai interferito nella mia vita!” Savellini says rapidly.

What? I caught “your” and “no” and “my life”, Italian is similar to Spanish but not enough to fully understand.

“Le mie scuse Padrona.” His eyes are on the ground as he replies to Savellini. I know an apology when I hear one.

“Da quando sei stato cosi lo quace? Questo e il Massimo che ti ha mai sentito parlare. E sedare atua facia di peitra puo tariffa? Qualcuno ha una cotta? È molto bella, vero?” She fires at him.

I’m clueless. I think I heard the words “speak” and “expression”. I have no idea what to think. I look at him. He shot his head up upon hearing her last words, which seemed like a question. He glances my way and blushes then looks down again. What the heck did she ask him? He does not reply to her question.

“Ahh, as much fun as this immersion into Italian is….” I leave it open to hint at my confusion.

“Sorry Mercado,” she says.

“Ximena,” I say giving her a chance to call me by my first name.

“What?” she asks confused.

“My name is Ximena. I mean Mercado is my name too, but I prefer a first name basis.” I ramble nervously. I feel his eyes on me again.

“Luciana…call me Lucia” she corrects herself.

“Ok great…Now who’s this guy?” I ask as I glance at him. He is staring, Jeeze dude there are other things to look at.

“No one. Capo, why are you here?” I am glad she is using English now. He drops a duffle bag on the floor that I did not even realize he was carrying.

“I told you I would be back for my things.” She responds to the duffle bag being dropped.

“I’m just doing my JOB” he emphasizes job. It seems as if he is referring to something I’m not aware of.

“Do your job discretamente. Non voglio che lei sappia nulla e non voglio vederti di nuovo a meno che non sia necessario.”

Man, that memory seems like a lifetime ago. I had forgotten about the man altogether. I have never seen him after that day. And I never asked Lucia about him either. He seemed like he was her driver or something the way she was scolding him. Shoot, I’ve been standing here doing nothing this whole time. I rush to the bathroom that is attached to my bedroom. Lucia and I both made sure we had our own bathrooms when we were apartment hunting all those years ago. I need to get ready before “Mistress Savellini” appears again. I laugh once again at my thoughts of her being a boss lady.

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