Love In The Darkness

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The man was non existent, no one knew who he was, how he looked or where he lived. It was almost as if Troy Massimo Gonzdalez was a fantasy, a fiction. Until the day she’d met him He wasn’t the sort of fiction she wanted to read. He was cruel and heartless but inhumanly handsome. If only she knew how she’d regret ever saying those words, “you think I care for your life? Think again Mr, the only reason I’m not leaving this place without you is because you being dead would do more harm to my family than staying alive”

Romance / Mystery
Hazal Writes
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Chapter 1

Cameron was late as usual because her younger sister Aurelia would realise she needed to get ready right the last minute

Cameron frowned “hurry up lia, were already late”

Aurelia took a quick glance at herself in the mirror as she put her hands through the sleeve of her coat. Beneath her long brown coat she wore a beautiful mustard silk dress which complemented her golden skin, paired with matching mustard silk manolos.

“Here” she said as she made her way outside

“Tell me you’re not going to wear that coat” Cameron asked

Aurelia raised her brow wondering what was so wrong about her look

Sighing Cameron said, “you’re hiding how flawless that dress looks on you”

Aurelia rolled her eyes and joked, “As if there’s going to be any man wanting to look at me”

Despite Aurelia being twenty three years of age, she still hadn’t received a single marriage proposal, unlike her sister who was engaged at twenty and now getting married next month at twenty five.

It was a tradition in all mafia families, every girl would start getting marriage proposals at the age of eighteen. Intermarriages between different mafia families would make bonds stronger.

Aurelia despite being the daughter of a Don didn’t receive a single marriage proposal, so much so her younger sister at the age of eighteen was also soon to be engaged. Not that Aurelia desired getting married to a man she hardly knew but the topic was always stingy for her.

She didn’t understand if it was a blessing in disguise or if her family calling her plain Jane was actually true. Sure she didn’t have blond hair or light eyes like her sisters but she didn’t consider herself ugly either.

Cameron ignored her sisters comment and sat down in the drivers seat. She honked the car twice before Aurelia got into the car with her sister.

As much as Aurelia loved her independence she still didn’t know how to drive. It scared her, she’d always try to learn but every time she’d come back home in a terrible mood. Perhaps it had to do with her accident a few years ago.

After a long drive in the terrible Seattle traffic, they were finally able to make it to the French restaurant where Adrian and his friends were waiting for them.

Looking in the rare view mirror of the car, Cameron reapplied her lipstick “I look fine right?”

“Why are you so nervous it’s not like you’re meeting Adrian for the first time” Aurelia asked, smiling

Cameron was lucky to have a love marriage within the mafia family. Love was the last thing that was considered when the two families would strengthen bonds with the knot of marriage. She’d known Adrian from all the family parties they’d attended. It was almost love at first sight. Even after getting engaged they’d secretly go out to meet each other. There were times Aurelia had to lie to her parents about Cameron not being at home because Adrian would’ve flown her out to Newyork.

Cameron turned towards Aurelia, “Yes but he’s with all his high society friends, they’re all very powerful! you don’t know the sort of people they are”

Aurelia wouldn’t even want to know them, she’d only met a few of such people and she’d instantly dislike how snobby they’d act. Majority of the men would just pass misogynistic comments and it would make her sick

“Just be yourself Cam, plus you’re the daughter of the Don of Seattle you’re high society yourself” Aurelia assured her sister

Cameron straightened herself, her eyes becoming hard as she looked at her sister, “Look Lia, I’m warning you these people are not like the type of people we’ve met. Just keep a distance”

Aurelia looked confused

“Promise me Lia!” Cameron raised her voice, her gaze not flickering

Raising her hands in defence Aurelia replied, “Okay promise, promise.”

Cameron instantly relaxed, “Come on lets go in now, we’ve already kept them waiting for too long”

They made their way inside the restaurant. The place was beautiful, the roof was made of glass and ample sunlight was able to enter and brighten the room. The floral decor and expensive chandeliers gave life to the place.

The sound Laughter and chatter was coming from end of the restaurant, just then Cameron spotted Adrian and his friend sitting at a corner table

It was as if Adrian had sensed Cameron’s presence already, he turned his face towards her, a smile making it way to his face as he immediately stood up.

“Ah finally!” He said as he took Cameron’s hand in his and gently kissed her on her cheek

Love was in the air. Aurelia cleared her throat at the back which caught Adrian’s attention

“Ah Lia! I see you came with your sister” Adrian smiled

Aurelia hugged her brother in law who was more like a brother.
“You would’ve seen me if only you hadn’t been too busy looking at my sister”

Both Adrian and Cameron laughed

“So the bride likes to make everyone wait” a crisp voice said from behind Adrian

Adrian stepped aside and a tall man came into Aurelia’s view. She was surprised to see him as she’d never seen someone half as good looking as this man was. He had jet black hair that was neatly put to the side. His eyes were a mix of striking grey and brown. It was almost impossible not to stare into such beautiful eyes. His face was moonlike and His well defined and chiseled jaw was covered in a neatly shaved beard.

Besides Aurelia, Cameron’s composure stiffed and she smiled tightly

Aurelia noted how her easy going sister who was comfortable to make a conversation with literally anyone was now at loss of words. Was it dislike she sensed? Or perhaps fear?

“My apologies, the traffic in Seattle was terrible today” Cameron passed a smiled

However the man didn’t bother looking at Cameron as she spoke, instead his gaze was locked on Aurelia

He was slowly taking in all her features, observing her the way a predator observes it’s pray

Their gazes locked and a spark of electricity flew between them. Butterflies rose in Aurelia’s stomach as her heartbeat sped. How could someone feel so much just by looking at each other? Did he feel the same way or was it only her?

Not liking the way she was feeling Aurelia broke the eye contact and looked away as if she felt non of those things. But she could still feel his gaze on her. She instantly felt hot and she reconsidered her choice of wearing a coat today. Yes the light breeze outside was chilly but inside it was getting hotter. It’s probably the glass roof she said to herself

Adrian came besides Aurelia, “Since you’re already familiar with Cameron let me introduce you to her little sister, Aurelia”

Aurelia looked at Adrian then to the handsome man, she smiled lightly

“And this Aurelia is my best mate, Troy Massimo Gonzalez” Adrian pointed towards the man

Everything fell into place, of course she’d heard about this name. There were whispers of this name in every mafia event or gathering, yet no one knew of him. He, Troy Massimo Gonzalez was the mafia of the mafia. The most powerful and most dangerous man. Stories of his heartless and cruel behaviour were whispered in every corridor.

Aurelia questioned herself, she should be running away in the other direction but thanks to her sister she was now being introduced to this man. She’d already hated the mafia life and now she was now being introduced to the very core of the mafia. She now understood what her sister meant in the car and how her composure had changed when she saw him.

As if reading her thoughts, Troy smiled as he stared into her eyes again. No this was not an ordinary smile, beneath the beautiful smile a wickedness was hidden. Her heard beat spear again.

“Ah finally we meet, I’ve heard a lot about the plain Jane” Troy replied smoothly, a glint in his eyes

Adding insult to injury, Aurelia instantly disliked this man. She understood why he was called heartless or cruel. Such a waste of pretty face

Her sisters words to keep a distance rang in her ears but this was a topic so stingy she spoke too soon without caring for the consequences

“Likewise Mr Troy, there’s a lot I’ve heard about you” She replied with the same mischievous smile

They stared at each other before his deep laugh broke the silence. Oddly his laugh was music to her ears but she ignored such a feeling once again

“Please do let me know of things you’ve heard, I’m intrigued”

But before she could reply, Adrian sensed the growing tension in the room and cut in the conversation

“Ah Lia, Let me introduce you to Julia and Ross” Adrian said as he pulled Aurelia from the arm towards the table

Julia and Ross has been seated on the table and watched everything from afar

Aurelia noted how well and put together Julia was, she had brown hair and and long slender features. Something about Julia reminded her of French models. Her black dress was far too revealing and sultry but she somehow managed to make it look classy with those red stilettos.

As she glanced to Julia’s side her eyes landed on Ross who had a smile on his face. His composure was far more relaxed. He obviously wasn’t as good looking or handsome as Troy. In fact their probably was no one in the room who had better looks than him she thought.

“Pleasure meeting both of you” Aurelia smiled
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