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A cute love story of a couple showing how opposites attract.

Romance / Drama
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The Car Break Down

*Bell rings*
"Good morning class, today we'll be starting the 3rd lesson.. We've got be on schedule but we are lacking.. So I'll be picking up speed from today"
Students had already started getting bored of the extra class and summer's heat only worsened things for them.
A distant sound of footsteps could be heard rushing towards the class, it started growing louder and then suddenly the classroom door slammed open.
A very handsome guy stood at the door. Panting...The little beads of precipitation on his clear skin bestowed a charming glow on his face. His brown, wavy hair, a little messed up due to the short sprint, looked as if they had been custom made by God for him.

"Do you not know when the class starts, Steve?", asked Mr. Johnson, the Chemistry professor, through his rectangular spectacles.

"I.. uh.. actually.. my car broke down.."

"Broke down?", Mr. Johnson asked suspiciously.

"Not broke down.. exactly.. uhhh.. the tyre got punctured actually", replied Steve, getting uncomfortable with every passing moment.
Everyone chuckled at the sudden transition Steve had made from his car braking down to having a flat tyre.

"Alright, get in", Mr. Johnson motioned with his eyes.

"Thank you sir!".
Steve quickly rushed towards his seat.

"Hope you have submitted your assignment Steve".
Steve had reached only halfway to his seat when the professor's words stopped him. He haulted, frowned.. then turned around with a sheepish smile.

"Umm... i was going to.. but.."

"But your car broke down?", interrupted the professor. Everyone chuckled.

"No no.. but.. uhhh.."

"Sir you had postponed the date to tomorrow, for the assignment..", interrupted a voice and relieved Steve of the awkward moment.
Steve scanned the class to see who had saved him from this predicament.
It was Mona.

Mona's image in class was that of being a typical nerd. Her hair, though tied in an ordianry pony tail looked very pretty. The freckles on her cheek combined with her spectacles gave her a mysterious look. She had a good dressing sense and her clothes though simple, were always very neat.
A perfect student.

"Alright", said Mr. Johnson as he turned towards the white board.

Steve let out a sigh and was quick to rush to his seat, leaving no opportunity for Mr. Johnson to shoot any more prickly arrows at his butt.
"Run, save your ass!!", a friend teased Steve.
"Shut up", whispered Steve.
He slowed down at Mona's desk and whispered.. "Thank you.."

He stood still for a moment expecting a reply from her. But all Mona did was look down at her book, as if she didnt even hear him.
"Steve!!..", a friend deliberately called out his name the way Mr. Johnson would. Steve got startled but he realised his friends were just teasing him. He then quickly seated himself at his table.
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