Playing With Fire

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Nova Hayes has a secret. It’s one she wants to keep, not wanting the spotlight on her and the schools highly desired football captain, Niko. Nova is happy with their arrangement, until she meets his new stepbrother, Cash. Sparks will fly when the two boys compete for Novas affection, but this is what happens when you’re Playing With Fire 🔥

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Chapter 1

“Could you stop staring at him for like, a minute?” I grumbled, polishing off my burger.
“I’ve tried. It’s like my eyes refuse to obey.” Lenore sighed heavily beside me, dragging a hand through her bright blonde hair. “Look at him!”
I didn’t need to look at him to know who she was talking about.
Niko Xavier.
Running across the emerald field in his sweaty football kit, his slick black hair clinging to his face as he chased the ball.
“Meh.” I shrugged, sucking the ketchup from my fingers.
Lenore shot me a look of disgust before standing up to cheer, knocking my milkshake over in the process.
“Shit, sorry babe!”
“Let me guess, he scored?”
I mopped up the drink with the two napkins I had, giving up when I realised I was making it worse.
“He did.” Lenore grinned down at me. “You better cheer up for the party.”
I forced a smile on my face, and tried to look excited.
“You’re a shit liar.” Lenore snorted, her gaze flickering back to the field. “Ooh, Tom is so fucking hot too. What is it about guys in football kits—”
“Or rugby kits.”
“Or hoodies.”
We exchanged a knowing smile as the game drew to a close, and we cheered for our team, The Rollers.
“Annnnnd everyone is going to get drunk and celebrate at Tom’s! Lets go, Nova.”
I followed my best friend down to the parking lot, as she gripped my arm, sucking in a breath.
“He’s there!”
Glancing over at the field I see the football players heading towards the lot, most of them ticking the sexy boxes.
“Someone’s watching you,” I murmured to Lenore, noticing Tom’s eyes drifting over my best friend.
She looked up, meeting his gaze with flushed cheeks with an embarrassed laugh.
“Oh, fuck!” Lenore hissed, turning to me with a groan. “He knows we’re talking about him.”
“If it makes you feel any better, everyone is talking about him and his bud. That’s why they’re the popular guys.”
I trudged towards Lenore's car, my stomach grumbling.
“Is that your belly?” Lenore unlocked the car, staring at me with wide eyes over the roof. “You’ve just eaten!”
“One poxy burger,” I said. “Big deal. I need another two.”
“Ha! You’re going to have to make do with hot guys and beers babe, I doubt Tom’s laid on a spread.”
“The only thing he wants to spread is your legs.”
“He can eat me out any day,” Lenore declared, starting the engine. “I hope Bitchface isn’t there.”
“Why would the cheerleaders be at the party?”
“Don’t be sarcastic. It gives you wrinkles.”
“Kerry is with Wyatt.” I pointed out, searching Lenore's car for food.
Usually she has packets of candy lying around, and I needed them.
“Since when has that stopped her from eating Tom’s face?” Lenore said with disgust, glancing over at me.
“Are you hunting for food again?”
“Can we stop off at the store?” I replied, leaning back in my chair with defeat.
Lenore wrinkled her nose up at me, giving me that look.
“I don’t wanna be late!”
“You also don’t wanna be early, you’ll look desperate.”
“How do you have such a killer body when all you do is eat?”
“I don’t have a killer body, little Miss Tits.”
Lenore snorted with laughter, eating the car into the traffic.
“I’m not going to the store.”
“Please! I’ll do anything.”
Lenore turned to me with a glint in her eyes.
Oh, fuck.
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