Playing With Fire

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Chapter 4


Fuck me.

I was still in my shorts as I strode down the stairs, clocking Tommo waving at me from the kitchen.

“Where the fuck have you been?”

I watched as Tommo grabbed a fistful of crushed ice from a bag, lifting his eyes to me with that knowing look he has down to a T.

“Finding that girl some clothes!”

“More like taking them off.” Tommo grinned, slugging vodka over the ice as he danced to the music.

“Maybe.” I smirked, as he looked over my shoulder, doing a double take.

I followed his eyes to see Nova striding downstairs in a scrap of an outfit, silky peach material hugged her body like a fucking glove.

“You didn’t do too well with taking them off.” Tommo laughed, holding the two cocktails as he approached the girls confidently.

Nova tugged the bottom of the dress, biting her lip as she looked up and met my heated gaze.

She gave me a faint smile, instead turning her attention to the glass Tommo held out for her.

“Thanks, what is it?” Nova wrinkled her nose as Lenore nudged her.

“Alcohol, bitch.”

Tommo bent his head down to whisper something in Lenore’s ear, and she nodded, glancing at Nova.

“Coming to dance? Tom said he’ll put Britney on!”

Nova looked at me and I smirked.

“Alright, Angel, I’ll dance with you.”

“Ha, no thank you. I’m not dancing.” Nova shook her head, and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to shove my cock inbetween her plump lips.

“I’m not asking.” I shrugged, lacing my fingers through hers as we followed Tommo and his chick.

“Can’t you put a shirt on?” Nova groaned when we entered the darkened room, as Tommo changed the tracks to put bloody Britney Spears on.

“Why, am I distracting you?” I muttered, dragging her up to me, my hands on her ass.

“Hands up here, Mister.” Nova ordered, moving my hands to her hips.

When I disobeyed, she turned around, pressing her ass into me as she danced, swaying her hips as she sipped the cocktail.

My hand spanned her stomach, feeling the muscles moving beneath the thin fabric.

“Fuck. Angel,” I whispered, aware that all eyes were on us.

Suddenly she spun around, her lips inches from mine.

“Stop calling me that.”


“Naughty boys have to pay,” Nova said, pressing her lips against mine before moving back. “Len! Dance with Niko,” she called, pushing Lenore into my arms.

The fuck?

Tommo was busy chatting to some girl, meaning maybe he wasn’t that into fucking Blondie after all.

Nova strolled away, through the dancing bodies, as Lenore giggled nervously.


“Um, gimme a minute babe,” I muttered, striding up to Tommo.

“Bud, get a handle on this chick.”

Tommo looked over at Lenore, shrugging at the girl beside him.


“Just dance with her, man.”

Tommo gazed at me for a minute, but then made his way over to Nova’s friend.

I pushed through the crowd of people when Zara purred my name, dragging me into her arms with fuck-me eyes.

“Niko, I’ve been looking for you.”

Zara had been my go to fuck for months now, but Nova had my full attention tonight.

“I’ve got something to do, Zee. Gimme a minute,” I muttered with a charming smile.

Zara pouted as she watched me walk away.

Tommo’s house was huge, but I knew it like the back of my hand. I headed upstairs, navigating my way through the dickheads that thought the stairs were the perfect place to congregate.

“Good game, Xavier,” someone hollered as I passed them.

I nodded, my eyes scanning the bodies surrounding me.

At the end of the hall, I saw her.

Standing with Rian Lowe, the basketball captain.

He looked pissed off, and I paused, wanting to see what was going down between them.

Nova was sighing, holding her hand over her face with exasperation as he laid into her, waving his hands around.

Wait, was she with him?


If he’d seen us together, I needed to step up and take some of the blame.


Both of them turned at the sound of my voice, Rian’s eyes narrowing when he saw me.

“What’s up, Xavier?” Rian said warily, snaking his arm around Nova’s shoulders possessively.

“Just wanna talk to Nova.”

“About?” Rian asked, raising his eyebrows to me.

“Sorry, are you two together or—”


“Kind of.”

Oh. So it’s like that.

“Rian, we aren’t together, not anymore,” Nova mumbled, sighing as Rian folded his arms.

“Want me to leave you with the fuckboy of the century, huh?” Rian snapped, eyeballing me with fury.

Rian was tall and ripped. I wouldn’t want to fight him, but I would if he continued disrespecting me.

“Rian!” Nova snapped, and Rian nodded, his jaw clenched.

“If you fuck him, you’re not who I thought you were.”

“Calm down man.” I warned, as he pushed past me.

Nova groaned. “I’m sorry. We only broke up last week.”

I glanced around, before pushing open the bathroom door and tugging her inside.

“Niko…” Nova whispered, her words lost on my lips as I locked the door, pressing her against it.

“You got a thing for captains, Angel?”

Nova put her hands on my shoulders, her fingernails scraping against my neck as she held me away from her.

“No, I really haven’t.” She laughed, and I dipped my head towards her, her breath coming out in ragged gasps.

“I want you.”

“You want everyone, I’m no different.” Nova said, keeping me at arms length; literally.

“How do you know?”

“Because you want to fuck me, Niko.”

“I do. So badly.” I admitted, allowing my hand to graze over her hips as I squeezed her ass.

“At least you’re honest.”

“Fuck me then.” I smirked, attacking her lips with mine.

Nova gripped me, spinning me around so that I was flush against the door.

“I owe you, right?”

Oh, boy.

Nova held my gaze, a smirk on her lips as she tugged at my waistband, releasing Niko Junior.

“Fuck!” I muttered when she wrapped her lips around my dick, taking me in her mouth all the way to her throat, stopping when she gagged.

Nova stared up at me, her hand wrapping around the shaft as she pumped me into her mouth.

“Angel, you’re killing me.”

I was torn between wanting to watch her suck me off, and wanting to bend her over the fucking sink.

Then Nova spread her palms flat against my stomach, her fingers curling around my hips so I was fucking her mouth.


Someone banged on the door, and I slammed my hand against it, roaring at them to fuck off.

The sound of my dick slamming into Nova’s throat made me almost cum there and then, but instead I slid my hands into her hair, sinking my teeth into my lip.

“I’m gonna cum, Angel.”

Nova didn’t move away, instead she nodded, indicating she wanted to swallow everything I was about to give her.

Fuck, yes.

I flooded her throat, letting out a guttural moan as she swallowed, her eyes watering as I pushed myself all the way into her mouth.

“Fuck, Angel.”

I stared down at her as she sucked my dick clean, licking the last of it from her lips before getting to her feet.

“Better?” Nova asked, her voice still thick with my cum.

“Fuck, yeah.”

“Now we’ve got that out of the way, are you gonna unlock the door?”

I smirked, tugging my shorts up before lifting her up onto the sink, roughly parting her legs as she gasped.

“When I’m done.”

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