How The Thick Girl Stole The Prince's Heart

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Warning: 18+ Adults only! This book contains strong adult language and mature themes. Read at your own risk! Kevah Pierce is a talented, sexy and confident 300lbs beauty. Her mother loves her, but she believes Kevah will never discover love because of her weight. After she meets Trevor Munro, the local weather reporter at a restaurant. They can't deny their undeniable sexual tension. They move on to dating for two years, but when her family brings up the question of marriage, things start to become sour in their once peaceful relationship. Trevor goes on to reveal a shocking secret to Kevah which causes her heart to shatter into tiny pieces. Unable to bear the heartache, she flees to a small city called Fertopia in Italy, where she reunites with her older brother's friend Emanuele Ferrero who was rude to her the last time they met. She finds out he is not only the guy who saved her from drowning when she was 12 but that he is also the owner of the building she is contracted to decorate. Will the two be able to put aside their disputes to work simultaneously? Date Started: January 4th, 2021

Romance / Humor
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