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As I sat on the bus, which had already been a long ride due to the 4 car pile-up just across the river. Watching people getting on and off. A guy was carrying a guitar case. I wondered what kind of band he played in. Listening to the older couple behind me talking about their granddaughter that was born yesterday. As I was watching. This attractive lady got on hugging the long-haired bus driver and smiling at me asking if I mind if she sat beside me. Moving my bag from the seat. She sat down. The smell of her perfume was automatically refreshing. Staring at her and hopefully, she didn't notice. Her earnings caught my attention. They were the brightest and deepest green I had ever been. Her saying hello snapped me back. Telling her name was Melissa and asking if I was a student. Replying yes but only part-time, giggling saying I am but of life. The words she spoke took my breath. Looking me up and down and saying I'd bet you an artist of some sort. How did she know that that I wrote short stories? But I wanted to just hear her voice. Smiling with her arm around my shoulder. I was under her powers and couldn't fight it. I'd rob the national bank if she asked. As the bus came to a stop she stood up. I don't mean to be so forward but I'm in love with you placing the hottest and longest kiss on me and handing me a card. Stop by sometime and I'll give you a reading. Watching her walk off the bus. I was stunned at the power of her walk and how did she get my attention that quick.
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