The last Alpha

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After his kind was punished, left to die without Mates or pups, Xander, the last Alpha, only wants to see his pack live the rest of it's days in pace. Will the Moon Goddess grant them that? Or does she have something else planned for them?

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Chapter 1

The werewolves world lost its way at one point. Power hungry Alphas that only wanted more, more land, more subjects, stronger warriors and sons brought the downfall of their kind.

The Moon Goddess made the wolf and she-wolf, not equal, not better or worst, not nothing. They were simply two halves that complemented each other. She made the Mates so that each and every one of her children could find true happiness and balance in their lives.

But her strong wolves forgot about that. Plagued by arrogance they mistreated their she-wolves. The females in the community were cast as nothing, almost enslaved, beaten and broken until not one of them would find the strength to talk, to act or to fight. They were simply left to please the men in every way and to breed strong pups. Even the right to be a mother was ripped from them, not being allowed to raise their pups after giving birth. The ones that found some strength to try and end their misery and didn’t succeed were cast as public pleasure meat for the unmated males without any regard. To the Alphas disappointment, only mates could produce an offspring, so they were very careful to find and capture the mates of every wolf in their pack. The lifespan of wolves is a few hundred years at most, if they live a happy and peaceful life. Imagine living even a century with a mate that doesn’t even look at you without disgust.

There were those wolves that loved their mates. Or at least the stronger wolves that could overpower their human form and tried to be better, tried to cherish their other half, but they would have to keep to themselves, be very discreet about that because it wasn’t allowed to be kind to the females and there were consequences if you were caught.

The Moon Goddess tried and tried to change something. She would give them signs, she tried making more she-wolves that wolves, she would give gruesome deaths to those who mistreated their mates but to no avail. Nothing worked. And hearing prayer upon prayer from her children to end their suffering, she decided to do something that would either change them once and for all or will end her and her children forever.

She looked down on her subjects one last time, then cast a spell that brought a painless death to every she-wolf in the land.

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