The Bad Boy's Type

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Something's you just don't, can't and never change, is what Amy thought at the beginning of the school year. A few months in and she's become Liam Beckett's new interest. Amy Greene, a seventeen year old tomboy, is halfway through the last few months she would spend in New York before she pursues a career in basketball elsewhere and leaves behind her limited number of friends and loving family. Liam Beckett is your resident badboy who's just returned from Australia. He's been all over the world and is notorious for toying with girls. He's always seen wearing his usual leather jacket under which a different person lurks and as Amy uncovers each layer, trying to figure out him, Liam learns that Amy isn't all she puts out. His sudden interest in the tomboy, who at first wanted nothing to do with Liam, blossoms into something more than 'just friends' and things only go rotten from there. Liam has a habit of involuntarily showing up in Amy's life and all she does is push him away but life has it's funny and tricky ways. Amy, trying to find a smile behind Liam's infamous smirk, turns his world upside down. What he doesn't know is that Amy's life had already been turned upside down and Liam makes it his personal mission to set it right. Through this process, will Amy finally let her guard down for this one badboy? Will Liam finally learn to handle relationships?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1 - Rejected My High-Five Request

Chapter 1 - Rejected My High-Five Request.

“OW! OW!” I clutched my foot and yelped in pain as Noah hissed in realization as he quickly took his hand off my foot.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry.” He went on in actual guilt as he realized that the slightest weight upon my swollen foot would have me benched from the basketball court for the rest of the season by Coach.

I burst out laughing because my best friend had actually bought the false act I put on. Noah glared at me with his chocolate brown eyes as I howled in laughter. “Why did you make me think I made your foot hurt?”

My laughter came to a gradual end as I smiled at him. “Because it’s funny.”

“No, it’s funny when James Charles says ’Hey sisters!” Noah sounded exactly like James Charles when he did that. “Not when you’re playing with my feelings.” He said and popped a popcorn into his mouth before letting his eyes go back to the giant flat screen TV at the other end of my living room.

I rolled my eyes and sighed inaudibly as I took in another of Noah’s tantrums. Noah Parker, my one and only best friend. He was one knucklehead and was a major ladies’ man and it was the biggest mystery how girls were dying to sleep with him. He had a long string on one night stands and I’m pretty sure he had slept with almost all the girls in our school. Well, I couldn’t blame them. He was like a younger version of Will Smith. A smooth talker, tall, black and had a million dollar smile that made girls fan themselves as we walked down the hallway of our school.

I rested my head on his shoulder and pouted. “I’m sorry.” A small smile spread across my face as I re-lived the past events. “I-It was just easy to do it.”

He tore his eyes away from the screen and down at me. I was actually taller than him but due to my seating position and the fact that my injured foot was outstretched before me on the coffee table, made him look slightly taller than me. “It’s okay. Now, shut up and watch.” He pointed to the screen and pulled out his phone and began to check his social media.

Wow, practice what you preach, huh?

I let my eyes roll themselves because of Noah and trailed back to the screen not really watching the show that was playing. My foot came in the way since it was propped up on the table. I sighed mentally, thinking about the events that led to this; my fingers playing with the thin band that was considered a ring that rested around my middle finger. The last basketball practice Coach had put us through was sort of rough but I had grown accustomed to it since I had been working with the same Coach ever since I joined the team and until now, captain of the team.

Due to a little herk-and-jerk here and there, I went home with a swollen foot last week. The school nurse recommended a few days of rest and no extra pressure on my leg. I still remember her wagging a finger in my face strictly as she emphasized the words - ‘no basketball’ while I sat in her room bouncing a basketball on a wall.

The week had been hard for me since I couldn’t throw a ball into a hoop or even dribble it but Noah here had kept me distracted but I couldn’t just forget my passion that easily. I still appreciated his efforts. I had to be pulled away from the balls that lay out in my backyard by Noah because basketball mattered to me that much. But every night, I crept down without Mom hearing me and went to shoot a basket or two. I couldn’t go on without shooting some hoops. I just couldn’t.

It had almost been a week and I was eager to go back on the court but right now I wanted to forget about my leg and do something else other than just watching Popeye beating another guy to a pulp.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a seventeen year old who still watches cartoons. There wasn’t anything special about me. I was just simple. I was that average girl. The girl you never really noticed and didn’t really want anything to do with. The most interesting thing about me was probably my blue eyes. The same as my dad’s. I was the female and younger version of my dad. Same black hair, same facial features and same blue eyes. There wasn’t much difference between the two of us. My attitude was exactly like his. I wasn’t your average queen bee or that nerd who never took their nose out of a book. I was that simple girl who wore a sweatshirt and jeans every single day with the same pair of White Converse Canvas Sneakers. No change in my ‘uniform’. That same girl who covered her eyes behind her bangs that fell to the side and never wanted attention or anything that could risk people knowing you. I wasn’t dumb, in fact I had a 4.5 GPA.

I saw Noah switch off his phone and snap his head to me. “I’m boooored.” He drawled out and I groaned. A Noah who was bored wasn’t anything but havoc. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the guy, but him being bored was like a ticking time bomb. One wrong move and you’ve signed your death warrant.

He tilted his head to lay it on my shoulder and looked at me, expectantly. “What do you wanna do?” I saw his phone screen light up and Noah opened it up.

I looked at the screen as a million thoughts flew through my mind, most of them having something to do with strangling Noah because of being bored. “We could go to the mall, get some hot dogs or-”

No way!” Noah exclaimed as a smile appeared on his face and he looked at his phone.

“What is it?” I asked, peering over his shoulder.

He looked at me and blinked. “Liam Beckett’s back and he’s hosting a party down at the cliff spot right now.” Noah said, excited.

“Who?” I asked, not really interested as I propped my elbow below my shoulder and spread out my legs on the rest of the couch. I wasn’t the party type. What was so appealing about watching your guy friends try and flirt with girls dressed in short dresses while dancing to loud music? But seeing as my friends consisted of Noah, he had dragged me to a few parties in which I just played games on my phone and tried to resist the unsanitary pizza served.

I heard Noah scoff as I flipped through the channels and landed on a re -run of Tom and Jerry “You haven’t heard of Liam Beckett?”

I didn’t take my eyes off the TV. “Nope, why? Should I know him?”

“Um, he’s literally everywhere. Probably because his dad’s a big man and all but he’s like an alumni of Crestview High.” Noah re-adjusted his body so he could see me. “And have you seen him? He’s one hot piece of ass. I’ve heard girls have paid him to go out with him and maybe more, if you know what I mean?” Noah laughed. “What up?” He raised a hand, expecting me to high five it but I shook my head.

“You rejected my high five request.” Noah pouted, slowly bringing his hand down.

I looked at him and furrowed my eyes. “What’s a high five request?”

“It’s like a friend request but with a high five.” He raised his hand again and smiled. “Will you accept?”

I shook my head at his dumb statement and slapped his hand and he smiled in satisfaction. “You’re weird Parker.”

“Says the seventeen year old who watches reruns of a show meant for four year olds.” Noah pointed out.

I slapped him in the back of his head. “You’re never too old for Tom and Jerry.” I pointed a finger at him to make my point.

I looked back at the TV and he looked back at his phone while rubbing the back of his head. “You actually haven’t heard of him? I mean, he was here uptil eighth and then he moved to Australia.”

I looked at him. “Noah, I moved here two years ago so yeah, I haven’t heard of him.”

I moved here two years ago from Newcastle, England with my mom.

“But everyone’s heard of him.” Noah said.

I rolled my eyes as Noah let out a sigh of boredom. I saw him scroll through his contacts and dial someone’s number. He held the phone in front of him and I saw who he was FaceTiming. Finally, Sky picked up and you could see her earphone plugged in her ears and her Kindle was leaning against her chest and she had a look of tiredness.

“What do you want?” She snapped.

“Now, is that the way you greet your brother?” Noah asked, playfully.

She glared at him. “Yes, now what do you want? Oh hi Amy.” She smiled at me and I raised a hand in greeting.

“See, that’s how you’re supposed to greet a person. Not what you just did.” Noah said and Skylar and I both rolled our eyes at the same time.

Skylar was Noah’s younger sister and in Noah’s words, his baby sister. She was the most lively person one could ever meet. She looked a lot like Noah, same dark skin and black hair except hers was in dreadlocks that were long. She wore the same hairstyle for the many years I had known her: part of her hair pinned to the side with a little just touching her eyes while the rest fell to her waist.

“I don’t care. Now, why’d you call?” Sky asked, impatiently.

“Where are you?” Noah asked.

“We’re about nearing school.” Sky and her track team had a big tournament this week and I remember her leaving and Noah wiping fake tears as we watched her bus leave. Such a drama queen...

“So you’re coming straight home?” I asked, getting into a more comfortable position by balancing my head on my hand, propped up on my elbow.

“Nah, I’m hitting Beckett’s party.” Sky nodded.

“Wait, you’re going?” Noah sat up. “Aren’t you going to be tired?”

Sky gave him a look. “Umm, have you seen Beckett? He’s like a crossover of a Calvin Klein model and a Greek God. It doesn’t matter if I’m tired or super energetic. All I know is I’m going to be super horny around him.” Sky wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

I raised my eyebrows and pinched the air between two fingers. “Little too much information, Sky. Besides, I don’t even know this guy.”

“Yeah, why would you be telling me these things as your brother?” Noah asked, completely disgusted and uncomfortable. Sky just shrugged as he shuddered in disgust.

“Anyways, you coming?” Sky asked, raising her eyebrows.

Noah didn’t waste a second before answering. “Of course, I mean, I’ve known the guy since before grade school. Sure, he may not remember me but this is what the party’s for.”

“That and the fact that he wants to make a big deal about him coming home.” I said, analyzing the situation.

Sky scoffed. “It is a big deal. Helloo? It’s Liam Beckett! I’d drop everything on my calendar if I found out he’s throwing a party.”

“See? That’s the difference between second years and last years. We don’t give that much importance to such useless things.” I said, moving my hand in the air.

“Ames, here, we call it sophomores and seniors, not second years and last years.” Noah said, exasperated. He threw his one hand in the air because the other was holding the phone. “I mean! You’ve been here for the past ten years. When are you going to learn English?” Noah rolled his eyes.

I raised my eyebrows and smacked him upside the head again. “Oi! My country invented the English language.” I pointed a thumb at my chest.

He rubbed his head and glared at me as Sky laughed. “Whether the Americans or British invented it, we say sophomores and seniors.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter because she’s not coming either ways, are you Amy?” Sky asked.

I gave her a look. “How’d you know?”

Sky rolled her eyes. “Please, like you’re the type of girl to dress up and put on makeup and go to a party.”

“Hey! Just because I don’t doesn’t mean I can’t.” I defended poorly. Even I knew I couldn’t. I wasn’t that type of person.

Sky gave me a look that said she was challenging me. “Oh really?”

“Yeah.” I said.

“Fine, I dare you, Amy Greene, to drop everything and go to this party, even if you don’t know him.” Sky cocked an eyebrow.

“And if I win?”

Sky shrugged. “Nothing, I get enough torture from Noah as it is. I don’t need any more from you.”

“Challenge accepted.” I said firmly. I wasn’t one to back out of a challenge, uh-uh. Even if it meant public humiliation, I would do it. I had to prove a point.

Sky smiled in satisfaction. “Alright, I’ll see you both at the party.” She said and hung up.

I took a deep breath in, processing what I was about to do. I was about to go to a high school party. At a cliff. Hosted by a person I don’t even know. A high school party. One filled with sweaty, kinky hormonal teenagers who have nothing better to do than dance, drink and repeat. After all that went through my brain, I exhaled loudly, realising that it would’ve been better to have just stayed at home and played video games. Deep breaths, Amy.

“So, you coming?” Noah asked, grabbing his letterman jacket that he never went anywhere without.

I looked at my injured foot and how I would’ve killed to play a game of basketball in my backyard with Noah but I knew he nor my mom would allow me to. I just really needed to forget about it for now. I needed to get my mind off of it and I decided. “Sure, let’s go.”

Noah opened the door and went outside. I held the knob of the door and took in a sharp breath, getting myself ready for what’s to come.

I walked along with Noah as he was on his phone and I stuffed my hands into the giant pocket in the middle of my sweatshirt. The day was sunnier than usual and bright.

“I heard Kyle threw a party a few weeks back.” I pulled at the hem of my sweatshirt and re-wrapped my coat, making me feel warmer.


“Why didn’t you go?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, almost every party that’s hosted, you go to. And most of our gang goes to it. I mean, Kaia went and Scott went and Tyler? No, Tyler didn’t go. But the rest went. Why didn’t you?”

Noah’s eyes widened just a fraction but he quickly recovered. “I-I must have been sick or something.”

I left that at that since I didn’t want to impose on his privacy. If he had anything to tell me, he would.

We walked in silence for some time until Noah spoke up and I looked up from the gravel of the road and looked at the entrance of the forest which led to the cliff. You could hear the faint frat music from outside and the whoo’s and ahh’s from the kids over there. “We’re here.”

I looked inside the forest with a faraway look. “No, shit.” I muttered before I followed Noah to the cliff. Vehicles were parked and. You could see convertibles and mostly cars.

There was a certain attraction at the end of it all. My blue eyes were attracted to the black beast that was shining in the reflection of the sunlight.

It had a 649 cc engine and a cruiser engine. It used 43 pound - feet of torque and it went from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. It was a black Kawasaki Vulcan S and its seat was riding low.

“Amy!” I heard Noah call me. I averted my gaze and looked back at him, following him as the music grew louder and couples were making out on the trees.

You could see lots of girls dressed in two pieces and boys ogling at them. There were people dancing and sipping from red Solo cups and teenagers being typical teenagers. I groaned out loud at the sight before me.

This cliff was home to most of the teenage parties in our city. It was a secluded part of our city and it was beautiful but it’s scenery was by these teenagers who trashed this area. It had a lake that wasn’t too deep at the bottom and the cliff was rocky. It was a sloping walk from the entrance of the forest and the trees grew taller as one went deeper into the forest. If someone had to look from the cliff, they would see a wonderful view of the horizon and to the side, you’d see lots of big rocks with water splashing against them, leaving a jumper to fall freely into the lake below without hitting the rocks and injuring themselves.

“Look, it’s him!” Noah said excitedly and I looked in the direction he was pointing in.

I followed his finger and I saw one guy wearing a white t-shirt that was translucent and you could see his muscles ripping through his shirt. He had a lean yet muscular figure and wore shades which shielded his eyes. His body was chiseled and his pink lips moved fast as he spoke to the many people, mostly girls, surrounding him.

He was handsome and hot and cute all at the same time and this was probably the first and last time I would’ve admitted it, even if it was in my brain and not out loud. His slender hands held a cup, most likely filled with alcohol, as he spoke and everyone around him listened to his words like they were the words of God.

The guy said something and the whole crowd erupted in laughter, most of it sounded fake, and even though the guy smiled, it wasn’t genuine. You know how just by the look of the person’s face, you know that smile isn’t true? It was the same thing with this guy. Something off about this guy.


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