One Summer Night

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She felt stuck inside four walls of her own house. A feeling of misery and depression was closing in. Not losing bits of hope about the coming Summer, though, she received an invination from her mom to reside in a beautiful coastal city. Where will this trip bring her to? Whom she will meet? And, probably, this meeting will change her life for good...

Romance / Adventure
Bleak Outsider
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Chapter 1

A dull, sparkling gleam of light was creeping into the room through a crack of a door opened slightly ajar. Impenetrable darkness swallowed the room making it impossible to recognize what was inside at first. However, that gleam of light was enough to distinguish two dark, vague silhouettes, sitting in chairs, kicking their feet up and gabbing quietly, meanwhile the fire seemed to be a cheerful sight in such a cold, dreary night in the fireplace nearby.

At first, if anyone came in, they wouldn’t be able to recognize the identities of those mysterious creatures hiding in the dark. Once they spoke up though, a voice of a young kid probably 10-ish y.o., would let the intruder wrap his mind around one of the creatures inside and his mysterious personality. There was another voice, quieter but still strong and sonorous, of an old lady whose age would be totally indecorously to name.

They were sitting in utter silence, only warm crackling of the fire spiced up the atmosphere inside. Suddenly, out of the blue, the boy impertinently broke the quietness with his merry voice.

“Granny…” a cheerful, vigorous voice swallowed the room immediately. “Could you tell me the story one more time, pleeasee~” the boy seemed to be nervous a bit, fidgeting uneasily in his chair to and fro.

“Which one, dear?” The woman’s voice was poised and low as if reflecting her inner world full of life experience and wisdom, or as if she was trying to blend in with the blurry ambience of the room.

“The one where you met grandpa in. About the best Summer of your life as you always tend to claim”

It took a while for the old lady to speak out again. She wasn’t totally sure it was a good idea but her affection to the boy couldn’t let her leave the request unanswered. He was so adorable that it was almost painful for her to resist on indulging him a bit. She sighed lightly and bent over toward the boy a bit with a long shadow of hers casted by the fire upon the walls behind.

“It’s too late already, young boy. You should probably hit the sack if your gentle, pink buttocks don’t want to feel the notorious father’s belt” even though, one could assume it was a threat or, at least, a strong command to turn in, the boy knew she was just kidding him because her bleaming smile claimed the opposite.

“But pleeasee.. Nelly.. One more time and I promise Imma be the first one who fall asleep in this house”

Arguing with him was pointless, she was aware of it. He went after his grandfather, stubborn and eager to get everything that only could come into his mind.

The smile on her face got even wider, she reached a tea to the left of her chair on a nightstand and poured some tea into two mugs, one of which she handed in the boy’s gentle hands.

“A’right but you shall sleep afterwards, for your lovely grandma doesn’t want the father’s belt herself” she cracked up and the joyful laugh of them both filled the room dissolving the darkness a bit.

“The story is called “One Summer Night” but, of course, you already know this, honey.”

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