Daddies girl

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A 18 years old girl Zara with no self confidence tying to get confidence.Jonathan and Mike are best friends they always wanted a baby girl to cherish and make her theirs. But they couldn’t find. Will Zara be the right one for them or not?

Romance / Children
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Chapter 1


I am a 18 years old girl who has no self confidence and always wanted someone to love me and cherish me but no one did not even my parents. They treated me like shit always yell at me for not having confidence. Ugh, I hate my life sometimes I really wanted to kill myself but I couldn’t I didn’t have that much of strength. But one day I was going for a walk I saw two handsome guys. They were wearing suits like their are business man they were so attractive. I rlly wanted to say Hi!. But I couldn’t I didn’t have that confidence.

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