The Alpha and the Warrior

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Nothing else mattered. Not right now.

Not as Kai had her body pressed against the wall. Not as his leg had settled between hers to rub so deliciously between her thighs.

He’d wanted Callan to hear her, hear them. Thought this was another game she'd initiated.

He teased the skin of her jaw, her cheek, up to her ear where he whispered, “Maybe it’s best that he thinks I’m just fucking you.”

And then, before Isla knew it, she was up in the air with her legs wrapped around him and his mouth on hers.

The world was a blur, and the only thing she could focus on were his lips, his hands, and every solid place that they connected. Focus on the words somehow still unspoken that she felt on his tongue as it swept past a barrier and tangled with hers. Words that she tried to convey in her own kiss.

She didn’t just want the illusion that he’d been fucking her. She didn't want a game.

“Kai,” she muttered his name against his lips, and the desperation of her tone had him pulling back. His eyes searched her face, and all she had to do was nod for him to know what she wanted. Needed.

The kisses that followed weren’t deep enough. She couldn’t get him close enough. Feel enough.

Isla moaned as he dropped his head to her neck, licking and nipping his way to that spot at the crook of her collarbone, where that primal part of her called out to him.

Mark me.

Mark me. I’m yours.

Kai’s teeth grazed the spot, sharp and teasing.

She ground down against his hips, already finding him hard, and craned her neck, baring herself to him.

“Isla,” he murmured into her skin, dangerous and low.

“Yes,” was all she said and tightened her grip on his shirt.

She cried out when she felt his canines pierce her skin. Flames torched her blood, and it felt like the world had fractured. Like only the bond could coil to remake it.

She was drowning in him entirely, but she didn’t care.

Kai lifted her from the wall, mouth catering to the sore spot, hands firm beneath her ass, before he pressed her down onto the mattress of the perfectly made bed. She tasted the tang of her own blood on his tongue as they tangled again. She needed to remove the barriers between them and bypassed the buttons of his shirt to go straight for the waistband of his pants. She fiddled with the button and zipper, until Kai grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head. Beneath his strength, she was powerless to move them.

He hummed his disagreement. “First, I get to have my fun.”

And that was fun she wasn’t opposed to as he made his way down her neck again. He took her jacket’s zipper between his teeth, pleased to find she had nothing but her bra underneath it, and pulled it down, down. Every move of his was marked by a kiss.

Please, she thought, but wouldn’t let it out. It was what he wanted.

If this was torture, she couldn’t imagine what he had in store for when he got between her legs.

The sheer thought of his head there, of his cock, in time with when he wrapped his mouth over her clothed nipple, made her whine louder than she’d intended. She’d bucked her hips towards him, desperate, but he held steady, interlacing their fingers above her. He bit down, and she writhed again.

His laugh rumbled through the both of them.

She wouldn’t plead, but she urged her body forward. “Hurry up.”

He lifted his head to look at her, amusement dancing with lust in his eyes. Cold greeted her as he rose from the bed to remove his shirt, and she bit her lip as she took him in. The Goddess had blessed her ten-thousand times with him. She needed his body against her again. Now.

Isla rose onto her knees, fully unzipping her jacket and tossing it off to the side. Her bra went next. Her nipples peaked against the chill that swept through, and she nearly quivered at the hungry stare Kai shot her way as she inched over to him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her bare chest against his, knotting her fingers in his hair. Kai nodded his brows at her as she smiled at him, his own callused fingers brushing up and down her bare waist, lowering to grab her ass.

“So impatient,” he chastised, but his actions, his appreciation, spoke louder, as he reached between them to brush his fingers soft and teasingly over where she’d ached for him most. They lifted to drop beneath her waistband, and the both of them groaned as he ran his touch over the slickness there. Isla dug her nails into his shoulders, his tattoo, gasping and jerking, as he flicked over her clit.

Now she leaned down into the crook of his neck and breathed his name. He shuddered at the caress at his skin, and that primal part of her rose again. It was something ancient and claiming and cruel. Isla pressed her lips to the spot, just above his collarbone, nipping at the skin until she finally drew her teeth—and marked him.

Kai sucked in a breath, arching into her, and Isla felt like the bond was squeezing the life out of her. One more step, and nothing but death would ever come between them.

She dragged her hand lazily down Kai’s chest, scraping the skin until she reached his cock. She palmed along the length of him, and hearing him curse, feeling how hard he was, how he pressed into her for more, she moaned again too. She hoped that they weren’t planning to kick them out of the room anytime soon, because once he’d been through fucking her, she wanted him in her mouth.

“Only for you,” she told him, grinding down on his fingers, inviting them further into her warmth. She pressed her mouth to his. “You’re mine.”

The words stoked a flame.

She was pushed back onto the bed, and before she’d even had a chance to settle onto the mattress, Kai had hooked her legs and tugged her to the edge of it. She was utterly lost as he worked his mouth along her body, muttering praises against her skin, knowing just where to touch and lick and suckle her until she could barely remember who she was.

Down, down, down.

Her neck. Her breasts. Her stomach. Her thighs.

And then, he knelt.

Isla rested up on her elbows, gazing down at Kai between her legs. The sight alone was enough to nearly send her over the edge, and without a thought, she touched herself. Kai had clocked every movement, as she rolled her nipple between her fingers, and held her gaze as he loosed a hot breath over her clothed sex. He relished in the sight and scent of her—his mate, the woman he loved—and even rose to kiss her again. Her lips, over her body. As if he couldn’t do it enough.

When he finally rid Isla of the one barrier she still bore, she was an eager mess again, the anticipation almost too much to bear.

But now, Kai didn’t tease. Well, not badly.

With her legs over his shoulders, he parted her with a single hand and traced his tongue over her bundle of nerves, featherlight and maddening. It spurred a mix of pleasure and ache within her, and Isla gasped, bowing off of the bed. She wanted more, but the edge—as he passed over and over and around—was intoxicating. He continued until she was panting, squirming, and she took hold of his hand that had gone on to explore other parts of her skin.

“Kai.” His name was enough of a plea.

Finally, he leaned down and drew his tongue over her core in a long, luxurious slide. Isla arched with a loud moan, and Kai did it again, holding her hips in place.

“You taste as incredible as I imagined,” he said, making her whimper, and when he dipped his tongue into her center, she writhed. Her hips undulated as he expertly worked her clit, her core, worshipping with his tongue, his lips, his teeth. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped on the sheets with one hand, and the other twisted in his hair.

Once he added his fingers—driving not one, but two into her—she was gone. Mere minutes later, she was coming undone on his tongue.

As she came down from her high, flushed and panting, sprawled on the mattress, Kai stood, removing the last of his garments. Isla’s mouth went dry at the sight of his cock and watched as he fisted the thick length, using the moisture already beading at the head to coat himself.

“Your choice,” he said, and for a moment, Isla was too dazed to understand what he meant.

She met his eyes, and he raised his brows in question.

Isla quickly ran through the fantasies she’d had since the day she’d laid eyes on him, but the one most prominent was held in the words he’d spoken to her just yesterday in the corridor of the Pack Hall.

Isla glanced to the side of the room, where the desk for the office space sat so conveniently by a window where she could see part of the city through the curtains.

Kai followed her gaze and grinned. She met him there, pressing her hands to the wood before she felt the warmth of her mate’s body behind her. Her heart was pounding, anticipation making her legs tremble, as he gave them each a tap to spread them further apart.

She tried to settle her breathing as he gripped her hip with one hand and used the other to guide himself to her center. But any bliss she’d felt when he finally nudged into her entrance had quickly turned to anger.

He’d only gone in an inch and held.

“Kai,” she growled at him, trying to push back, aware of the emptiness she was left with.

“You know, you’ve been teasing me for months,” he said. Only he could turn what was supposed to be a grand moment into a game and way to torment. But his words were strained. He wanted nothing more than to drive into her.

Isla, however, didn’t have the patience to see how long he could last.

“Kai, I swear to the—” Another inch—she whined—and he retreated. “You son of a bitch.”

Kai laughed, leaning down, kissing the column of her spine. “What do you want, Isla?”

If he wanted to play, she would too. She knew what his weakness was.


He fell from her as she spun, pressing her body against him again. “I want you—” She wrapped one arm around his neck and brought the other down to take him in her hand, stroking him gently, letting her nails drag along the underside of his shaft. “to leave your mark in me.”

At the implication, at her touch, Kai’s eyes blazed, and Isla yelped as he hooked her legs and lifted her onto the edge of the desk.

One needy thrust, and he was buried to the hilt.

She might’ve screamed.

She wasn’t sure.

But Goddess, she was going to explode.

Kai had a hand braced on the wall behind her as he went still, allowing her time to adjust. Him time to settle. He cursed at the tightness, luxuriated in the warmth and wetness and feel of her wrapped around him. He chuckled through a sigh. “Fucking finally.”

He could say that again.

Isla leaned back on her palms, exposing her chest to him, which he watched the rise and fall of greedily.

“So impatient,” she panted, her teasing nature failing at hiding how much she was struggling to keep it together. As if it hadn’t been a turn-on enough that he’d been so hasty in his actions—she didn’t care that this hadn’t been what she wanted—he felt incredible. Perfect.

She could barely think. Barely breathe.

A dark, dangerous lust shone in Kai’s eyes, but there was also that adoration as he tightened his hold on her and drew back nearly to the tip. And then he kissed her, meeting her tongue with his as he thrusted into her again, rocking the desk against the wall.

Isla broke the embrace, throwing her head back with a gasp, savoring the moment until she felt Kai grab her face. Rough, but not enough to hurt. He forced her back up, to look in his eyes, not saying a word. Then he drove in and in and in.


Isla held his stare, just as he wanted, and bit her bottom lip so hard it nearly bled as waves of pleasure crashed over her. As he filled and stretched her, as she lifted her hips to meet him, until she swore she’d die from how amazing it felt. From how overwhelming it was.

And yet, she needed more. More.

She tightened her legs around his waist, pulling him closer, deeper, moaning in the most sinful way as he picked up his pace. The desk against the wall was a drum beat as they built a rhythm.


Kai obeyed, dropping his hand from the wall to hold her with both hands and pull her hips towards him. Again. Again.

When he lowered his gaze, she did too, watching where their bodies met, where he gleamed with her each time he pulled out before he disappeared in her again. Before she took and took and took all of him and everything he gave.

“Fuck, Isla.” Her name had never sounded so good. She clenched around him, and Kai cursed again, fingers digging to the point she knew she’d bruise. Loved it. “Fuck.”

Suddenly, he lifted her off the desk, not removing his cock from where it was nested, until he threw her back down onto the bed. Isla’s legs were locked around his body when he finally treated the ache and emptiness she’d felt without him.

And Goddess, she was going to lose her mind.

He plunged deeper, and each thrust in had the head of him running along the spot that made her cry out. She reached for him, clawing at his back as he leaned down, pounding so hard she swore she saw stars. And the obscene sounds of his balls slapping against her, of the slide of him through her, only spurred her on. Release built at the base of her spine, a rush of heat spreading over her body, as she trembled. “Don’t—don’t—ah—Goddess, don’t stop. Please.”

Kai relished in the sight of her losing herself, letting go. Of her smiling. That little plea.

He leaned down and pressed his mouth to hers. “You going to come for me again?”

So damn smug. He knew. He could feel it. Her spasming around him.

He rested his forehead against hers, and she couldn’t even utter a yes, only hum and nod and moan her answer. She grabbed onto what she could, the muscles of his back, his ass. And then she felt him, growing thicker, harder, throbbing, as his movements lost some of their control. He was close too.

“Come with me,” she forced breathlessly over his mouth, squeezing him between her legs, holding his face in her hands. “I’m yours.”

Kai cursed, his fingers digging into the sheets, the words hitting a carnal part of him. He raised from her, and Isla watched in a euphoric daze as he unleashed himself, tracking the way his stomach muscles, glistening with a light sheen of sweat, contracted with each heavy breath, every flex of his hips.

And a few moments after he brought her over the edge, screaming and holding onto him for dear life as release barreled through her, he tumbled too.

His groan reverberated through her body as he held her steady and spilled and spilled and spilled himself inside her. Marking her, claiming her. Both of them panting as her inner muscles worked along him, drawing out his high as she rode out hers.

The traces of him—of them—leaked onto the bed as Isla tugged Kai down until their bodies were flush against each other. She bared his weight, the heat, reveling in their closeness, how safe she felt in his arms.

As he leaned down to kiss her neck, her mark, already healing, their breathing was in time, their hearts one.

The bond, entanglements of gold and shadow, was nearly tangible in the air. Alight between them. Singing, sighing. Isla could smell it. Taste it.

She smiled up at him when he pulled back and reached to trace the lines of Kai’s face, the beads of sweat off his brow, his jaw, coating her fingertips.

“I love you,” she said—locking his eyes, a swirling, stormy sea that she’d weather for the rest of time—and Kai echoed it. Her hands tangled in his hair, his fingers tracing idle circles over her thigh, still wrapped around him as he rested in her, and they melded their lips in a kiss so deep that it skittered down to Isla’s bones. Tightened the coil of their now iron-clad bond.



A promise forged in one of the greatest of pleasures to endure, in time, the greatest of pain.

But it would be worth it. Whatever life they had before them, together, would be worth it. If only for these small moments, of peace, of love.

When nothing else mattered—nothing else needed to—but the universe between their souls.

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