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#13 Music, maestro!

Finally, it’s the big day. The day we’ve all been working towards. I’m jumping out of my skin when I get dressed in the morning, beyond excited. I pull on my shirt with the cupcake pattern. It’s light pink and I designed it myself, getting it printed at my favorite T-shirt place. Sometimes a guy just needs a custom-made cupcake T-shirt. Well, this guy does.

Normally I would pair it with a glitter jacket from one of my suits, or sexy-as-sin leather pants or something, but Kian is coming with me and I don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. The pink cupcake shirt is already a little much for him, but he’s been doing so well lately, trying to make things work between us. Dinner with Mila and Scarlett, taking me to have lunch with his mother, coming with me when I was babysitting Alex and Teagan so Tracy and Thomas could get out for a bit… Kian is trying. The least I can do is try too. That means no leather pants and no glitter jacket. I can deal with that.

“Oh damn!” I whistle when I see Kian, wearing jeans and a V-neck black shirt. His hair isn’t styled today, cute and floppy, and he’s got sunglasses pushed up into them. He looks so much more relaxed than he has in ages. Even though he’s still working at his old firm, the decision to look for another job is already working wonders for him. He’s had a couple of interviews, including one with Annabel and Chloe. He’s still waiting to hear back, but he feels pretty good about his prospects.

“Yeah?” He looks down at himself. “Isn’t it too… casual?”

“It’s a test run for a bakery opening, not a gala,” I remind him. “You look hot. Let me see that ass.” I smack his rear when he turns around. “Yes, I like this outfit.”

I smile at the idea that Andre would say that Kian needs to get these jeans in bulk. When you find a pair that makes your ass look good, why ever wear anything else, right? I still don’t agree with him, but the memory makes me happy.

“What are you smiling about?” Kian asks, caressing my cheek.

“Nothing.” I press a kiss to his lips. “We should go.”

“We’ve got ten more minutes.” Kian smirks, slowly sinking to his knees in front of me. “I could think of a few things to do before we need to leave…”

I inhale sharply when he unzips my pants. Fuck yes. I like this idea. He doesn’t toy with me, just dives right in. I lean back against the wardrobe, my hands weaving into his hair. The sunglasses clatter onto the floor, but we don’t care. His mouth wrapping around my cock feels far too good.

There are many downsides to have a small dick – I hardly ever get gasps when I undress, and I’ve even had a guy tell me on the third date that while he likes hanging out with me and the sex was good, he’d rather be sleeping with someone with a big cock. I threw my drink in his face and stormed off, of course. Like I said, there are many downsides. One huge upside is that I fit completely into Kian’s mouth, and no matter how hard I pump into him, he doesn’t gag. He doesn’t give a shit about my size, and judging from the bulge in his own jeans, he’s very much aroused.

So am I. Fucking hell, so am I.

When he grabs my ass and digs his nails in, I feel my balls draw up. I’m so fucking close I can almost taste my release. Then his tongue swirls around my shaft as he sucks me deeper, and I’m gone for. I yank at his hair as I come, breathing hard.

“Oh,” I murmur. “That was… wonderfully unexpected.”

He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and gently tucks me back into my boxer briefs. He even zips up my pants before he gets up, looking rather proud of himself. “Okay, now we can go.”

“No…” I whine. “I want to taste you first.”

“How about we save that for when we get home?” He winks as he puts his sunglasses back in his hair. “Ten minutes have passed. I know you don’t want to be late.”

I groan, but I know he’s right. That doesn’t stop me from wishing we could just play hooky and fuck all day. I drive him crazy the entire drive to the bakery, rubbing his cock through his jeans. Dangerous? Maybe. I just can’t keep my hands off him.

“Fuck.” He looks down at himself after he’s parked the car. “Okay, you need to stop now or we’ll never be able to go inside.”

“What’s wrong with walking in with a boner?” I joke. “Oh, you better hurry, Andre is coming over.”

Kian looks out of the window, seeing I’m right. He laughs. “Thanks. That did the trick. Let’s go.”

Did he seriously just imply that seeing Andre killed his boner? What the actual fuck? Then again, it’s not like I can get mad for Kian not being attracted to other men, right? If someone isn’t your type, that’s that. Maybe he just meant the thought of Andre seeing him with a hardon helped talk his dick down? That must be it, I think. I hope.

We’re the first ones to step into the bakery, but we’re not early. I want to take some pictures of the bakery before everyone gets here. Today is the test run, with the real opening tomorrow. June 25th. The big day. I’m just as excited as Andre and Liv, but I think the most ecstatic person is James. The pride for his wife is shining in his eyes, and he keeps pulling her in for scorching hot kisses, his hand always resting on her belly whenever she’s near. They’re so damn cute.

“Music, maestro!” I yell at Andre as he gets behind the counter of the coffee corner. His domain. “You look stiff. I need you nice and loose for the pictures.”

Andre rolls his eyes and mutters something that’s probably a joke about being stiff. He does turn on some music, and while Kian chats with Sandra about the cupcakes she made, I jump around the coffee shop, trying to get a laugh out of Andre. Of course, it works, and it doesn’t take long at all until his nerves are gone. I take some pictures of him behind the counter, prepping for everyone to arrive. I do the same with Liv, who looks adorable in her pink apron.

When I feel I’ve got enough for some social media posts later today, I try to pull Kian to the middle of the space to dance with me, but he shakes his head with a smile.

“I’ll dance,” James says to my surprise, grabbing my hand and spinning me around. He’s not a good dancer at all, but he’s in such high spirits today I don’t think he cares about anything but Liv being happy. And she is. So happy. She’s been since the first trimester ended and the nausea finally stopped. The bakery being ready to open is the cherry on top of her already awesome life.

Andre busts a move as well, and that’s what the three of us are doing when Elijah, Delilah, William and Ginny walk in, both couples holding their daughter in their arms. Rey and Isabel, both cute as a button.

“Gimme!” I rush towards them, ready for some snuggles. Rey is eight months, and Isabel is turning 1 in a few weeks. They’re both so damn cute and they have that patented baby smell. I love that smell. With one on each arm, I turn to Kian. “Don’t they just make you wanna melt into a puddle?”

He smiles. “They’re very cute.”

Everyone greets each other, and soon enough more and more people come into the bakery. Imani and Deidra, Derrek, Matt and Nova, Tracy and Thomas with their two boys in tow, Annabel and Aston with Steffi and Benji, Liv’s parents, one of James’ sisters – his family lives too far away for all of them to come – Mila and Scarlett, James’ friend Flint with his wife Lesley, Francesca and Joshua with Zachary and Maddison, some friends from when Liv went to culinary school, Sandra’s sister and friends, and a bunch of Andre’s friends. It’s a full house, especially with all the kids, but in a very nice way.

Kian seems content talking to Annabel, so I go over to help Andre for a bit, noticing he’s sweating from the amount of people ordering coffees. Liv, Andre and Sandra want today to be a proper test run, so while no one is allowed to pay – although I already saw five people stuff twenties into the tip jar – they do have to order, stand in line, and sit down at a table and everything. The kids are already playing in the little kids’ corner James and Liv set up, and Sandra and Liv seem to be doing okay when it comes to the bakery side of things, but Andre is just one man in a sea of people craving caffeine.

“I’m your bitch,” I tell him with a wink as I tie on his spare apron. It’s green and has the Cup of Joy logo I designed on it. “Tell me what to do.”

He immediately tells me to take the orders, and to write them on the cup. Good thing I worked at Starbucks a gazillion years ago – I got fired after two weeks for eating all the treats, but I do remember the basics. Writing down orders isn’t that hard. They also have an online system to order the treats to go with their coffees. I just have to tap in the order, tell Andre what beverage to make, and then Liv or Sandra sees on their screen which treats to prepare or get from the back if needed. When the customer has their coffee, they sit down and wait for their number to be called so they can pick up their treat. We’re not sure yet if this is the most efficient way, but they have too much on the menu to put it all on Andre’s side of the place, so Thom and I came up with this idea. We designed the system and got them the tablets to work with.

I’m pretty fucking proud of us.


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