Dreamy Dylan

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#24 Hot birthday present

“Dylan,” Kian hisses while the masseur sets up in the spare bedroom.

“What?” I ask innocently, already knowing why he’s looking like he’s not sure whether to thank me on his bare knees or slap me.

“Why did you get me… him?”

“Because he’s rated on Yelp as the hottest masseur of the state.” I can’t keep the smirk off my face. “Happy birthday, baby.”

“How the fuck am I supposed to get a massage from him?” Kian asks, saying that last word like he’s a god or something.

To be fair, Rafael is indeed a godlike hunk of man beef. Tracy got Thomas a massage from him a few months ago, when she wanted to apologize for being a grumpy pregnant woman, and he got so frisky that they had the hottest sex that night, despite Tracy not having been in the mood for weeks with her huge belly and backaches.

“You take off all your clothes, lie down, close your eyes, and have him let his wicked way with you.” I wink at Kian and motion to the door of the spare bedroom. “I promise I will provide the happy ending when he’s done.”

Kian groans and shoves me against the wall, attacking my neck with hot kisses that are part biting, part licking, and completely delicious. Our dicks rub together, both of them jumping to life. The sex has been even more off the charts than normal since we patched things up a month ago. We’re both almost desperately trying to connect to each other. I keep trying to show him that he’s got nothing to be insecure about, and he’s doing everything he can to make me feel loved. I’d say we’re both doing alright so far.

“We could skip right to the happy ending,” Kian whispers against my skin, pushing against me harder.

Behind us, someone clears their throat. “Should I leave you two alone? I have to warn you though, I don’t do refunds.”

Kian breaks away from me, his cheeks flaming. “I erm… yeah… we should…”

“Just giving my man a prequel of what’s to come after the massage.” I wink at Rafael.

He grins. “Understood. You said on the phone Thomas Riley recommended me to you?”


We share a knowing look, and I can tell he knows exactly how excited Thom got over having that hot man’s hands all over his body. Thomas has been getting more open about his attraction to men, although he’s still not completely comfortable with calling himself bisexual. He knows I’m the last person to ever judge him or force him to pick a label, and we’ve been best friends forever, so I got the full rundown of how Rafael’s massage got Thomas so hard he was scared he was going to poke a hole in the massage table.

I’m not sure that massages are meant to do that. I thought they were supposed to be relaxing, but hey… I’m all for Raf here getting my birthday boy horny. I’m more than prepared to finish what he started an hour from now. That will give me time to clean up the kitchen. We had lunch with Kian’s mother, and Kian went all out with cooking for her. It’s his birthday, though, so I refuse to let him clean up even though he said he will.

“Go on,” I tell Kian. “Enjoy your birthday present.”

“I’ll let you know when we’re done.” Rafael gives me a knowing look before going back into the spare bedroom.

“Fuuuck,” Kian breathes. “Sorry.”

“Sorry for what? I’ve got eyes too. That man is the hottest piece of ass I’ve ever seen, aside from you. Did you see those muscles rippling underneath his shirt?”

Kian groans. “Stop it. I’m trying to be cool here.”

Finally, he goes into the room and closes the door behind him. I pull out my phone to text Thomas a million flame emoticons. He replies with a bunch of eggplants and water drops. Grinning, I turn on some music and get started on the dishes.

Exactly one hour later, on the dot, Rafael comes downstairs with the massage table folded into a large square, and his bag slung over his shoulder. He looks like it takes no effort at all to carry everything down the stairs, and I guess it doesn’t with muscles like those.

“Kian’s ready for you,” he says in a neutral tone, but his eyes sparkle. “Have fun.”

I wipe my hands on a towel, leaving the dinner prep for what it is. “Oh, I will.” I tip him before walking him out, and then I make my way upstairs to find Kian in our bedroom.

“I’ve never been this relaxed in my life,” he murmurs when he sees me. “I’ve also never been this aroused while being relaxed. It’s the strangest combination of feelings.”

I admire his body for a moment, loving how he’s glistening from the oil, and how is dick is pointing straight up at me. “Have you been hard for an hour straight?”

He laughs softly. “No, thankfully. It was truly quite relaxing. But the last ten minutes he worked solely on my ass, and… well, that was quite…”

“Hot,” I grunt, jumping onto the bed. “Show me that ass, baby.”

He flips over, and I squeeze his perfect cheeks. I massage him gently, knowing I’m not as good as Rafael – I’m not a professional – but Kian’s moans tell me all I need to know. He loves it. And I can do things Raf couldn’t, like grab a bottle of lube and finger Kian’s ass. Which is exactly what I do, driving him to the edge with nothing but my fingers.

“Dylan?” he asks when I pull out and he rolls onto his back.

“Yeah?” I kiss him softly, loving how relaxed he is today. He’s been in high spirits ever since he woke up. He doesn’t seem to mind hitting 40 at all, he’s just happy I’m here with him to celebrate. It’s so sweet.

“Will you fuck me?” His expression is so vulnerable I almost tear up.

He’s usually the top, I’m the bottom. I’ve only fucked his ass three times since we got together. That’s perfect for both of us, but in this moment, I agree with him. Right now, I need to be on top. But not the way he usually fucks me, bending me over and taking me from behind. I have different plans.

First, I get undressed, and I give him a full striptease, loving how his eyes rake over me. Then, I crawl onto the bed again and lift his hips, propping him up with a pillow. When he’s in the perfect position, I get between his legs, lube up, and then very slowly push into him. He’s so relaxed, so open, so ready for me, that I slide in with ease. He moans loudly, and I cover my body with his, our lips meeting for a kiss.

It’s perfect. We hardly ever have sweet, gentle sex like this. We’re both way more into hard and fast, ripping off clothes and shoving each other against walls. After all we’ve been through lately, this feels like the perfect way to show each other that we’re still very much in love. For him to be this vulnerable, to give himself to me in a way he normally doesn’t… It’s utterly perfect.

We take our time, enjoying each move, kissing the whole time. Eventually though, it becomes hard to hold back.

“Come for me,” he whispers, squeezing my ass. “Come for me, Dylan.”

I push in deeper, harder, faster. It doesn’t take long before I’m coming deep inside of him, groaning out his name. When I’m done, I pull out so I can kiss my way down his body and blow him, wanting him to come inside of me too, like I came inside of him.

He does, filling my mouth with his salty taste. We snuggle together after, wrapped in our little love bubble.

“Best birthday ever,” he murmurs. “Best day ever, period. Thank you.”

“Never thank me for sex, I happen to enjoy it too,” I joke, poking his side.

“You know I’m thanking you for so much more than that, baby.”


Of course, the mood shifts when Kian’s father arrives that night for dinner. The moment he enters the room, it’s like a dark cloud appears above our heads, the temperature drops below zero, and he sucks the joy right out of both of us. Jim Miller is not a fun guy to be around, that much is clear.

“Oh great,” he says in a gruff tone. “You’re here.”

I fake a smile. “Nice to see you too, Jim.”

He turns to Kian without another word. “Congratulations, son.”

They share the most awkward hug in the history of hugs, and I busy myself with finishing dinner while they talk. I try to drag it out, but after ten minutes everything is truly ready. Jim is twenty minutes late, so it’s a good thing we didn’t start dinner too early. I bring the plates to the dining table and pour all of us a glass of wine. No beer for me tonight, and no clothes that look even remotely gay. Just a plain old black button-up shirt and my best pair of jeans. I look like I’m going to a goddamn funeral, and so does Kian. He definitely gets all his good qualities from his mother. She’s quiet and reserved, but also kind and genuinely interested in our lives.

This night will be the opposite of fun, that much is clear.

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