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#26 Big birthday bash

With my birthday being one week before Halloween, I always refuse to do anything that has a Halloween theme. My birthday is the best day of the year, so I am not sharing with some slutty pumpkin holi

day. Not that I don’t love Halloween, because I definitely enjoy dressing up, but my birthday is so much better than October 31st. Trust me.

“I still can’t believe you sent out actual invitations for your birthday,” Kian says for the millionth time while he helps me finish up with decorating. Thomas and Tracy are working on the backyard, and Shaughna – who never passes on an opportunity to plan a wedding, birthday, or any type of party, really – is yelling orders at the guy who is blowing up the gigantic yellow bouncing castle.

What’s a birthday without a bouncing castle, right?

“I’ve never had a house this big to do my birthday bash.” I am still beyond excited about that. Usually I just celebrate at my apartment, which means it’s cramped as hell, and there is no yard for a bouncing castle. I had to get extra decorations to make sure I could cover the whole space. “Plus, people need to be able to decide which part they want to come to.”

Yes, my birthday has multiple parts. It’s like a wedding really, where there’s a ceremony, a big dinner, and the party afterwards. For my big day, I always start in the afternoon so all the kids can come. I started that when my baby brother came into the world, and my friends started having kids. I love children, so of course they should all be able to come. After a couple of hours of madness, the parents can either go home with the kids, or stay for dinner first. Friends who aren’t too fond of kids – Mila, I’m talking about you, hon – usually join the festivities at dinnertime.

After dinner, all kids need to go, and it’s time for the adults to have some fun. That includes lots of alcohol, dirty party games, loud music, special brownies, weed, and whatever else my friends can think of. One year we played strip poker, and I ended up running naked through the apartment building. Another year Thom got so high he thought he could fly and kept jumping off the couch with his arms spread wide. The year before that, the police showed up to shut us down, but they turned out to be strippers Thom hired.

Yeah… good times.

It will be interesting to see what Kian will make of all of this. I think he’ll be fine with the kiddy party and the huge pizza dinner, but I doubt the night part will be his scene. I told him it’s okay if he goes upstairs for a bit to take a breather. Me and my friends are a lot on a normal day, and when we’re drunk and high, we get especially insane. It’s okay if he wants to skip some parts, but I do feel he needs to realize who he’s living with now.

My father, Amber, and Blaze arrive before anyone else does. Blaze likes to scope out the place before other kids show up. He can be a little shy and anxious around new people, so I’m more than happy showing him around Kian’s house – no wait, our house - and show him the upstairs guest bedroom where he can go sit if he needs some peace and quiet. Blaze and Kian are alike in that sense, I guess. I love both of them madly, but they don’t thrive in large groups with lots of noise and craziness.

“You got me giraffes!” Blaze exclaims, rushing over to the bed where indeed ten stuffed giraffes are waiting for him.

“Can’t have a room for you without giraffes. If your mom and dad are okay with it, you could come stay with me and Kian sometimes. This could be your room here.”

Blaze looks excited at that prospect, and he immediately runs downstairs to ask our dad if he can stay over soon. Of course, I already checked with my father over the phone last night. I’d never spring something like that on a parent, not even on my own dad. I may be a guy without much of a filter, but I wouldn’t put anyone on the spot like that. When I have kids one day, I’d appreciate people checking with me too before promising stuff to my kid.

“This is a beautiful house,” my father tells Kian.

“Would you like the full tour?”

Just like that, the two of them are gone, and I can hear them laughing and chatting as they go from room to room. I guess at the very least my dad approves of us living together. Amber definitely approves too, squealing at all the decorations, and pointing out to Blaze that there are balloons and streamers with giraffes on them.

“Where do I put the gifts?” Amber asks, pointing at the four bags of presents they got me. She knows me well. I love mountains of gifts.

Shaughna set up a table against the back wall of the living room with a sign above it that says Presents here! No one but Dylan can touch them! Amber laughs at that and tells Blaze to put all my presents on there. Since my birthday is such a huge shindig, I don’t open presents until it’s night, and all the kids are gone. I learned that the hard way when I opened a package containing three huge dildos in front of a bunch of innocent little kids. Not my finest moment.

An hour later, it’s a full house, and the backyard is full of people as well. Of course the huge cake is Liv’s work, as are all the cookies, cupcakes, and other delicious treats. I spend a lot of time on the bouncing castle, but at some point I need to take a breather. I lie down in the grass, stretching my arms above me and groaning at how much I already hurt from playing like I’m still 5 instead of 33.

“This is the most insane party I’ve ever been to,” a deep voice says above me.

I open my eyes and grin up at Andre. “You ain’t seen nothing yet, honey. Are you staying for the whole day?”

“Wouldn’t miss the adult extravaganza you promised me.” He sits down in the grass as well, groaning as he lowers his large body.

“Lie down,” I order.

He does as he’s told, much to my surprise. We stare up at the sky together, and I point up at a cloud.

“Yes,” he replies to my unspoken comment. “That cloud definitely looks like a huge dick with gigantic balls.”

“Oh, are we looking for dick clouds?” Derrek lies down on my other side, and soon enough, there are ten adults staring up at the sky trying to find the must crude shapes.

The other seven? I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out that they’re Thomas, Tracy, Aston, Derrek’s husband Matthew, Francesca, and James’ police buddies William and Elijah. Aston, Thom and I are the best at the game, obviously.

“Vagina,” Franny says, pointing up at the sky.

“Looks like yours,” Aston replies, laughing loudly.

A shadow falls over us when James reaches us, looking up at the sky as well. “I can confirm that,” he jokes in a rare moment of getting completely on board with talking about genitals.

“Damn, you hussy,” Derrek teases Francesca. “You slept with both of them?”

“Yeah, but they weren’t so great, so I married Joshua instead.” She gets up and points at the cute blonde curly-haired guy playing with their two kids: Zachary and Maddison. “I think I should probably go breastfeed instead of looking for clouds that resemble my lady parts.”

“Plus, there are kids around,” James points out. “Your little brother Blaze just overheard you guys talking, and he asked his mother what a nipple piercing is.”

I finally get up. “Okay, fine, I’ll be a responsible adult for once. No more talk about genitals during the kid part of this party.” I hold out a hand to Andre and help him up. “Oh, I forgot to ask, did you end up inviting your friends?” I always tell my friends they can invite their friends too. Now that I’ve got this big-ass house to celebrate, I definitely have enough space for it. Not that the size of my apartment ever made me stop inviting more people, but it got cramped.

Andre nods to the other side of the garden. “That’s Ivan with his wife and their two kids right there. Malik and Chase will be here for dinner.”

“Sweet!” I immediately go over to meet Ivan’s family. He’s married to a tiny little woman with wild red hair, and their kids are the cutest little gingers. The youngest is still a baby, the oldest an adorable toddler. Andre immediately picks up the toddler and she snuggles up to him, sighing contently.

“Godfather of the year,” Ivan tells me. “He’s always babysitting whenever Jayne and I need a break.”

“If you ever need another babysitter, don’t hesitate to call. I love little kids.” I may not know Ivan that well, but it’s a genuine offer.

“Might take you up on that sometime.” He slaps me on the back. “This is the most insane kiddy party I’ve ever seen a 33-year-old man throw. I thought it would be weird, but it’s so not. I think you get as much use out of that bouncy castle as the kids do.”

“I love to bounce.”

Andre coughs, giving me a pointed look. “I’m sure you do.”

“I merely meant I love to jump and do flips.” I raise my eyebrows at him. “It’s you who’s making things dirty.”

“Oh boy, I think I need to get my little angels away from all this flirting.” Ivan takes his daughter back from Andre. “Let’s get you a cookie.”

“We weren’t flirting!” Andre and I both call after him.

Things are awkward for a beat, but then Caroline and Nathan arrive with their kids, and of course Rose Storm demands everyone’s attention. It’s a welcome distraction.

The party is a huge success, and the pizza dinner is a hit as well. James, Liv, Andre and Kian help out with passing around paper plates and making sure that there are boxes of pizza and cans of soda everywhere so people can get whatever they want. Mila shows up, as do a few other people who either had to work today or didn’t want to be around a bunch of sugar-fueled kids for hours on end. As promised, Andre’s friends Chase and Malik show up too, and they hit it off with my friends right away.

“Did you invite my new colleagues?” Kian asks when he sees more people walk into the backyard and walk straight over to Annabel and Aston, greeting them.

“Erm, no, I figured you did?”

He looks nervous all of a sudden. “Must have been Annabel then. Fuck.”

“Hey, it’ll be okay. They’re probably just stopping by for dinner. Plus, didn’t you say you like them? And that you went to lunch with a few of them already?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” He lets out a deep sigh. “Okay, there’s no changing this now.”

It hurts that he’s this worried about his colleagues being around me and my friends, but I guess I understand it. He’s never invited any of them over to our house, and now they’re here for the craziest day of the year. Still, I think it will be fine. They’ll probably leave before I break out the pot brownies, right?

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