Dreamy Dylan

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#3 Impressing Jim

Big day today. Mila is leaving for Australia, I’m finally meeting Kian’s father, and it’s Steffi’s fourth birthday. I have to take Mila to the airport at the crack of dawn, then drive back to meet Kian and his dad at the coffee shop they picked out – too bad Cup of Joy isn’t open yet – and afterwards I’ll speed to Liv’s, pick up the cake for Steffi and the treats I got for Annabel to congratulate her on finishing law school. The woman is a maniac, going to law school after being a paralegal for years, all while having kids, raising them, and dealing with a husband who is as mature as… well, me, I guess. Aston is a big kid too, and I love him for it.

“Hey babe,” I greet my best friend when she comes out of her house, dragging a big suitcase behind her. “Are you moving or going on holiday?”

She grins as she throws it into the trunk and settles in beside me. “I need my accessories, even backpacking through Australia.”

“Backpacking?” I ask skeptically.

“Okay, fine, we’re staying in luxury hotels.” She laughs. “I’m not 20 anymore. I need my cushy bed and private bathroom. I leave the wild stuff to Scarlett when I’m not around.”

She and her girlfriend are an unconventional pairing. They have a bit of an age gap, with Scarlett being in her early twenties and Mila in her early thirties. But the most surprising thing about them is that they don’t want kids, and they’re fine doing long-distance for the foreseeable future. They are good together, though. I like Scar better for her than anyone else she’s ever dated. Well, aside from me, maybe. Once upon a time I saw myself growing old with her, but when Mila and Scarlett got together, I could see quite clearly those two are far better suited for each other than we could ever be.

Besides, I’ve got Kian now.

“Do you know if you can get vibrators through customs?” Mila asks in a naughty tone. “I’ve got these great new toys to try out with Scar. I got them for free from my new sponsor. They give me a hell of a lot of money just to use their toys on camera and put their logo on my website. And their vibrators are amazing.”

“Australia?” I ask. “Hmm, not sure. They’ve very anal about meat and herbs coming into their country, upsetting the flora bio whatever, but I’m not sure how they feel about sex toys.”

“Oh, I got you one too. They sent me a few for men, and of course I enlisted Kingly to try them on camera with me. I asked them to send me the ones he liked again so I could give unused ones to you.”

I shudder at the thought of getting used sex toys. I have nothing against her job as a webcam girl who dabbles in porn, but I don’t need to catch an STD from a guy I’m not even sleeping with. And I’d prefer not to get one from my sexual partner either, thank you very much.

She starts holding up toys, and I recognize most of them. A fleshlight, prostate massagers, cockrings, and… “What the fuck is that?” I ask, looking over before turning my attention back on the road. “It looks like a bunny annex torture device.”

“It’s a cock ring with an extra ring for your testicles, and it has a bunny to tickle her clit while you fuck her. It helps you stay hard longer, and it vibrates.” She sighs longingly. “Kingly used it on me last week, and let me tell you, I don’t often come for real on camera, but I sure did that time. Four times during one single take. Might be because I miss Scarlett so much, though. I feel ready to go at all times. I swear I’m getting wet just from the thought of seeing her again.”

“Of course you are.” I grab the toy and toss it into the back of the car, where it slides off the backseat and onto the floor. “I won’t be needing that. Kian doesn’t have a clit, remember? Neither do I.”

“You don’t have to use it with Kian.”

Here we go again… “So you’re saying I should cheat on him with a woman?”

“I’m just saying I think you could do better than Kian.” She’s said it before, and she’ll say it again. “Does he make you happy Dylan? Like… truly happy?”

“Yes, he does.” I sound defensive, and I hate that. “I love him, and he loves me. What more could I possibly ask for?”

“Someone who actually gets you?” She sighs. “I know, I know, you don’t want to hear this. I will shut up. Just think about it, though. Does he get you?”

“Of course he does.”

“Is that why you’re dressed in all black to meet his dad? You never wear all black. Not even for a wedding or a funeral.” She’s right, and she knows it. Smug bitch.

“His father is traditional, and still struggling to accept that Kian is gay. He only came out a year and a half ago. I met his mother a while ago, and I wore pink jeans then, remember? So what if Kian asked me to dress modestly for his dad? I’m a good boyfriend. I can adapt when I need to.”

“I know you’re a good boyfriend.” The innuendo is clear. She thinks Kian isn’t.

“You were right before. I don’t want to hear any of this. I love him, and that’s that. What the fuck do you care? You won’t be in the country for three weeks anyway, and God knows how long you will be gone next time you’re meeting up with Scarlett.”

Mila sighs and puts a hand on my arm. “I know. I’m sorry. I’ll keep my mouth shut from now on. I don’t want to fight before I leave, okay?”

She’s right. “Me neither.”

We are silent until we reach the airport, and I get out to hug her goodbye. We hold each other for a long time, and the stress and resentment leaves my body. I love this girl to pieces, and I know her remarks were coming from a good heart. She wants to see me happy. And I am. I wish she could see that.

“I’ll miss you, girl.” I ruffle her hair, making her huff in annoyance. Even going onto a plane she looks like she’s about to step onto a runway. “Say hi to Scarlett for me.”

“I will, and I’ll miss you too. Take care of yourself.”

We hug one last time, and then she struts into the airport in her four-inch heels and I get back in my car to drive to the coffee shop. Finally, I get to meet Kian’s dad.


Kian gets up the second I walk in. Very formal, especially for a coffee shop. His father stands up too, and holy shit, that guy is huge. He looks every bit the car mechanic he is. He’s wearing a stained plaid shirt, the sleeves rolled up, revealing tattoos on his arms. I extend my hand to him, trying to be as polite as possible.

“Hi sir, nice to meet you. I’m Dylan Dyer.”

“The boyfriend,” the man says with a nod. “No need to call me sir. I’m Jim.”

“Jim,” I repeat.

He gestures for all of us to sit down. I want to lean in to give Kian a kiss hello, but he shakes his head and looks away from me. Well okay, I guess he wasn’t kidding about having to be a little less heavy on the PDA. Not that he was ever big on PDA, but still. He’s kissed me in public before. Not often, but a peck on the lips is okay with him. Not today, apparently.

“A vanilla latte with cinnamon and two sugars,” I tell Kian when he asks what I want.

His father coughs, holding up his own black coffee like he’s trying to send me a message.

“I like sweet things,” I say with a shrug.

Kian gets up without a word, getting another black coffee for his dad and my offensive order, judging by his father’s set jaw. Fucking hell, this man. No wonder Kian’s mother divorced him years ago. I wouldn’t want to be married to him either.

“What do you do for a living?” Jim asks gruffly.

“I run a tech company with my best friend, building websites and apps, and doing social media campaigns.”

“Your own company? Does that pay the bills?” He sounds like he can’t believe it would.

“Oh yes, and then some.” I point to the street outside. “I drive a Tesla, don’t I?”

“You drive a Tesla?” Jim turns around to look at it. “Is that a new model?”

“Sure is, I traded my old one for this one. Friendly to the environment, beautiful, and she drives like a dream.”

That gets the car mechanic excited. Finally, I have an in. The next half hour, his dad and I talked about cars. I’m no expert, but I do know a lot about electric models and I’m happy to show him to my car once we’re done having coffee. Kian looks like he’s about to die from happiness when his father smacks me on the back so hard that I almost stumble into my own car. I guess that’s the seal of approval or something. I pop the hood for him, and he groans like he’s having the best sex of his life.

“Thank you,” Kian murmurs to me while his father gets in my car to try out pretty much every button.

“Of course.” I squeeze his arm in comfort, dropping my hand right after. Now that I’ve met his father, I get him a little better. Of course he’s uncomfortable with PDA and being out there. His dad acts like ordering a vanilla latte is a crime. He probably thinks it’s a gateway drug to lots of clandestine gay stuff.

“This is a great car,” Jim says when he gets back out.

“Wanna take her for a spin?” I offer.

That earns me a smile. A real one, with teeth showing and everything. We all get into the car. His dad is driving, of course, and I take the backseat while Kian rides shotgun. I spot the sex toy on the floor and I quickly hide it in the compartment in the door meant for bottles and stuff. That was a close call. Imagine Jim finding that rolling around in my car.

Jim drives like the devil is chasing him. My car can take it, but I’m not sure my stomach can. I’m feeling awfully nauseous.

“Could you see if there is a bottle of water in the glove compartment?” I ask Kian, hoping that will help.

“Sure.” He opens the compartment, and gasps. Stuff rolls out, and when I hear Jim cursing, I finally realize my mistake.

Mila stuffed the sex toys in there.

Well… fuck.

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