Dreamy Dylan

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#33 Non-sexy stuff

“Hey,” Fleur says when we walk in, getting up from her chair. “You must be Tracy and Dylan. Nice to meet you.”

She sounds so formal it makes me grin. I go right in for a hug, lifting her off the floor for a second. “It’s so good to finally meet you. Mila is always raving about you.”

Fleur looks a lot more relaxed when we break apart. “You’re exactly like Mila described you. Minus the glitter suit.”

“So you agree with her that I’m sex on a stick.” I look over to Mila, a hand on my heart. “Thank you for that flattering description, babe.”

“Actually, I may have mentioned you’re good in bed, come to think of it,” she says with a dangerous glint in her eye.

Scarlett may know that we slept together twice, but we normally don’t compliment each other on our wicked sex skills with her present. At least, I thought we had an unspoken agreement to not be total dicks about having a past. Luckily, Scarlett is cool as a cucumber, barely even registering Mila’s comment. She is playing with Teagan, who is trying to grab her hair.

“Well, I am,” I say when no one else speaks up.

“Oh, he is,” Thomas agrees, giving Mila a look that I can only describe as sketchy. What the fuck are those two up to?

“How would you know?” I point at Thom accusingly. “You turned down my many attempts to have a threesome with you and Tracy.”

“We lived together in college,” he reminds me. “I’m not deaf, you know. I heard the screams coming from the other room.”

Now he’s just outright lying. College Dylan was hardly a stud. Sure, I had wild sex and a few threesomes at the crazy drug-fueled parties we frequented, but I didn’t bring many girls back to the dorm. Thomas was always the chick-magnet, not me. I became less awkward around girls in my mid-twenties, and when I added guys to the mix, I did have a year where I basically fucked any consenting hottie who would have me. But college? No, that wasn’t the time in my life I had the most sex, especially not in the dorms. Besides, I doubt Thom heard any of my escapades, since he had girls screaming his name way more often than I did. He’s always been a serial monogamist, with some flings and one-night stands in between.

“Enough sex talk,” Tracy decides. “Fleur must think we’re insane.”

She waves off her comment. “Nah, I’m used to Mila, remember?”

We chat for a while about other things than sex, getting to know the girl. She’s 22, and still in college. When she came back from the retreat in Bali, she switched her major to psychology, wanting to help others like her therapists have helped her get through her own issues. She sounds like a mature girl, very grounded, but there is a vulnerability in her too. The same vibe I got from Mila when we just met. I could tell right away that behind the sexy clothes and loud exterior was a little girl with huge trauma, scared to show her true colors. I was the first person Mila ever told about her past, and while she and I didn’t turn out to be romantically compatible, she truly is my soulmate. Just like Thomas is. Those two are closer to me than my own family.

We end up having pizza together, and afterwards Thom and Tracy put the kids to bed. While they’re gone, Mila and Scarlet go into the kitchen for a moment to clean up. Weird as hell, because Mila never voluntarily helps with the dishes. Never in her whole damn life has she cleaned anything up at my place, no matter how often she’s eaten there with me. Something fishy is going on.

“So…” I turn to Fleur with a smile. “Do you regret coming here yet?”

She laughs way too loudly, throwing her hair over her shoulder before reaching out to touch my arm. “Not at all. It’s been wonderful getting to know you.”

Okay, this girl is flirting with me. Quite over the top too. Question is why, because I am pretty damn sure that I didn’t give off any vibes, and there is nothing even resembling a spark between us. Sure, she’s fun, nice, and pretty, but I’m not attracted to her. Plus, I have a boyfriend. Surely Fleur knows that?

Then again… I haven’t mentioned Kian at all. I figured with everything Mia told her about me, that must have come up, but apparently not.

I smile politely and shift so her hand isn’t on me anymore. “It’s indeed great we finally get to meet. Too bad my boyfriend already had plans today, because he’d have loved to meet you too.”

Her expression changes and she diverts her eyes quickly. “Yes, too bad.”

See? She didn’t know. What game is Mila playing?

The second Thomas walks back into the room, I get up and excuse myself. In the kitchen, I find Scarlett sitting on the counter while Mila kisses her intensely, her hand underneath Scar’s skirt. The movements and sounds leave little to the imagination.

“Cut it out,” I say harshly. “Would anyone care to explain why Fleur seemed to be under the impression it was a good idea to put the moves on me?”

Mila turns around, her eyes still hazy. “What?”

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m not an idiot. Did you put ideas into her head?”

“I told you it was a bad idea,” Scar says in a hoarse voice, adjusting her clothes before hopping off the counter.

So I was right. This is some stupid plan to break up me and Kian.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Mila? I’ve told you again and again that I love Kian and that I could do with a bit more support from you, and then you pull this shit?”

“It’s not like that.” Mila sighs. “Look, I just didn’t mention you had a boyfriend at first, because I honestly thought you’d have broken up with him by now. Fleur has a horrid history with men, and she’s only been hooking up with women since, because she doesn’t feel safe with men. I’ve told her so much about you that she got this idea that maybe you’d be a safe guy to get back in the game with, so to speak. I was going to tell her that you’re off the market, but you’ve been miserable lately, so I just thought…” She shrugs. “Two birds, one stone?”

I’ve never been this pissed at her. Ever. “You thought it would be a good idea to tempt me to cheat? Really? That is your big solution to the issues I’m having with Kian? Besides, you don’t even know what I’m going through, because we never talk about it anymore. You don’t ask, and I don’t feel like telling you, because you don’t support me. All you do is tell me I need to dump his ass. That’s not helping, Mila. I didn’t do that when you were with James, did I? I tried to give you advice, but when you went the opposite direction, I was still there to hold your hand and dry your tears.”

She bites her lip, looking guilty now.

“Told you,” Scarlett mutters. “I fucking told you.”

“I’m sorry,” Mila says, and I know she’s not lying. She didn’t mean to hurt me, but she did. “I just hate that you can’t see how Kian has changed you. Look at what you’re wearing!” She gestures to my blue jeans and plain black T-shirt. “You never looked this boring before you met him. And you don’t have to tell me about the fights you have with him. I can tell how you guys are doing the moment I see you, and more often than not, you look miserable. You need a wake-up call. Maybe this wasn’t the right way to do it, but I can’t stand to see you change into someone you’re not.”

I’m so angry by now that I can’t talk to her for another second, or I will say things I will regret later. “Fuck you. I’m not sticking around for this bullshit.”

I rush out of the kitchen, tell the others I’m late for meeting up with a friend – which I am, because the coffee shop closed ten minutes ago – hug Fleur goodbye, and then I’m off. God, I hate my friends sometimes. I love Mila, but she can be a real bitch. Her tough love approach is so not what I need. What the fuck was she thinking, setting me up with Fleur?

I’m still fuming when I walk into the dimly lit coffee shop, where Andre is cleaning up behind the counter. He takes one look at me and then immediately makes me a cup of hot chocolate and grabs me a cupcake.

“You look like a train ran over you.”

I sink down on a chair, grumbling a curse. “Train Mila. Do you sometimes wish you could murder your best friend?”

“Oh yes, all the time.” He holds up his phone. “I wasn’t kidding when I said Ivan stole my phone. Bastard grabbed it right out of my hands.”

My mood shifts instantly, remembering the texts from earlier. “So you didn’t enjoy my reply either?”

“I did.” Andre looks down at his hands, turning over the spoon he’s holding. “That’s part of the problem, isn’t it?”

Oh wow. He’s just coming out and saying it. Gotta admire that, but it takes me off guard.

“The last time we saw each other…” I don’t know how to go on.

“I never should have done that.” He’s still not meeting my gaze.

“Like I said, you didn’t really do anything. It was me who…” I trail off, biting into my cupcake to have something to do. Plus, hello, delicious cupcake!

“You’re with Kian.” Andre’s voice is stronger now, and he finally looks up, his dark eyes unreadable. “I overstepped. I’d hate it if this ruined our friendship.”

“Me too.” I’m torn. On the one hand, it feels wrong to admit to the way I felt when he touched me, but it also seems cruel to make it seem like it was all one-sided. Whose feelings do I want to protect? His or Kian’s? Then again, Kian isn’t here…

That’s exactly the kind of thinking that will get me into trouble, though. Tracy warned me for a reason. She gave Thomas all the mixed signals in the world for a while, breaking his heart into a million pieces before she finally admitted to both herself and him that she was in love with him. That’s not going to happen with me and Andre. There was a moment of attraction, sure, but I love Kian. Andre and I are just friends. Nothing more.

“Can we just go back to the way it was before?” Andre asks.

“I’d like that.” I try to smile, but it feels strained. “I meant it when I said you didn’t do anything wrong. You look so guilty, but you really didn’t cross any boundaries. I think maybe I did. I’m taken after all, and I… I said…”

I told him I’d be all over him if I were single. I made up an excuse for him to touch me again. I leaned back against him, wanting his body against mine. I’m pretty fucking sure this whole situation is on me.

“This stuff happens.” Andre pretends it’s no big deal, brushing it off. “Let’s just go back to how it was before. The past two weeks sucked, not talking to you.”

“They so did.” I sip my drink, invertedly moaning at the delicious taste.

Just like last time I was here drinking hot cocoa, something flashing in his eyes. This time, I recognize it, maybe because I’m tuned into that side of us now. It’s arousal. He’s responding to my moan. And fuck me, I like it.

“This tastes really good.” My voice is a little husky, without me even trying.

“You make it sound really good too.” Damn, how did I never notice he has a sexy-as-sin voice when it dips low like that?

Instead of moving out of this dangerous territory, I take another sip. No matter how fast my heart is pounding, and how loud Tracy’s voice is shouting in my mind not to be an idiot, I still do it. I let out the sexiest moan I can muster, enjoying every second of the way that makes Andre’s eyes spark, his fingers curling around the spoon tightly.

“This is just mean,” he groans.

“Why?” I ask, my hands trembling as I put down the mug and drag my finger through the frosting of the cupcake, holding it up to my mouth. “What’s mean about this?” Without taking my eyes off him, I put my finger in my mouth, sucking off the frosting.

He leans backwards in his chair, dropping the spoon on the table. “Because I can’t have lactose, and you’re making me crave hot cocoa and frosting now.”

Right. Food. Intolerances. Non-sexy stuff. He’s on the right path here, going back to safe territory. I stop being a dickhead and drink my beverage without moaning, and he keeps his eyes on the table until I’m finished.

So far for going back to normal.

The problem is… I’m not sure I want to. This is scary, and wrong, and totally unfair to both Andre and Kian, but damn, I feel better than I have in months.

“I should go,” I decide, not trusting myself right now. “I’ll stop by tomorrow to take some pictures. We need to get cracking on a new campaign. Valentine’s Day is next month, so we should get right on that.”

“Yes,” he agrees, getting up when I do. “That sounds great. I’ll tell Sandra to get started on the recipes Liv gave her.”

We stand in front of each other awkwardly, not sure how to say goodbye. Finally, he holds out his hand, and I do the same. The second we touch, electricity crackles between us, and we both pull back after the briefest handshake in the world.

“Bye,” I breathe, quickly turning and rushing out to my car.

My phone buzzes when I slide behind the wheel. When I see it’s Kian, I feel nauseous. He just got home, and he’s asking when I’ll be there. He sends me a picture of five sex toys laid out on our bed.

You pick tonight, he says with a winky emoticon. I’m so hard for you already.

Yes. Sex. With Kian. That’s exactly what I need right now. Anything to get my head back in the game and out of the gutter. Reminding myself of my connection with him will surely do the trick. I tell him to get naked and wait for me in bed with the anal beads. I’m not in the mood yet, but I’ve got the drive back home to focus on nothing but my hot boyfriend wanting to fuck my brains out. That should be enough.

A tiny little spark with a friend means nothing. Innocent flirting doesn’t either. Attraction is nothing more than a chemical thing. What Kian and I have is so much more than that. We have love, and I’d be an idiot to throw all that away.

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