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#36 Babe

“Dylan,” Silas says in a hoarse voice. He shakes Kian’s shoulder, trying to wake him up. “Babe, Dylan is here.”


He just called my boyfriend by a pet name.

I’m gone for one fucking week, seven measly days, and the man who supposedly loves me start a whole goddamn relationship with another guy. A straight guy, no less. That’s what Silas said, wasn’t it? That he’s straight?

“Hmm?” Kian stirs and props himself up. “What?”

“Dylan is here,” Silas repeats, sounding freaked.

“Dylan?” Finally, Kian is wide awake, sitting up and staring at me.

I can’t stand this anymore. Without a word, I turn around and walk out of the room. Somehow, my feet take me straight back downstairs, where I grab the bag I didn’t even get to unpack. I need to get the fuck out of here, or things will get ugly. I might kill someone. Or, more likely, I’ll break down and cry, and I definitely don’t want them to see me like that.

Yes, I did come here to most likely break up with Kian, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt that he moved on already. Who knows how long this has been going on. I came here to be honest about having feelings for someone, because I felt guilty and knew Kian deserved the truth. I never kissed Andre, nothing ever truly happened. In the meantime, Kian wasn’t just catching feelings for someone else. He was fucking him. Inviting him into our home. Into our bed.

“Dylan!” Kian shouts down the stairs, but I’m already at the front door, ready to bolt. “Wait!”

“For what?” I yell back, my voice breaking.

He’s at the foot of the staircase now, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts. I bet he wasn’t even wearing those in bed. He put them on before rushing after me. Somehow, that makes it even worse.

“You’re not supposed to be home yet.” Kian’s expression is panicked. “Why are you…?”

“I’m not the fucking problem here!” I shout, unable to speak at a normal volume. “How long, Kian? How long?”

He doesn’t reach for me, doesn’t deny anything, doesn’t defend himself. He just stands there, his shoulders sagging, his eyes darting away from me and then back. “A while.”

What the fuck does that even mean? “Since my birthday?” I ask, needing to know even though it will hurt me even more.

Kian shakes his head. “A few weeks after.”

So probably two months already, if not longer. While I was still trying to work things out with him, getting into fights with my friends because of him, and feeling completely and utterly alone, he was fucking another man.

Worse, falling in love with another man.

“I’ll pick up my stuff tomorrow,” I croak out, no longer able to keep shouting. I’m tired, empty, and ready to cry.

“I was going to tell you tomorrow.” He runs a hand over his face, groaning. “This is not how I wanted you to find out.”

“Pack it all up.” I turn my back to him. “All my stuff. Text me when you’re done so I can pick it up. Don’t be here when I do.”

“We should talk.”

I pull open the front door, yanking my bag with me. “No need to talk. I know enough.”

More than enough, actually. He says something else, but I’m already slamming the door in his face and making my way to the car.

There is only one place I can go right now. Only one place that makes sense at all. I drive there on autopilot, trying to keep the tears at bay. Do I even deserve to feel this sad? After all, it’s not like I was completely faithful. No, I didn’t kiss anyone else, let alone sleep with them, but I did start to fall. I allowed that to happen. I even sought Andre out, desperately needing that connection me and Kian no longer had.

Whether or not I am allowed to feel this terrible, fact is I do.

When I finally park in front of Thomas and Tracy’s house, I’m crying. There’s no stopping these tears. I don’t want to wake up the kids, so I let myself in with my spare key and go straight to the guest bedroom where I’ve spent so many nights these past years. I kick off my shoes, take off my socks and pants, and get in bed in my T-shirt and boxer shorts. There’s nothing to do now but cry myself to sleep. I’ll figure out what to do tomorrow. Right now, I’m too exhausted both mentally and physically.

It takes forever for me to drift off, a major headache making it difficult to think, breathe, and function in general. At some point during the night, when I’m in a strange kind of half-slumber where I’m reliving finding Kian and Silas in bed together all over again, the bedroom door opens, and two little feet pad over to me.

“Uncle Dylan?” Alex whispers, patting my face.

I roll over and pick him up so he can slide underneath the covers with me. It’s hardly the first time he gets into bed with me when I’m sleeping here.

“Play trains?” he asks hopefully, tugging at my hair.

I carefully pull his little fists away from my face. “Not now, honey. I’m really tired. You can sleep with me if you want.”

“Okay,” he sighs dramatically, but he does snuggle up to me. The kid may prefer playing to sleeping, but he’s tired too.

With the toddler huddled against me, I finally fall asleep for real.


I wake up to the smell of coffee. With some difficulty, I manage to open my eyes to find Thomas sitting on the foot of the bed, holding two mugs.

“Where’s Alex?” I croak, sitting up.

“That little monkey woke up three hours ago and made his way into our bed to tell us his favorite uncle was here.” He hands me a mug as I settle against the headboard. “I figured you needed some more sleep, but I felt like I should wake you up, because…” He trails off.

“Because?” My head is pounding like I’ve got a hangover, probably because I cried so much last night. I don’t cry often – well, more than most men, but I don’t think it’s often – and I always end up feeling like a train ran over me when I do.

“Kian called me to ask if I know where you are.” He sips his coffee, looking at me questioningly. When I don’t reply, he goes on. “I told him I’ve got no idea, but I doubt he bought that. He wants to know if you were serious when you told him he needs to pack up your stuff today.”

I groan, not liking the reminder of what happened last night. “Of course I was serious. But if it’s too much trouble for him to do that for me, I can pack my shit up by myself. Tell him he needs to be out of the house for a couple of hours, because there is no way I want to see him today. Or ever, really.”

“What happened?” Thomas asks softly, reaching out to squeeze my ankle, because it’s the closest part of my body to him. He’s still in sweats, his blonde hair in disarray, his piercings not in his ears yet.

“We broke up.”

He scoffs. “No shit. What I mean is… what happened, Dylan?”

Here we go. “Long story short, I came home early to tell Kian that I have feelings for Andre and to figure out if it’s still worth fighting for our relationship, or if we should just call it quits. Instead of having that conversation, I found Kian in bed with Silas. He’s been cheating on me for weeks. Months, even.” Summing it up like that feels weird. Like it happened to someone else, not me.

“He cheated on you?” Thomas goes from zero to murderous in a split second. “Let me call Aston. We’ll fuck that asshole up for you.” He’s already pulling his phone out of his pocket, angrily tapping in his code.

“Don’t.” My voice is stronger than I feel. “Don’t bother. I don’t want you to get in trouble over him. I appreciate the sentiment, though.”

Thomas grunts, tossing his phone on the bed. “He’s an idiot. And Silas? Seriously? He’s boring, ugly, and not even gay!”

“They looked pretty gay when they were in bed together,” I mutter. “It doesn’t matter. We were going to break up last night anyway. He just… sped up the process a bit.”

“Right, Andre.” Thomas seems to relax a bit, although he still looks like he wants to punch a wall. “I have to say I am not surprised about that development at all. Did something happen between you guys?”

“Sort of, but also… not really. I didn’t cheat on Kian, if that’s what you’re asking.” I sound defensive, because I truly do feel guilty about the flirting. I knew I was playing with fire all along, yet I still did it. Of course, what Kian did was a million times worse, but that doesn’t mean I am completely blameless.


Their conversation continues in the next chapter! I’m splitting long chapters up into two so I can post more of them, which helps me with completing incentives on Inkitt.

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