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#40 Kiss goodbye

We both gasp into the kiss, like we’re surprised this is actually happening, even though we definitely both want this. His lips are soft and lush, a surprising contrast to his beard prickling against my skin. The kiss is soft, gentle, and completely amazing. He knots one hand in my hair, the other still holding mine, dangerous close to my twitching cock. There’s no way I’m going to be able to calm it down while we’re kissing.

I playfully bite down on his bottom lip, and he gasps again, softly tugging at my hair so I tilt my head back. I whimper at the loss of his lips on mine, but once he starts to kiss my neck, I’m all good. I run my hand over his soft hair until I’m at the back of his neck, pushing him closer to me. He flicks his tongue over my skin, and I all but purr.

“Fuuuuck,” Andre breathes, kissing his way back up to my lips and devouring me whole.

This time, things don’t stay so sweet and gentle. Instead, it’s hands tugging each other closer, teeth nipping at lips, tongues tangling, and lots of appreciative grunting. My favorite kind of kiss. The kind that leaves you wanting more.

I scoot even closer, throwing one leg over his. I’m basically in his lap, and he grabs my ass, hauling me completely on top of him. I guess it’s a good thing his belly is in the way of our cocks being pressed up against each other, because things are already heated enough. I wouldn’t mind things getting even more heated, but that might not be the smartest move.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Andre groans when we come up for air for a second, his hands still on my ass.

“No, but we are.” I kiss him again, hard and hungry.

He shifts, leans back a little, and hauls me even closer. And just like that, his belly is no longer in the way. He’s just as hard as I am, and a whole lot bigger. Not enormous or anything, but definitely larger than me. I move against him, earning me another intoxicating kiss and a firm twitch of his cock against mine.

All that tension and the sizzling touches from before were nothing compared to this. The chemistry is off the charts, but it’s so much more than that. We just… fit.

“Stop,” Andre groans, suddenly pulling back. “We should stop.”

“Why?” I want to kiss him again, but of course I’m not going to when he just told me to stop.

“I told you, I don’t want to be your rebound.”

Ugh. That again. “So if we wait a few weeks, and I still want to kiss your face off, you’ll let me without telling me to stop?”

Andre laughs softly. “Yeah. If you’re still sure you want this after you’ve dealt with the whole aftermath of this breakup, I won’t stop you from sucking my face off.” He leans in for one last peck on the lips, and then he lifts me off his lap.

With a sigh, I sink back into the couch cushions. My mind agrees with him, but my body has very different ideas. “Okay. A few weeks. We can do that.”

“It’s not about the amount of weeks,” he verifies, still breathing hard. “You just got out of a long-term relationship that ended in disaster. You don’t have a place to live. Your stuff is in a shed and you donated most of your furniture.”

“So you’re saying that you won’t kiss me again until I get an apartment and new furniture?” I raise an eyebrow at him. “You have strict rules.”

“You know what I mean. Maybe you even need a rebound first. Once you’re through all of that, we can…” He shrugs, looking a little sheepish.

“Pick up where we left off?” I suggest helpfully. “Kiss some more? Go on a date?” I don’t like this idea of me finding a rebound at all. Does he mean that? Why the hell would he be okay with me sleeping with someone else?

“All of the above.” He adjusts himself in his sweatpants, and that sight only makes my cock strain more against my jeans. We barely even did anything and I want to jump his bones so badly it feels like I can’t think straight anymore.

“Okay, I’ll start looking for an apartment today.”

“You know that’s not what I mean.” Andre runs a hand over his beard, and closes his eyes for a moment. “I don’t know, Dylan. You get what I mean, right?”

“I get what you mean. Just for the record, I’m not going to find myself a rebound. I don’t need nor want one. I understand why you want to wait, and we probably should, but I’ll just… wait for you.”

“Really, Dylan, if you end up kissing someone else, or sleeping with them, or whatever you need to get Kian out of your system, that’s fine. Get on the apps, go out to a bar, anything you need.” He sounds utterly sincere. “You don’t owe me anything.”

Right now, I honestly don’t feel like I need anything to get over Kian. There’s no need for that. All I want is to get under Andre. The idea of him sleeping with anyone else makes me feel nauseous, and I hope to God he doesn’t actually want me to go out with another man or woman.

“I’ll leave,” I decide, getting up. “I’ve got to find a new place to live. Can I get a kiss goodbye, or is that out of the question?”

Smiling, Andre gets up as well, leaning in to give me a soft, short kiss. It ends way before I’d want it to, but at least he kissed me again. I know in my heart it won’t be our last kiss. I’ll take some time to get my affairs back in order, have that stupid closure with Kian, whatever it takes to show Andre the past is in the past. And once that’s all done and I’ve moved into a new place, I can kiss his cute face off as much as I want and climb him like the sexy tree he is.

“Oh, by the way, you’re cute when you just woke up,” I tell him as I open the front door.

“I like that you’re wearing crazy clothes again,” he replies with a grin. “I like you best in glitter suits or whacky T-shirts. If this is what breaking up with Kian does to you, you definitely made the right decision.”

“Yeah, wasn’t really much of a decision. When you’re both falling for other people, there’s not much left to salvage, is there?”

His eyes widen at that comment. “You are…”

“Pretty sure I am.” I love how his face lights up, and I am finally completely positive now he feels the same way. After all our talks this past week and that kiss just now, I already sort of knew, but I’ve got so many nerves swirling around in my belly when it comes to him that the confirmation is very welcome.

He moves over to me, taking my face in his hands as he gazes into my eyes. “Then you better work through this breakup as fast as humanly possible.” Even though we said we wouldn’t, he kisses me again. It’s tender and full of promises for the future.

“I will.” I lean my forehead against his, trying to find the willpower to leave. “Okay, I should go. You have work soon, and I need to go apartment hunting.”

Andre pulls back, and holds open the door for me. “We’ll talk soon?”

“Definitely. I’ll call you tonight.” I hesitate. “I mean, is that okay? Or are we not doing that anymore?”

“Of course you can still call me, Dylan. Now go, because I really do have to get ready for work soon.” He waves as I head toward the elevator. “I’ll talk to you tonight.”

I blow him a kiss, smiling when he pretends to catch it and press it against his chest. God, we’re cheesy already, and I love it. This whole morning turned out surprisingly great. And now, it’s time for me to start looking for an apartment. I can’t wait to have my own place again. I never should have given up my old place in the first place, but at least I get to start fresh now. I can afford something bigger than my old place. Hell, I could even buy a house if I wanted to, but I already know I won’t. It seems sad to buy a house all by myself. I always figured that would be something I’d do with my partner, not when I’m getting out of a long-term relationship.

Oh well, I can just rent again. Get a bigger place, maybe something with a yard. I’ve always wanted a cat, but it seemed mean to get one without being able to let the cat out to roam the great outdoors. This fresh start might be the right thing on many levels, and Andre being a part of it… That’s the best part for sure.

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