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#46 Blessing in disguise

I’m vibrating with nerves when I reach Imani and Deidra’s house. Nathan already left, and I assured him I could walk here. Their house is on the same block, after all. The second I rush up the stairs to their front porch, the door swings open.

“Are you serious?” Deidra asks, looking wild with her long black hair in tangles, wearing sweatpants and a loose-fitting black top.

“Yeah, I am.” I gesture down at myself. “I’ve got the proper… attire. And you…” I wave at her lower regions.

“Have the vagina, the egg, and the uterus,” she finishes for me. “Do you want to come in?”

“Into the house, or into your vagina?” I can’t help but reply.

Some of her nerves seem to disappear when she laughs. “Let’s start with the house, shall we?”

While we wait for Imani to get home from work, I tell her about the search for a house, and that I gave up on finding anything. “And then I saw this beautiful house just two streets from here, and suddenly… I just knew. I could see kids playing in the yard, and the bedrooms turned into a nursery and a kid’s room, me and my partner taking care of them…”

“Andre?” Deidra asks knowingly. “He’s so much better for you than that awful lawyer you were dating before.”

“He is.” I smile just thinking about Andre. “We’re taking things slow, though. We’re not officially together. Getting there, but… you know. Taking our time. So I’m not sure if he’d ever be living with me in that house. Doesn’t matter for this whole thing anyway.”

“You’ll need to discuss this with him.” Deidra’s excitement is already fading. “If he’s the one you’d want to raise the kids with…”

“He wants kids too, I checked.”

Deidra shakes her head. “That’s theoretical. You don’t know if he wants to have them with me and Imani. We’re looking for a co-parent, so you would never be a full time parent. Neither would Andre. And the kids would be yours, not his, so if you and him break up, he’d have no rights. A child can only have three legal parents, and that would be Imani, you, and me.”

“Oh,” I breathe. “Well, I definitely need to do some research, I guess. Talk to Andre. But this is between the three of us. If Andre doesn’t want this, I still want it.”

“Are you sure?” She bites her lip and looks at me questioningly. “You decided this on a whim.”

“Deidra, I do the best things in my life on a whim. And this is not really a whim. More like… a sudden realization, you know?” I still feel in my bones this is right. “I know there’s a lot to talk about, but I feel like we need to give it a shot.”

“Okay,” Deidra agrees. “If Imani is up for it, we can talk about it, I guess.”

Right on cue, Imani walks in, wearing a pantsuit and carrying a suitcase. I realize I don’t even know what she does for a living. I’ve known Deidra and Imani for a while now, but I don’t truly know everything about them. They’re not close friends or anything. I like them and trust them, but I didn’t even have their address before today. There’s definitely a lot to figure out before we can make a decision about whether or not I’ll be the baby daddy to their kids.

“Hey…” Imani frowns when she sees me. “What was with the weird phone call, babe? Why did I need to rush over here?”

“Dylan has a dick,” Deidra says like it makes perfect sense.

“Dylan has a dick,” her wife repeats, running a hand over her short hair in confusion. “Dylan has a…” Then she gasps, clutches her chest, and looks at me like I’m a ghost. “You have a dick. Oh my God, yes!”

“Yes?” Hope sprouts in my heart.

Imani tosses her briefcase aside and sinks down next to Deidra on the couch, across from me. She grabs her wife’s hand while her eyes stay trained on me. “This makes so much sense. How did we not think of this? We’ve asked everyone we could think of, and most of those people made no sense at all. Hell, we must have begged James four or five times already, and we know perfectly well he’ll never say yes.”

“I’m buying a house two streets over.” Again, I tell the story of how I came to this realization. “I know we have lots of stuff to figure out. Legal stuff, things about how we will co-parent, what the role of my partner will be if I ever actually have a successful relationship that will last long enough to even make that question relevant. We’ll need to talk about many, many things, but… I’m up for this, if you are.”

“Yes,” Imani says again, not even needing a second to think. “You’re incredible with kids, you’re a proud member of the LGBTQ-community, and Liv trusts you with her life. We can figure out all the other stuff.”

“You’re up for this?” Deidra asks, already crying. “You’re okay with him knocking us up?”

“I’m up for this.” Imani sounds completely sure of herself. “This makes so much sense. I really don’t get how we didn’t think of this.”

“We want two,” Deidra tells me. “Maybe three, if all goes well. Are you up for that?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

“Do you have any questions?” Imani asks, going straight into business mode. “Or is it too soon to start talking about this?”

“What do you do for a living?”

Both women look at me like I’m crazy. Yeah, okay, maybe it’s a strange question, but we have to start somewhere, right?

“I’m a sales rep for medical equipment,” Imani says after a beat of silence.

“And I’m a makeup artist,” Deidra chimes in. “You’re in IT, right? You and Thomas have your own business? I’ve seen you working on logo designs, and of course we know all about the work you did for Liv and Andre.”

“Yeah, and I’ve got all my financial statements right here.” I hold up my phone. “In case you need to see them.”

Imani smiles. “Let’s save that for another time. How about we start with… I don’t know… a drink?”

“Yes,” Deidra agrees immediately. “I need a drink. I so need a drink. Especially since I’ll need to stop drinking soon to have that baby.”

I get up to help Imani in the kitchen. She opens the refrigerator, then pauses, turns around, and all but jumps me. Her arms go around me and she buries her face against my shoulder. She’s taller than I am in her heels – tall woman, that Imani – yet she feels so small right now.

“Thank you,” she murmurs. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“No, thank you,” I reply, getting emotional as well. “I can’t wait to knock Deidra up.”

She laughs as she lets go of me. “Don’t get any ideas. You won’t get to sleep with her. It’ll be insemination, obviously.”

That’s what I figured, of course. “So I’ll jerk off into a cup and then a doctor will put my sperm inside her?”

Imani grabs a beer from the fridge from me and then finds a bottle of wine for her and Deidra. “Yeah, or… or we do it at home.”

“I jerk into a cup here?” I ask incredulously. “But… how will it get inside of Deidra?”

“I could inject her with one of those at-home insemination kits. Less costly, more personal.” She looks hopeful. “That’s what we wanted with Derrek and Matthew. I figured one of them would be the father, the other would be there to help with the jerking off into a cup, hand me the cup, I’d do the whole insemination thing to Deidra, and that way we’d all be a part of it and we wouldn’t waste any money on all the hospital insemination stuff.”

“That sounds good.” It’s all getting very real all of a sudden.

“Let’s first get to know each other,” she says when she notices my wide-eyed expression. “Maybe we’ll find out you want to raise the baby in a satanist cult, believe in spanking as a punishment, and want to have the kid for more than fifty percent of the time.”

“How did you know I worship Satan?” I’m grateful for her lightening the mood. “And I love a good spanking.”

Imani laughs. “So do I, but that wasn’t what I meant and you know it. Drink up, Dyer. We have a long night ahead of us, with me asking you a gazillion questions. I can be a little intense, just so you know. Hope you’re up for it.”

“I can do intense,” I assure her. “I’m pretty weird. I like lying on the floor and petting rugs.”

“Oh, I know.” She grins. “I think we’ll get along just fine, Dylan. I’ve heard you sing. If I can brave the sound of that, I’m sure I’ll be okay with whatever you tell us tonight.”

“Hey, I sing like the best of them!”

“More like the worst of them.”

The night is off to a good start. It stays that way the next few hours as we drink all the alcohol in the house and get to know each other the best way possible. By telling embarrassing stories, burping the alphabet, and going online to use one of those websites that shows you what your children will look like. All of them are scary as hell, but oh well. I’m sure our real baby will look a whole lot better.

I’m too drunk to go home, so I end up texting Thom to let him know where I am, and then I crash in the guest bedroom. This is not at all how I thought this day would end, but it’s utterly perfect.

I started this month with a breakup, no place to call home, and completely down in the dumps. Now, I have a soon-to-be-boyfriend, a soon-to-be-my-house, and perhaps, if I’m lucky, a baby with two amazing women.

I’m a lucky bastard.

The whole breakup with Kian was rough, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise. I finally feel like I’m on the right path in every single area of my life. Maybe, a year from now, I’ll be living in that gorgeous funky house, raising a baby with Andre. Or maybe there won’t be a baby, but I’ll have Andre, and we’ll adopt one day. Or Andre won’t be up for this whole thing, and I’ll be raising the baby alone. Well, with Imani and Deidra, of course, but without a partner. All three options sound so much better than the situation I was in a year ago, with Kian. Whatever will happen, I know I’ll be fine.

More than fine. I’ll be amazing.

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