Dreamy Dylan

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#50 Secret sex dungeon

Ten rugs. That’s how many I end up buying. Nine are going to be made to order, so it’ll be at least a month before I will get them. Probably longer. One rug was perfect just the way they sold it at the store, so we’re now putting it in my car. It’s soft and pink. Ideal for the bedroom.

“I could take this stuff straight to the house,” I muse as I get behind the wheel. “I have the keys. I don’t officially own the place yet, but the owners are fine with me having my furniture brought there where it arrives. In a few days, all the paperwork will be done anyway. It’s as good as mine.”

Andre is silent for a beat, but then he nods. “Sure. Let’s take this stuff to your new place.”

He hasn’t seen the place yet, which is a little weird. Everyone else has. My dad, Amber and Blaze came by. Thomas, Tracy and Mila gave it their blessing. I’ve invited Andre along when I had an appointment with the plumber, the gardener, or the guy who did the roof inspection, but Andre always had some lame excuse why he couldn’t tag along. I didn’t push him, figuring that he needed more time to wrap his mind around the fact that I’m going to have a baby. I feel like for him the two things are intertwined, and I can’t blame him. For me, they are too.

We’re both quiet as we drive to the house, the tension palpable. It’s not the fun sexual energy from before – quite the opposite. It’s heady and a little worrying instead. I’m sure it’ll be fine though. This day has been going too damn well to end on a bad note. I won’t let it.

“Oh wow,” Andre breathes when we get out of the car and he sees the house for the first time. “It looks so much prettier than in the pictures.”

“Don’t you just love it?” I’m in a better mood already just from being here. “Wait until you see inside.”

He follows me closely as I let us into the house, and he’s quiet throughout the entire tour, calmly taking in every single room. I don’t show him the library just yet, wanting it to be a surprise. We walk out into the yard first, where he stares at the swing set so long I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack from all this anticipation.

“You hate it, don’t you?” God, I hoped this would go differently. “It’s okay, you can tell me.”

Andre shakes his head and turns to me. “I don’t hate it at all. It’s just… a bit much. I get the vision now, though. I can totally see you living here with a kid.”

You. He is saying he could see me living here, not us. I know I’m being ridiculous, because we’ve only been official for a heartbeat, haven’t dropped the L-bomb, and haven’t even had sex yet. It’s way too soon for him to say he wants to live here with me and raise kids with me. Still, I have that vision in my mind and knowing he’s nowhere there yet does hurt. I don’t want it to, but it’s the bitter reality.

Maybe I’m destined to fall for people who aren’t as into me as I am into them. Mila, Kian, Andre… I know all three of them are vastly different, but they have one thing in common. None of them ever committed to me the way I was ready to commit to them.

Andre cuts through my self-doubt before I can voice any of it. “I’m sorry I’ve been so off this week.”

I blink, trying to come back to the here and now. “It’s okay.”

“It’s not. I can tell it’s upsetting you.” He comes over to hug me, and his arms around me make me feel much better already. “It’s a lot to take in, Dylan. One minute, I’m pining for a guy in a relationship, and the next, he asks me to raise kids with him. Kids who will never truly be mine. It’s intense.”

“Too intense?” I have to ask.

“Right now, yeah, a little too intense.” He squeezes me. “Give me some time, Dylan. I’ll get here. I want to get there. More than anything. This house… It’s amazing. It’s totally you, the neighborhood is beyond cool, and being so close to Imani and Deidra will be really convenient once you start the whole kid thing. I’m happy for you, I really am.”

Some of my anxiety fades away. I can tell he’s trying, and he is very in tune with my emotions. I’m not used to that. I’m usually an open book, but I’ve been trying not to show him that him keeping his distance hurt me these past days. Still, he picked up on it, and he’s not afraid to talk about it. That’s sexy. A man that can communicate? One hell of an aphrodisiac.

“I have one more room to show you,” I tell him as I tug him back inside the house.

“Your secret sex dungeon?” he teases.

“Hah, you wish.” I open the door on the side of the living room with a flourish. “I give you… our home library.”

He gasps as he walks in, his eyes so wide it’s almost comical. It’s clear that it’s this exact moment that makes him fall in love with the house. “Oh, wow, it’s even got one of those sliding ladders…” He runs his hand over a shelf. “This is so cool.”

I watch him walk around the room, taking everything in. Gone is all the awkwardness from before. He looks light and carefree, admiring every nook and cranny. I made sure this room got cleaned the past week, because I knew it would be a big selling point for Andre. After all, it was for me too.

“Wait here,” I order, rushing out of the house and to the car before he can ask what I’m doing. I somehow manage to haul the rug into the library by myself, and I rip off the plastic so we can roll it out on the floor together. The rug we ordered for this room is very different from this plush pink one – it’s a reddish old-fashioned Persian-style rug that Andre fell in love with the second he saw it. It’s not really my style, but I already knew it would be perfect for the library, so I got it anyway. For now, the pink one will have to make do.

When I lie down on it and motion for him to join me, he immediately does. We both shift onto our sides, staring at each other. He gently brushes a strand of hair away from my forehead and then moves on to stroking my hair. I all but purr, closing my eyes for a moment. His lips find mine, and the kiss is both tender and full of longing.

“This room is perfect,” he whispers after a while, tugging me closer by putting his arm around my waist. We’re flush up against each other now, and my right leg fits around his hip perfectly.

“Perfect for what?” I reply hoarsely.

Instead of replying, he kisses me again, his hand on my ass now. I have no idea how far he’s willing to take this, but I know that I’m beyond prepared to go all the way. Hell, we already had the talk about whether or not we need condoms, we sort of know we’re in love even if we haven’t said it, and we’re in the room that made me realize this is not just my future home, but his as well.

I grunt when he pulls me on top of him, and I can feel he’s just as hard as I am. My entire body is on fucking fire as we kiss each other, and I grind against him mindlessly. One of his hands moves between us so he can undo the button on my jeans and jerk down my zipper. Once my pants are loose and less constricting, he shoves one of his hands down the back of my pants, squeezing my ass through my boxer shorts.

“Fuuuuck,” I breathe. “Yes…”

Next thing I know, his hand is completely underneath my clothes, his fingers digging into my bare ass. I gasp into our kiss, and I can feel him smile against my lips. His fingers find their way between my cheeks, one of them probing the place that makes my writhe against him.

“Get it off,” I moan.

“What?” His voice is deep and so fucking sexy it makes me combust altogether.

“All of it.”

He rolls me off him, pushing me down on the rug so he can yank at my jeans until they’re coming down. I kick my legs to get off my shoes, almost hurting him in the process. He laughs at my antics, helping me to get naked from the waist down. Thank God the library only has a window looking into the backyard, and not one that allows people walking on the street to see us. Not that I’d care at this moment, but it might make our future neighbors look at us differently.

Andre’s lips are on my neck, giving me sloppy kisses as he wraps a hand around my shaft. I can’t even form words anymore, merely make sounds. And damn, I’m loud. I know it hasn’t been nearly as long for me as it has for Andre, but it feels like I’ve had a dry spell that lasted for over a year. I could come in his hand right now.

“I want to taste you,” he grunts before making his way down my body.

“Yes yes yes,” I keep repeating as I prop myself up on my elbows to watch him run his tongue up my thigh. “Fuck, Andre, yes.”

“I love how vocal you are.” He looks up into my eyes one more time before wrapping his lips around my shaft. For once, I’m not self-conscious about my size at all. I know he doesn’t care because we talked about it before we even got together, and feeling him moan around me tells me all I need to know. He’s as turned on by this as I am.

“I’m going to come if you don’t stop soon.” While I say it, my hands are finding the back of his head, telling him to pick up the pace. Yeah, I might be on the fence about what I actually want.

He moves one hand underneath my shirt so he can play with my nipples, which makes me even hotter. I definitely don’t want him to stop anymore. He does this thing with his tongue that makes my eyes roll back in my head, and then I’m coming.

Coming hard.

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