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#54 Fuck dinner

What do you wear when you know for a fact you’re having sex that night? Tight pink boxer shorts are a given, but other than that… I don’t know.

“Do I want to go skintight?” I ask Mila over the phone as I pull my clothes out of the many boxes in my bedroom at Tracy and Thom’s place.

“Hard to take off,” she replies immediately. “You don’t want to be trying to wiggle out of your skinny jeans for five minutes while your poor dick is aching for contact. Go for loose pants, and one of those colorful V-neck shirts. You look good in those. And please don’t put too much product in your hair. He’ll be pulling at it all fucking night, and you don’t want his hands to get all greasy from the gel.”

The woman is a genius. She truly is. “Makeup?”

“I fucking love Andre,” Mila sighs happily instead of answering my question.

“Me too, but… why?” I open my makeup case that I recently updated a bit.

“The fact that wearing makeup is even an option means he truly takes you as you are.” She sounds almost emotional. “I know I was an asshole about Kian, but this was exactly why. If he’d treated you the way Andre does, I’d have been on board.”

I smile to myself, knowing she’s right. “So what’s your view on makeup for my night of hot sex with my boyfriend?”

“Do it. Get glitter all over the guy.”

“I bet Andre would look great with gold glitter all over his cock.”

“Hmm… I should get some glitter to rub over Scarlett’s boobs. I bet she’d look hot too.”

“Focus, Mila. We’re talking about me right now, not your intense libido.”

Together, we finalize my outfit, shoes, makeup, hair, everything. I’ve never put in this much work just to go over to someone’s place to fuck. Seriously, I’m normally way more laid back about this stuff. Either someone likes me the way I am, or they don’t. Still, it’s our first time, and he feels so much more important than anyone else I’ve ever hooked up with. That includes Mila and Kian. No offense to them, but this is Andre. Plus, I know it won’t end badly this time around.

With Mila, our first rump ended with me still firmly in the friendzone, and it wasn’t exactly my best work. After a year of not getting anywhere with her, watching her heart get broken, and me being there to pick up the pieces, I finally got my chance. We had hot sex, but it wasn’t right. She knew that right away and told me she couldn’t be with me. I was heartbroken, but I know she was right. She doesn’t want kids, and I do. I really, really do. She’s extremely independent, and while that is great, I think I’d like my partner to rely on me more than she ever will rely on another person.

Then there was Kian. Enough said. Fucking asshole.

Now, with Andre… That’s nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced before. We click amazingly, and although I’d have loved lots and lots of sex the past weeks, it’s kind of perfect that we waited until tonight. There is something special about knowing it’s finally going to happen, after you’ve already told the other person you’re madly in love with them.

The second I walk into the living room with my overnight bag slung across my shoulder, Alex jumps up from Tracy’s lap and claps his hands together. “Hot stuff!” he shouts proudly.

Thomas high fives his son. “Good job, buddy.”

Tracy rolls her eyes. “He’s been teaching him that for half an hour now.”

“Alex would have complimented my looks no matter what.” I do a little spin for them. “I’m so hot stuff.”

Both of them look me up and down, and Thom whistles. “You really are.”

“I’d do you,” Tracy agrees. “Andre is a lucky guy.”

“Oh my, Tracy, are you inviting me to finally have that threesome you and Thomas have been jonesing for?” I put a hand on my heart. “I’m flattered, but you should have asked me earlier. I’m a taken man now.”

“Damn, we missed our window.” Thomas looks down at Alex. “Go give your Uncle Dylan a hug goodbye, Lex. He won’t be home until tomorrow.”

I lift Alex up when he runs up to me for a hug. I swing him around the room, making him giggle. Hopefully, it won’t be long before I can do this with a kid of my own. I got great news from the fertility clinic this morning, and I can’t wait to tell Andre. I’m not sure he’ll be as happy as I am, but I still want to tell him.

“What’s that smile for?” Tracy asks when I put Alex back down.

I nod down at the kid. “I got a call saying I’ve got everything I need to make one of those.”

“Ah man, that’s great!” Thomas has been on board ever since I told him, just like Tracy. They know I’ve always wanted kids, and while it might seem like a rushed decision to people who don’t know me the way they do, it’s really not. This was meant to be. We’re meeting with a lawyer in a week to talk about the legal side of things. If we manage to figure things out when it comes to custody and financial stuff, we should be set to start trying.

“Great mobility, good sperm count, everything you want your stuff to be.”

“Yeah baby,” Thomas replies, laughing. “Talk dirty some more.”

“Great mobility,” Tracy moans. “High count… I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”

I roll my eyes at them, pick up my bag, and finally leave to see Andre. He’s cooking for me, and then we will watch a movie. And fuck, of course. I can’t wait.


“Oh wow,” Andre says the second he sees me. He steps aside to let me into his apartment. “You look amazing. I feel so underdressed.”

“You look good too, babe.” To be fair, he’s in a plaid shirt like he always is, but I like him that way. I can’t imagine him wearing pink like I am, with gold glitter eyeshadow heavily applied to both of my lids. That’s me, not Andre. “It smells great, what are you making?”

“Nothing fancy.” He lifts the lid of one of the pans. “Mashed potatoes, meatballs, peas and carrots. It’s one of those dishes that my belly can handle best.”

I love how he seems to be more comfortable to share details about his IBS. “Sounds good. Too bad I’m allergic to meatballs.”

Andre looks freaked for a second. “Really?”

“Yeah, my tongue will get fat and my face will swell up, and I will have trouble breathing.” I sigh dramatically. “Don’t even get me started on carrots. It will make my knees grow to twice their size.”

“Your knees?” Finally, Andre cracks up. “You’re terrible. You almost had me there. You don’t have any intolerances with your goddamn iron stomach.”

I pat my belly. “Damn right. I’m a really hard guy to poison.”

“Damn, so I should add more deadly stuff to my mashed potatoes?”

I lean against the counter as I watch him cook, loving that cute little frown on his face as he turns over the meatballs. “Are you too busy with the food to kiss me?” I ask with a pout. “I’ve been here ten minutes at the very least, and not once have your lips touched mine.”

Immediately, he turns down the heat on the stove and corners me against the counter. His lips find mine while his body presses firmly against me, one hand knotting in my hair while the other is on my chest. I grab his ass, loving how he grunts into my mouth for a second before slipping his tongue in.

He’s such a great kisser. He’s good at everything, really. That blowjob… I wouldn’t mind a repeat of that. The guy has a magical mouth and tongue, period.

“I wish I didn’t have to finish dinner,” he groans after a while.

“Fuck dinner.” I kiss him again, hard and hungry. “I love burned meatballs, overly done potatoes, and mushy peas and carrots.”

“In that case…” He steps away for a second to turn off the stove, and then he’s back to kissing me. We only stop so he can take off my shirt, and then we’re back at it. I’d love to take off his shirt as well, but I’m not sure how comfortable he will feel being half-naked in the kitchen.

Then again… why stay in the kitchen?

“Bedroom?” I ask in between kisses and moans.

In response, he lifts me onto the counter so I can wrap my legs around his waist, and then he lifts me up and carries me to his bedroom. God, I love it when a guy does that. Or a girl. I’ve dated some very strong girls in the past. Sydney once threw me onto the couch without any trouble and then proceeded to fuck me so hard she almost broke my dick. I love being handled like this.

“Sexy,” I tell him as he throws me onto the bed. “This right here? Really fucking sexy.”

He looks way more confident than he did last time we got hot and heavy. He does, however, turn off the lights while I’m taking off my socks. I flick on the bedroom light so I can see him. I get that he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, but I want to be able to look him in the eye. First times can be awkward enough without fumbling about in the dark.

Andre takes off his socks and pants before getting in bed with me, so we’re now both half-naked. I can’t wait until we’re both completely undressed. I’m determined to take my time and move at his pace, but he seems to have different ideas. His pace today? Really damn fast. He’s already working on getting my pants off while he sucks on my nipple, biting down gently. I’m on fucking fire, unable to do anything to give my all to him. I’m completely under his spell, especially when he’s got my pants down and starts to rub my cock through my boxer shorts.

“Been imagining this for so long,” he groans against my skin.

“Me too.” Maybe not quite as long, but it feels like forever. The anticipation of what’s to come is killing me in the best way.

He presses kisses to every part of my face, and then he looks into my eyes for a long time, still stroking me. “The gold really brings out the blue in your eyes,” he whispers. “It’s beautiful.”

Complimenting my makeup while we’re in bed together. I couldn’t possibly feel more accepted even if I tried. This man gets me. He just does.

“You’re gorgeous,” I murmur, finally tugging at his shirt. “Let me see more of you.”

He hesitates, but then he sits up to take off his shirt so he’s in nothing but his underwear. He doesn’t give me time to admire him, though. He yanks down my boxer shorts and waits a few seconds for me to kick them off before settling between my legs so he can take me into his mouth. He doesn’t take his time with me, just dives right in.

“Yes,” I moan, melting into the blankets and clawing at them when he picks up the pace. “Fuck, babe, take it slow or I’ll embarrass myself.”

He slows down a little bit, but one of his hands makes its way underneath my ass to play with my back entrance, rendering me completely helpless. The man is a maniac. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and he’s doing it well. I thought I knew good sex – I’ve had a lot of it in my 33 years on this earth after all. Okay, fine, not the first 15 years I was alive, but once I got my first kiss from a drunk girl at a party, I got a taste for anything and everything sexual, and it didn’t take long for me to lose my virginity. Not long at all.

Like I said, I thought I knew good sex. Even though Andre is not even fucking me yet, I can already tell it will be out of this world. If his mouth and hands are any indication of his skillset, his cock will be nothing short of pure magic.

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