Dreamy Dylan

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#55 You like dirty talk, love?

“Stop,” I groan after a while. “Stop stop stop.”

Andre immediately pulls out the two fingers that were expertly stroking my P-spot, and my cock slips out of his mouth with a loud pop. “Too hard? Did I hurt you?”

“Too fucking good.” I’m shaking from the intensity of it all. “Don’t want to come yet.”

“Oh.” He looks a little smug now. It looks good on him. Sexy. “Should I get the lube?”

“Don’t you want me to take care of you first?” I press myself against him the moment he’s next to me, stretching out his legs and arms. “At the very least get you naked.”

He wiggles out of his boxer shorts and gives me a kiss. “Done. Now please allow me to grab the lube.”

“If you insist.” I watch as he rolls to the edge of the bed and opens the nightstand. His perfect round ass is right there, tempting as hell, so of course I spank it.

He lets out a low growl before sitting up with the bottle of lube in his hands. “Top or bottom?”

“Bottom,” I reply right away. I’m pretty sure he already knew that, but it’s sweet of him to ask. “Like this. I want to look at you.”

He grabs a pillow to put underneath my ass and lies down next to me. Before I can ask what he’s doing, he’s already got two lubed-up fingers pressing against my puckered little hole. The next few minutes, he works me over in a way that has me begging him to take me. That’s not a figure of speech either. I’m actually begging.

“Fuck me,” I murmur hoarsely. “You’re driving me crazy. Please, Andre.”

“Your wish is my command.” He kneels between my legs, forcing them further apart.

“Give me,” I order, holding out my hand for the lube. I take my time getting him nice and slick for me, jerking him off until he pushes my hand away and lines up with my entrance.

“Are you sure?” he asks, one hand around his shaft and the other on my chest.

“So sure,” I moan. “Come on, take me already.”

Finally, he pushes in the tip. Like I predicted, the girth is quite something. It takes a moment to relax enough to be able to take him inside of me. He’s careful and sweet, watching my face the whole time. I put my hands on his ass to push him in a little deeper, until he’s bottoming out. Fucking hell, that feels good.

“So… big…” I moan. “So… good…”

“So tight,” he replies with a grunt. “So good.”

No, we’re not very eloquent right now. Who the hell cares? It’s amazing to finally have him the way I’ve been wanting for so long. It’s so much better than I could have imagined. Having him on top of me like this, gazing into my eyes as he’s taking me over and over again, letting out the sexiest grunts in the world.

“I love you,” he whispers, kissing me tenderly, which is a pretty stark contrast to the way he’s fucking me deep and hard by now.

“Me too,” I moan, pulling up my knees to take him deeper. “God, babe, so fucking good.”

“Can I come like this?” he asks, slowing down a little. “Inside of you?”

“Yes yes yes.” No need to even think about that.

“You ready to come?” he’s breathing hard now. “What do you need?”

“Nothing. Just keep talking to me.”

Something sparks in his eyes, like I just gave him the key to all the secrets of the universe. “You like dirty talk, love? You want me to tell you how tight and hot you feel clenching around my cock? How badly I want to fill you up? How I am going to make you come so hard we’ll both be covered in your cum soon?”

Holy. Fuck. My cock twitches against his belly just from those words. I wasn’t sure how sex would work with someone with a way larger body than mine, but in this position it’s no problem whatsoever. His skin feels soft, hot and sweaty against mine, and I love raking my nails down his back.

“Getting there,” I moan. “Keep talking.”

“Do you have any idea how often I’ve imagined making you come?” His eyes bore into mine with incredible intensity. “You’d be sitting in my coffee shop, moaning as you licked your lips after tasting my coffee, and all I could think of was crawling underneath the table and sucking you off right then and there. To bend you over the counter of my coffee station and go to town on your tight little ass.”

“Fuck…” I’m so close I can taste my release.

“No one,” he grunts, “has ever felt like you, Dylan. No one.”

I know that’s what everyone always says to their new lover. No one is going to say in the middle of sex that their partner feels exactly the same as every single guy before him. Or worse, that his ex has a much tighter asshole or a better body. Still, I believe him, because I feel the same way.

“No one,” I echo, trembling all over. “Oh, I’m… I’m…”

“Come for me,” he orders authoritatively. “I’m right behind you, love.”

Just like that, I let go. It feels like I haven’t had an orgasm in years, that’s how intense the sensation is. Me coming all over both of our stomachs, and him unloading deep inside of my ass… It’s good. It’s so fucking good.

He collapses on top of me for a second before he realizes he’s a bit heavy for that. He rolls off, making a mess of both of us. I don’t give a shit, though. I snuggle up to him, completely out of it. He strokes my hair and back in that gentle way of his, making me feel like the most loved person in the entire universe. Like no man has ever loved another man the way he loves me. I know that’s crap, and that lots of people truly love each other, but that’s how it feels deep in my soul.

“That was…” He doesn’t seem able to finish.

“It so was.” I press my face against his chest. “Wow.”

“Yeah, wow.”

“We’re definitely doing that again.”

He laughs softly. “How about after dinner? If I can save what’s left of it, that is.”

We stay in bed for another minute, but then I start to feel uncomfortable. I desperately need a visit to the bathroom. Not very sexy, but it’s one of the less great things about anal sex. I give him a kiss, and then get up to clean myself up. He simply wipes himself off on the boxer shorts he grabs off the floor, and then puts on some clean ones.

When I get back from the bathroom, wearing a pair of sweats I brought and nothing else – God, it feels good to go commando and give my lower region some time to breathe – he’s finishing up with dinner. I smile when I see he lit candles on the table and folded my napkin into a little heart.

“God, you’re cute.”

He grins. “Yeah, I’m quite magnificent, aren’t I?”

I know he’s just joking, but I’m not. “You really are. Seriously, Andre, are you sure it’s been ages since you last had sex? You’re like… a goddamn professional. I’ve had a lot of sex, with a lot of different people, but you-”

“A lot, huh?” he interrupts me, his smile fading.

“Fuck, that came out wrong. What I wanted to say is that I’ve never had anyone pleasure me quite like you do.” I hate that my compliment is sounding like I’m bragging about what a huge slut I was for a couple of years. “Best I’ve ever had, without any real competition.”

He looks a little less annoyed now. “Really?”

“Fuck yes. We should definitely do that again right after dinner to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. No way you can have me coming like that again. Must have been beginner’s luck.”

Now he’s laughing again, thank God. “I can assure you it wasn’t.”

“Prove it.”

“After dinner,” he promises.

“Fine.” I sit down and take a sip of the beer he put out for me.

The dinner isn’t the best I’ve ever had, since us fucking in the middle of dinner preparations didn’t do any of the food much good. Of course, I don’t say anything. He comments on it himself, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it either. How can we care about anything but the smoking hot sex we just had?

“Dylan?” he asks softly after I’ve taken my last bite.

“Yeah?” I take his hand in mine, waiting for him to go on.

“Thank you for being patient with me.”

“Totally worth it. Besides, you’ve been patient with me for such a long time, babe.”

“Guess we’re both worth the wait.” He is looking at me with so much love it makes my heart ache.

“You definitely are.”

“Did you get the results from the sperm test?” he asks all of a sudden. “That was today, right?”

“Yeah… I wasn’t sure you’d want to know.”

“Of course I do. It’s important to you.” He takes one look at me and smiles. “I can tell it went well. Does that mean you’re going to be… you know…”

“Jerking into a cup soon? Yeah, pretty much. We’ll first need to take care of legal stuff, have more conversations about how we want to raise the kid to make sure we’re all on the same page, decide on the last name for the child, stuff like that. But in a month or so… we should be good to go.”

“I don’t want to be there,” he says, looking away from me now.

“What?” I’m confused. “Where?”

“For the appointments and meetings and dinners to get to know each other. I don’t know if you’re expecting me too, but I just… I can’t be there.” He looks almost guilty now. “And when you jerk off into a cup… I don’t know if you’re expecting me to hold the cup or do the jerking off for you, or hand the cup to Imani, but I can’t, Dylan.”

“I’m not expecting anything from you, Andre.” I get up so I can kneel next to his chair, taking both of his hands in mine as I look up at him. “I know it’s a lot. For me too. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you. If you ever do want to be a part of something, just tell me, and you’re welcome to ask any question you might have, be there for whatever part you feel like you want to get involved in. If you only want to hear the highlights from me when we’re alone, that’s okay too. I can shut up about it completely if that’s better.”

“No, I want to know.” He sighs. “I’m just trying to figure out where I fit. This is going well, isn’t it, you and me?”

“Fuck yes, it’s going spectacularly well. How about we focus on the hot sex we finally get to have, okay? There’s no kid yet. Why worry about how all of that will go? Right now, I know exactly where you fit.” I wink suggestively. “Deep, deep inside of me.”

That earns me a heated look. “I’d very much like to take you from behind next time. Put you on your hands and knees.”

I shiver in anticipation. “Yes please.”

“We’ll get to the dishes later,” he decides. “Let’s go back to bed.”

Best idea ever if you ask me. He proves without a doubt that there was no beginner’s luck about it. He’s just that good. Although he insists it’s not him. Andre says it’s us, together, and our intense chemistry burning brighter than a million suns.

You know what? I think he’s right. A million fucking suns have nothing on us.

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