Dreamy Dylan

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#61 A lifetime together

“Let me make one thing clear,” Emmy tells me in a terrifying tone. “If you lay hands on my boy, I will end you. Andre doesn’t know this, but I sent three of his uncles to Eric’s place before Andre even got out of the hospital. The family has grown since then. Cousins that were once gangly teenagers are strong men now. There will be an entire army of Petersons on your doorstep if you hurt my son, you hear me?”

I’d be terrified right now if I wasn’t one hundred percent sure there will never be a reason for her to set loose the entire family on me. “I hear you. And I promise that I will never do that to him.”

She still doesn’t look impressed. “You better not.”

“Never,” I repeat. “I promise.”

“Okay, good.” She hands me the cup she was clutching. “That being said… I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I don’t like everything I’m hearing from Andre, but he’s extremely serious about you, so I’ll keep an open mind.”

That has to be about the kid thing. “I don’t know what he’s told you, but I’m serious about him too. I know I’m not making things easy for him, but I’m trying my best. I might not be perfect, but I’m not Eric.”

She nods, but doesn’t say anything. Here I was, thinking I was doing alright fitting into the family with getting Arthur’s approval and playing with the kids. Instead, his mother is doubting I’m good enough for her son. Fuck.

“Look, Mrs. Peterson-”

Before I can go on to defend myself, Andre peeks into the kitchen. “We’ve cleaned most of the living room. What’s for-” He shuts himself up, glancing between me and his mother. “Are you guys okay? Things feel… tense.”

“Just talking to your boyfriend,” Emmy says in a chipper voice. “Tell your dad to fire up the barbeque, will you? Then come back and make the salad.”

“Okay…” Andre looks reluctant to leave, but he does as he’s told.

His mom and I work through the rest of the dishes in silence, since I don’t think anything I will say right now will help my situation. I’ll just need to show her that I’m serious about Andre, and that I will do my very best to make him happy. She needs actions from me, not words. I respect that. With Andre’s relationship past, and me throwing him in a complicated situation concerning kids, it’s only natural that she’s worried. I’ll show her she’s wrong in time. Tonight is too soon for me to accomplish all that.

The rest of the night is a little awkward. Andre is definitely picking up on the vibe between me and his mother, but neither of us says anything. Emmy does a good job at keeping the conversation going while we all have dinner. It’s so weird. The woman who is easily chatting with me right now and the one telling me off in the kitchen are two totally different people. I’m not sure what to expect from her.

Arthur is easier to understand. He seems to like me just fine, asking me all kinds of questions about my job and my life in general, joking around with me the whole time. Seeing him and Emmy together now makes perfect sense. He may be uneasy in big crowds, but he’s very lively and likable for sure. He’s calm and kind like Andre, but my boyfriend definitely gets his more social and fun side from his mother. He’s the perfect mix of both of them, if you ask me.

When we get back into my car at the end of the night, Andre only waits until the end of the street to finally ask me the question that has been on his mind all along. “What happened between you and my mom?”

I take a deep breath, staring out onto the road.

“Well?” Andre presses. “Dylan?”

“She warned me to never do to you what Eric did.” I glance at him, not sure how he’ll react to his mother telling me something he hadn’t opened up about yet. “If I lay a hand on you, she’ll send all the Peterson men to my house to fuck me up.”

Andre lets out a strangled sound. “What did she tell you?”

“Enough to know that she’d be within her rights as a mother to kill me if I ever do to you what Eric did.” I reach out to take his hand in mine, keeping my other hand on the steering wheel. “I’ll never do that, Andre. I swear.”

He squeezes my hand. “I know that. I just… I can’t believe she told you that.”

“If you don’t want to talk about it, I won’t ask.”

He stays silent for a moment, but then he sighs and starts talking. “Our apartment was two floors. The bedroom was up a small flight of stairs. He hit me over the head with a heavy metal bookend and then pushed me down the stairs.”

I seriously have to force myself to keep control of the car. What the actual fuck? How can anyone do that to the person they claim to love? And Andre, no less. The sweetest guy in the world.

“I’m so sorry.” My voice is strangled, but I can’t help it. “I love you. You know I’ll never ever hurt you, right? I know that I’m sort of already hurting you, but I’m trying not to, and I swear I would never-”

“Dylan,” Andre cuts in. “No. Don’t go there. That’s not the same at all. There will always be tough times in a relationship. You and me struggling to make things work when it comes to the kid thing is totally different. You’re nothing like Eric. Not even close. I hate that my mother said anything to you.”

“She has a right to defend you.” I take a deep breath, coming clean on the other part as well. “Also, she’s not too happy with me for making things difficult for you. She didn’t say much, but she definitely isn’t sold on me yet.”

Andre doesn’t seem surprised to hear that. “She’s a hard-ass, but she’ll let down her walls eventually. I think what stings most for her is that she really liked Eric at first. I haven’t brought anyone home since him, so she’s just not comfortable yet. My dad however…” He sounds happier now, squeezing my hand. “He told me point blank he thinks we’re great together. And you heard him about the kid thing. He’s fine with it. Him and my mother would have loved to have more kids, but Mom isn’t all that fertile. I’m kind of a miracle baby. So yeah, Dad is very excited about me possibly becoming a father and giving him a grandchild.”

Damn. I thought Andre was already pretty open with me, but I’m learning so many new things about him today. Things that make me love him even more. I feel like I understand him so much better now.

“And you?” I ask carefully. “Do you think… Is it still possible? For you and I to do this together? To give your dad the grandkids he wants?”

“Maybe,” he says. He’s told me that before, but this time it sounds more like a yes than ever before. “Not closing the door on us at all, love. If I didn’t think we could somehow make this work, I’d never have told my parents all about us. I wouldn’t have brought you home with me. I don’t play games. You know that.”

The way he calls me love gets me every single time. “Of course I know that. I appreciate you taking me home with you more than I can ever tell you. And I swear to God I will win your mom over eventually.”

“Of course you will.” He doesn’t sound worried at all. “This is about my past, not about you. She’s truly not that bad.”

“Never thought she was. My mom would totally give you the don’t hurt my boy talk if she was still alive.” She’s been on my mind a lot today. The way Emmy handled herself in the kitchen? Definitely something my mother would do too. In fact, I bet she’d have shown up at Kian’s house to knock him out herself after finding out he cheated on me. She was an adorable crazy little hothead, my mother. She could go from zero to a hundred in a split second.

“I wish I could meet her,” Andre says softly, running his thumb over the back of my hand. “I’d tell her that I will never hurt her boy.”

God, I wish that too. She’d love Andre.

I need to take my hand out of his and focus on the road, because it’s dark out and there are a few sharp turns. I still feel that connection to him, though. I always do.

“I’ll talk to my mother,” Andre vows after a beat of silence. “I’m sorry she gave you a hard time. She’ll come around.”

“Don’t tell her I told you. Just let me prove her wrong with my actions, okay?”

“Okay,” he agrees. “But you better tell me if she says anything again next time I bring you home, okay?”

“Next time?” My heart flutters.

“Yeah, next time.”

We don’t talk much for the rest of the drive, and we don’t need to either. Sometimes you don’t need words to communicate. When we get home – well, to his place, but it feels like home by now – we continue to communicate without words. Our bodies can do the talking for us just fine.

“You’re so beautiful,” he groans as he takes off my shirt and pushes me down on the bed.

“Take off your shirt.” I lie there, staring up at him in the faint light from the small lamp he turned on before shutting the door behind him. It’s enough for me to be able to see him, but not so bright that he’ll feel self-conscious.

For the first time since we got together, he doesn’t hesitate. He takes off his shirt right away, and then quickly sheds the rest of his clothes. And fuck me, he looks absolutely glorious. I get off the bed so I can drop to my knees in front of him. I kiss his stomach first, then his thighs, and then finally the tip of his cock. He grabs my hair and angles my face so he can easily enter my mouth the second I open up for him. My nails dig into his ass, causing him to let out the sexiest grunt in the world. He thrusts into me a few times, but stops before either of us can get carried away.

“Want to be inside of you,” he grunts as he pulls me up by my hair and pushes me back down on the bed. “Need you on all fours.”

Fucking hell, that kind of stuff is sexy. I love getting thrown around a little bit. I also love covering his body in sloppy kisses, so I do. He gets distracted from wanting to put me on all fours, just enjoying the way I touch him. It’s amazing how comfortable he seems to be tonight, completely naked without trying to hide any parts of himself. I use the opportunity by licking and biting his nipples, tracing patterns on his skin, and lavishing every inch of him with loving attention.

“You make me so hot,” I whisper into his ear.

“I love you.” He rolls us over so he’s on top, careful not to put his full weight on me. “Please can I fuck you now?”

“Yes,” I moan as he grinds against me. “Get the lube.”

I roll onto my belly and push myself up a little so he can slide a pillow underneath me. Without further ado, he enters me with a finger, lubed up so he can slide right in. I’m so hot and bothered it doesn’t take long until I can take way more than one finger. Soon enough, he’s asking how I want him.

“Like this,” I decide. “Just like this.”

He gets on top of me, covering my body with his. It takes him a moment to maneuver in a way that makes it possible for him to enter me, but then he’s finally pushing in.

“Fuuuck,” I groan, loving how I’m completely under his control. He’s pinning my arms to the bed as he bottoms out inside of me, his breaths coming in fast. It’s so good with him. It always is. He makes me feel so safe, but horny as hell at the same time.

“So good…” He’s almost incoherent.

He fucks me like that for a very long time, driving me completely insane. Then, just as I’m about to come, he pulls out. I moan at the loss, but I soon realize what he’s up to. He flips me over, props my ass up so I’m angled just the right way, and then he’s pushing back in.

“I want to look at you while you come,” he breathes, his eyes locked with mine.

How can he move from dominant and forceful to sweet and considerate in a matter of seconds? I don’t have the answer, but I do know I love it. This way, I can touch him, which is a very nice bonus. I can rake my nails down his back, pull his face to mine so I can kiss him, and squeeze his ass. He pushes in even deeper, and when I look into his eyes, seeing how close he is, I can’t hold on anymore.

“Coming,” I grunt, closing my eyes for a moment to let the orgasm roll over me. It’s the most intense release I’ve had in a while, and that’s saying something, because sex with Andre is always explosive.

He comes seconds after me, burying his face against my neck as he grunts words I can’t possibly make out. We stay like that for another moment, but then he’s got to pull out. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable, unfortunately.

No matter how amazing the sex was, I think I love the moments afterwards even more. I clean up in the shower while he brushes his teeth, and we’re both still naked when I join him in front of the mirror. It’s the kind of intimacy that takes a while to accomplish, and I’m glad to know we’re finally there. He doesn’t stop me when I wrap my arms around him and move my hands over his chest while I hug him from behind. He preps my toothbrush for me, and tries to put it in my mouth without turning around. We both laugh when I end up with a cheek full of toothpaste.

Once we’re both cleaned up, we pull on boxershorts, but nothing else. He does turn off the light the moment we’re back in bed, but that’s okay. I’m tired anyway.

“I love you so much,” he whispers as he spoons me from behind.

“I love you too.”

More than I’ll ever be able to tell him. Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to show him. If I’m lucky, we have a lifetime together, after all.

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