Dreamy Dylan

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#64 Baby making juice

My anxiety is through the roof when I close the door of the guest bedroom behind me, that stupid plastic cup in my hand again. This time, it has to work. It just has to. Deidra was trying to be strong when I arrived, but I obviously shattered her last night. Imani is more practical, trying to keep both of us calm since panic definitely won’t help matters.

It’s just so weird. Women don’t even need to be turned on to get pregnant. Sure, it’s a lot more enjoyable for them if they are, but they basically only have to open their legs and let the man do his thing. The next nine months, it’s all her, one hundred percent, but that night that it happens… It’s up to me, not Deidra.

I settle on the bed and close my eyes, not taking off any clothes yet. Let’s first see if I can do this myself. My mind conjures up all the sexy images in the world, but it does absolutely nothing for me. A small twitch, maybe. That’s it. Porn doesn’t do the trick either, so after fifteen minutes of trying to do this on my own, I decide to take Andre up on his offer. Here we go…

“Hey love,” he says when he picks up, sounding way more relaxed than I feel. “Couldn’t resist, could you?”

I laugh, feeling so much lighter already. “You’re utterly irresistible.”

“I knew it.” His voice turns more serious then. “Same problem as last night?”

With a grunt, I confirm that. “Maybe I’m impotent or something.”

That makes Andre chuckle. “Don’t think I didn’t notice your boner this morning in bed, Dylan. I wasn’t in a position to do anything about it, for several reasons, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate you humping my leg before I got out of bed.”

He’s not wrong. I did wake up with a raging erection, trying to find some kind of relief. Didn’t work, of course. Andre had to get out of bed a minute later, and I knew I couldn’t jerk off.

“Okay, so maybe not impotent,” I agree. “Just… stressed.”

“Then let’s take care of that, shall we?” He sounds so sure of himself, his voice already dipping low. It’s the way he talks to me during sex. Already, my body seems to awake from its sexless slumber, anticipating what he’s going to say next. “I’ve been thinking about you wanting to fuck me ever since you said it yesterday morning.”

Okay, fuck. This is already working for me. “Yeah, you want that?”

Andre groans. “Hell yeah I want that. I’m thinking we should go through all the positions when we finally can sleep together again. I want you on top of me, behind me, next to me… All of it.”

My cock jumps to life, finally going half-mast. “Keep talking,” I plead.

“Are you getting hard for me, love?” He sounds a little smug now. “I knew you would. Did I already mention I’ve already got my hand down my pants?”

“Where are you?” I ask, my voice coming out strained.

“On the couch. I’m in those black sweats that you love to strip off me whenever you spot so much as the outline of my dick in them.”

I know exactly which ones he means. They’re a little more snug than any of his other clothes, and when I stare at his lower regions for long enough, he always gets hard, without me even needing to say or do anything. I’ve pulled them down to take him into my mouth often the past months.

My dick is now fully erect, and I rub it over my jeans. “Fuck, I wish I was with you.”

“Me too, love.”

“Do you have a favorite position? When you allow a guy to fuck you?”

“I think I’d like to look into your eyes when you take me for the first time.” His breaths are coming in fast. “You always look so surprised and amazed when I enter you. I wonder if you’ll have the same look on your face when it’s the other way around.”

“You always feel so good.” I’m unzipping my pants and struggling to slide them down while I keep my phone against my ear. “I’m rock hard, by the way.”

“Let me see,” he orders. “Let’s make this a video call.”

Holy. Shit. He doesn’t have to tell me twice. I immediately take the phone away from my ear and swipe to accept his incoming request. His eyes are dilated with lust when he sees me, and once again, he orders me to show me how much I want him. When I turn the camera so he can see my cock, I’m rewarded with a groan and a curse.

“Your turn,” I plead.

He indeed returns the favor, and I start to jerk off when I see his beautiful cock, his hand gently stroking it. This is definitely doing the trick for me.

“I wish you were here…”

“Oh yeah?” He’s still filming his cock, while I’ve just tossed my phone onto the bed, staring at the screen while I play with myself. “What would you do?”

“Rub myself all over you.” My breaths are coming in fast, and I feel like I’m on fire. “I’d wrap my lips around that gorgeous cock of yours and suck you until I drained you of everything you’ve got.”

“I’d love to join you.” His voice is so incredibly sexy. So deep, manly and sensual. He never talks to anyone like that. Just me. “Run my tongue all over your shaft while you blow me. Drive you crazy with need without giving you what you crave.”

“That’s so mean…” I’m already so close. “Give me what I want, Andre.”

He moves the camera up to his face, smoldering at me. I pick up the phone as well so he can see how much he’s managed to turn me on. He groans the second he sees my flushed face, the phone moving a little as he picks up the pace with his other hand. “Show me your cock again, love. Let me get off on watching you touch yourself.”

I can’t even see him with my phone turned this way, but hearing him groaning, and the unmistakable sound of his fist pumping up and down his erection… Fucking hell, I knew Andre could turn me on without any trouble, but this is next level. I can only hear him, and he’s not even giving me dirty talk. The mere idea of him getting off to me almost becomes too much.

“Coming,” he groans.

Quickly, I bring the phone up to my face, feeling damn lucky when he films himself while his cum shoots out onto his belly. He’s filming his stomach for me – his bare stomach. That level of trust, him overcoming his insecurities like this, that’s what does it for me. I barely have time to grab the plastic cup, making sure not a single drop of sperm gets spilled.

I almost forgot where I was and why we’re doing this.

“Did you just…?” Andre’s face appears back on my screen, and he’s smiling dopily.

“I did!” I show him the cup, feeling proud as fuck. “One cup of sperm, good to go!”

He laughs. “Go give it to the girls then.”

“Don’t go anywhere,” I order him while I wipe myself clean and pull up my pants. “I will be right back!”

I toss my phone onto the bed and run into the living room. Imani is in there alone today, since Deidra is in the bedroom. Her eyes widen when she sees me holding the cup.

“You did it!”

“Thanks to Andre.” I hand it to her, laughing when she wrinkles her nose at the cup. “Don’t make that face. It’s magical baby making juice.”

“Right.” A grin makes its way onto her face. “I’m going to erm…”

“Inject it into your wife’s vagina. I know. Go!”

She takes off like her ass is on fire, and I make my way back to the guest bedroom, where Andre is patiently waiting on the other end of the line. I settle against the headboard, smiling at him.

“Have I told you lately how much I love you?”

“Yes, but I don’t mind hearing it again.” His voice is back to normal but he still has that post-sex haze about him. “Did you give the cup to Deidra?”

I shake my head. “Imani. Don’t really want to see Deidra naked with her legs in the air or whatever she’s doing to make sure my sperm gets all the way in there.”

“The only person you should ever see naked is me.”

I shudder at how firm his voice is. For some reason, I quite like how possessive he is at this moment. It’s nice to belong to someone again. Heart, body and soul. I’m not a jealous guy myself, but it’s kind of nice that he is, at least a little bit. Not as much as Kian was though. Andre doesn’t mind that I hang out with Mila, Thomas and Tracy all the time, all of whom are into men, and that we’re very touchy feely when we’re together. He’s seen it for himself, and he didn’t blink an eye. Then again, he already knew what I’m like when we got together. The last thing he will ever try to do is change me.

“Seriously, I should have recorded everything you showed me tonight. Best porn ever.”

He laughs softly. “No need to record something I’m willing to give you anytime you want, love.”

Before I can respond, we’re interrupted by a high-pitched cry, followed by an earth-shattering moan.

“Was that…?” Andre looks a little spooked.

“I think Deidra is enjoying the insemination process,” I muse. “I read somewhere that it’s recommended for the woman to have an orgasm after being inseminated because the uterus contracts when a woman comes, and that helps the sperm to get as far up as possible. I think Imani and Deidra must have read the same thing.”

“Is it very different from sleeping with a man?” Andre asks, taking me off guard. “Can you feel that? The erm… uterus contracting? When you’re… in there?”

“Yeah,” I reply honestly. “But lots of women don’t come from intercourse alone. I usually made them come before entering them, and if they were particularly horny, rubbing their clit or doing something else they’re into would do the trick. It’s different than sleeping with a man for sure.”

“Is it…?” He looks like he’s not sure he wants to finish that question.

“No,” I reply anyway. “It’s not better. In fact, once I started sleeping with men, I always missed being able to be fucked when I was with a woman. Most women like to be a little more submissive, and that’s the role I like for myself. The women I was with for longer than a few hot nights were usually quite forceful and a little crazy, so I asked them to peg me.”

“To peg you,” he echoes.

“Yeah, that’s when-”

Finally, he grins. “I know what pegging is, Dylan. I just didn’t know this about you yet.”

“Please,” I scoff. “I’m a slut for your cock. That’s mostly because you’ve got the most gorgeous one I’ve ever seen, and the girth is magical for sure, but I’m also just very much into anal. Plugs, fingers, dildos, cocks… You name it, I want it inside of me.”

His grin turns dirty. “We should get some more toys then. I’m not usually into that, but using them on you sounds like the perfect night.”

“Be careful, or this video call will turn hot again in a couple of seconds.”

“You can’t, you have to do this again in two days, or did you forget?” He truly doesn’t seem weird about the whole baby thing anymore. I’m almost grateful for my meltdown last night. It might have been the breakthrough we needed. “In a week we can do anything we want. I can drive you insane with all the toys in the world, and you can finally fuck me for the first time. For now though…” His smile is so sweet it melts me. “Come home, love.”

That’s exactly what I do. Of course, I say goodnight to the girls first. Deidra is on the bed with a pillow under her hips and her legs up on the headboard, a blanket covering her body. Imani is still fully dressed, giving Deidra a relaxing scalp massage. They’re so cute together.

“See you in two days,” I tell them, waving from the threshold.

“Yeah,” Deidra replies with a happy sigh. “But I feel like this might be it already. Maybe you already knocked me up.”

“Easy there.” Imani shakes her head. “You know it might not work right away, honey.”

“I know, but it might!”

I leave them to talk things over, driving home to my man. My sweet, funny, hot-as-sin man, who is waiting for me with chips, beer, and a movie. He really is the full package, isn’t he?

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