Dreamy Dylan

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#66 You fucking destroyed me

By the time Andre finally walks into the library again, I’m vibrating with need. Yeah, we could go to the bedroom, but we decided not to. I already made this space incredibly romantic with the candles and all, and the rug is soft enough to be comfortable. Besides… hello, how sexy is it to have sex in a goddamn home library?

Andre looks a little unsure walking in without a shirt on, nothing but boxershorts hiding his body from me. Luckily, his awkwardness disappears almost immediately when he sees me lying on the rug, striking a come hither pose, stark naked, with a rose between my teeth.

“You’re insane,” he says with a naughty grin.

I take the rose out of my mouth and toss it aside. “Please, you love it.”

“I do.” He joins me, stretching out so he can pull me against him. “I love you madly, Dylan. I’ve been falling for you since the day we met.”

“Sorry it took me so long to get my head out of my ass.” I give him a kiss, already smiling at the stupid joke I’m about to make. “But I think I more than made up for it by letting you put your cock up my ass.”

He swats my rear end, laughing. “You sure did. Tonight, the roles are reversed. Just so you know… it’s been a while.”

That’s what I figured. He hadn’t had sex in ages before we got together, and he rarely lets anyone fuck him. Of course it’s been a while. That knowledge makes me even hotter. What we share, him and I, it’s special. In so many ways.

“Lucky for you I’m small,” I joke, pressing myself against his thigh. “I won’t hurt you.”

“You’re perfect.” He wraps a hand around my cock and groans when he feels the bead of precum at the tip. “And I know you’d never hurt me. That’s not why I’m nervous. It’s just…”

He doesn’t have to finish his sentence. I get it. He’s opening himself up to me both literally and figuratively, after just having agreed to move in with me here, in the house where I want to raise my kids. Our kids. This is so much more than just sex.

“I love you,” I whisper, looking deep into his eyes. “You and me, this is it. I know it is.”

He responds by kissing me hard and starting to jerk me off. I allow myself to enjoy his touch for a moment, but I know I have to pace myself. If I’m not careful, I will come way before I should, and ruin this special night. I push him off before we can get carried away and strip him of his boxer shorts. God, I love his cock. It’s perfect.

I tell him as much while I kiss my way down his body. As I lick and stroke every part of him, I do wonder what position will be best later on, when I enter him. He’s a big guy, bigger than any of my previous sexual partners. I’ll never say it out loud, but his belly is in the way sometimes. I don’t mind, it never takes away from how hot he is and how good it feels when he touches me, but I want to make sure that it won’t be awkward. From behind will probably be easiest, I guess? Then again I’d love to look into his eyes while I enter him, so I’m not sure. Maybe we should just try it and see where the night takes us.

First things first… I wrap my lips around his erection, taking him as deep as I can. Just like that, I awaken his more dominant side. He grabs my head and holds me still, fucking my mouth hard and fast. I dig my nails into his thighs, loving the sounds he’s making.

“Fuuuck,” he groans as he yanks me up by my hair, forcing me to stop sucking him like the most delicious lollipop in the world. “Too good.”

I know exactly how he feels. Both of us are ready to burst. “Let’s get you ready,” I groan, moving my fingers to his back entrance. I’m still between his legs, with the perfect view of where I’ll bury myself later. He shifts a little, propping himself up on his elbows so he can watch me while I carefully start to circle the small hole, pressing against it with my index finger.

As I look up into his eyes, I realize he’s still nervous. Whether it’s his body issues, the fact that it’s been a while, or the intensity of it all, I don’t know. What I do know is exactly how to make sure he knows I love every inch of him. He did just shower and douche, after all. He’s clean. One hundred percent. With a grunt, I bury my face between his legs, using my hands to push up his ass a bit. When he lets his legs fall open, I go for it. Lips, tongue, the whole damn thing.

It’s been a long time since I rimmed anyone, but there isn’t much to it. You just… well, devour the man you love, basically. He lets out a shocked moan, and then he melts into the rug, clawing at the soft pink material.

“Fuck, Dylan, fuck fuck… oh… that....” He’s utterly incoherent, and I love every second of it.

Once I’m absolutely certain he’s out of his mind with lust, not a trace of nerves left in his system, I pull back and take over with my fingers. He reaches out to hand me the lube at some point, and I use it to enter him with one finger, then two, on to three…

“Just take me,” he begs, bucking against my hand. “Please, Dylan.”

This is a different Andre entirely. Normally, I’m the one begging him to fuck me. He’s the dominant one, not me. I’m not taking control now either, not giving him the dirty talk he’s so good at. It’s not an entire role reversal, but it’s strangely nice to know I can do this to him.

“How do you want me?” I ask as I wipe my fingers on a tissue – not that there is anything to wipe off but lube, but still.

“Grab a pillow,” he orders, back to taking control in a flash.

I do as I’m told, using it to prop his ass up a bit. I position myself between his legs, struggling for a moment to find the right angle. He grabs my ass and helps me to find the perfect position, panting and groaning the whole time. We’re both covered in sweat, needing so much more than this.


“So ready.” He smacks my ass, his eyes shining brightly in the candle light.

Finally, I push into him. It feels even better than I thought it would. He moans in unison with me, his eyes rolling back for a moment. I bottom out, wishing for a moment I was bigger than I am, just so there would be more of me to be inside of him. That thought flies from my mind the second I start to move.

It’s too good to think.

For what feels like minutes and hours at the same time, I fuck him, I make love to him, I push in and out, and I let him dictate the pace completely. Even as a bottom, Andre is in full control, his hands on my ass deciding on the rhythm, his voice leading me to greater heights of pleasure, his eyes captivating mine.

“I want to come like this,” he tells me with a grunt. “After that, you’re going to pull out and put me on my hands and knees. I want you to fuck me from behind as you come.”

I shudder. “If we keep this up, I’m not sure I’ll manage to hold off on coming.”

“Then come with me, and fuck me from behind later.” He squeezes my ass. “You surely have more than one round in you, right?”

“Fuck yes.” Tonight, I will give him whatever he wants. I’m sure my body will happily oblige.

“Harder,” Andre orders. “I need to come, love.”

As I drive into him at a punishing pace, I feel his cock pulsate between us. He wasn’t kidding, he’s truly on the edge already. Right before he comes, he finds my puckered little hole with his fingers and pushes into me, curling one finger just so. Unable to hold back, I come hard and fast, right when he unloads himself on both of our stomachs.

“Holy…” I collapse on top of him. “Fucking… Andre… That…”

“Hmm,” he murmurs. “So good.”

When I get back to my senses, I pull out and roll onto my back on the rug, still trembling all over. He grabs a handful of tissues to clean both of us up before snuggling against me. I wrap my arm around him as he presses his face against my chest.

“Your heart is racing,” he says smugly.

“You fucking destroyed me.” I press a kiss to his forehead. “Give me a second before round two, okay? I don’t think I can move right now.”

His deep laugh reverberates through both of us. “Lying here in your arms is the furthest thing from punishment, love. Take all the time you need.”

We cuddle in silence for a while, staring up at the ceiling where the candles throw weird shapes in the shade. I get so comfortable I might drift off, but Andre makes sure I don’t by starting to play with my nipple.

“I’m moving in with you,” he whispers as he wakes up my body again. “This house will be mine too.”

“Yes,” I mumble. “But you don’t have to give up your apartment right away.”

“Why not?” His hand stills on my body. “Don’t you want me to?”

“I want you, all day, every day, for the rest of our lives,” I say before he can start to think something is wrong. “I want all of this. You know that. But I also know you have a complicated past, and giving up your own space is a huge thing. We’re not in a rush.”

“You’re so sweet.” He pushes himself up so he can kiss me tenderly. “I get what you’re saying, but I don’t want to let the past hold me back. You and me… We can’t compare that to any of the assholes that came before us.”

“And bitches,” I add. “Don’t forget them.”

He laughs. “Of course. What I’m saying is that I don’t want to wait. I don’t want an out, an escape. I’m all in. I’ll cancel my lease tomorrow.”

“You know that means…” I hesitate, not sure I should be talking about kids right now.

“I know what it means, Dylan.” His gaze is knowing. “I’m sure life will get hard sometimes, and we’ll fight, and not everything will be perfect. I’ll freak, or you’ll freak, and we’ll have to sort things out. I’d much rather do all of that together than apart.”

“And you’re okay with…”

Andre shuts me up by kissing me again. “Yes,” he says when we come up for air. “We’re having kids. It’s a scary concept, but… I’m in.”

No more words are needed. The fact that he just said we’re having them, and not just me, that says it all. He’s in. I’m in. This is it.

He rolls on top of me, and we kiss and grope each other for a while, until both of us are back to hard as a rock. Without speaking once, he gets off me and gets on his knees, bending over so his ass is in the air. I get on my knees as well, upright behind him. There is no more foreplay needed. I merely line up with his center and push in with a grunt, loving the way he gasps for air while goosebumps appear all over his back.

Round two is not as soft and sweet as the first time tonight. It’s more primal now, and he’s definitely no longer in control. I am, and I’m loving every second of it for once. I push on his back to force him further down, I squeeze and smack his ass, and I take him as hard and deep as I possibly can. I reach around him, finding his cock right away.

“Ah fuuuuck…” He sounds out of control when I start to jerk him off. “It won’t take me… long… to…”

“Come,” I groan, already on the edge myself.

He does, all over the new rug, but I don’t give a shit. We can clean it later. Right now, all that matters is how my balls draw up, and I release myself inside of him again.

So. Earth-shattering. Good.

No comparison. None at all.

This time, we get up right away, since I can tell he wants to clean up. I wouldn’t mind a shower either. Maybe a joint one, if he’ll let me.

“I need a moment…” He gestures to his belly, then to the door.

“Oh, sure!” I give him a quick kiss before he darts out of the room.

A little out of it, I look around and decide to try to get his sperm out of the rug. I shake my head at the mess we made, but I don’t mind at all. These are messes I love to clean up. By the time everything is squeaky clean and I’ve blown out all the candles, Andre calls out for me to join him in the bathroom.

I get that joint shower I wanted after all, soaping each other up and kissing so much we take forever to get clean. It’s the perfect end to the perfect night.

Actually, no, it’s not. The truly perfect end is falling asleep wrapped up in each other. In our bed, in our house.

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