Dreamy Dylan

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#80 Early vows

“Morning, fiancé,” Andre whispers as he drops featherlight kisses all over my face while I’m still waking up.

“Hmm,” I groan, forcing my eyes open. “Morning, babe.”

He snuggles up to me from the side, throwing his leg over mine as he puts his head on my chest. I shift a little to get more comfortable, wrapping my hand around his shoulder. To my surprise, I find naked skin underneath my fingers, which is hardly ever the case when I wake up in the morning. Andre may feel more comfortable around me, but he still sleeps in pajamas most of the time. Sometimes after sex he falls asleep naked, but we didn’t do anything last night, because it’s our wedding day today. We decided to wait until we’re married to have sex again. Well, to wait one day. We did have sex earlier this week.

“Are you naked?” I murmur, shifting again so I can feel him against me. This time, I’m fully awake, and now that I’m aware of exactly what I’m feeling, I realize he’s in nothing but boxershorts.

“I woke up early and already had coffee and showered.”

Translation: he spent thirty minutes on the toilet, then made coffee, probably went to the toilet again, and finally took a long shower to feel clean again. I know him well by now. It means he’s been up for an hour already.

“Are you okay?” I press a kiss to his forehead. “What time is it?”

“It’s already past ten, you little sleeping beauty,” he teases. “I thought it was time to wake you up so you can start getting ready for our wedding.”

“It’s not our wedding, it’s the courthouse thingy.” I refuse to call anything but our big castle extravaganza a wedding.

“Call it what you want, but you’ll still be my husband tonight.” Andre sounds just as happy as I feel about that. “Are you awake enough to hear my vows?”

“Your vows?” I croak, my voice still raw from just waking up. I cough, and he sits up immediately to grab the bottle of water from his nightstand. It’s the sweetest thing that he keeps it there, because Andre never drinks any when he’s in bed. Yet he makes sure there is fresh water there every single night, just so he can hand me a bottle when I wake up parched. If that’s not real love, I don’t know what is.

“I know we’re not doing long sappy vows today, because you want today to be practical, and not a real wedding, since there will only be four people present today.” Andre settles against the headboard as he grabs a piece of paper from the nightstand while I gulp down more water. “But I couldn’t sleep last night. It feels wrong to marry you without vows, so I wrote them anyway.”

“But… but we’re going to do that at the real wedding, the big one, at the castle!” I put the cap back on the bottle and turn so I’m facing him. “I didn’t write you any!”

“I promise to write new ones for that day.” Andre reaches out to squeeze my leg. He looks so comfortable, the blanket only covering his legs, giving me a lovely view of his naked upper body. I don’t often get to see him like this in the morning, not when without sex being involved.

“Are we still doing the no sex until we’re married thing?” I scoot a little closer. “You look incredible.”

He laughs, turning a little shy now. “Yes, we’re still doing that.”

“Okay, then I’ll just enjoy the view of my half-naked fiancé who wrote me vows.” I wink at him, loving how I affect him with nothing but words. If his complexion wasn’t so dark, I’m sure he’d be blushing. “Gimme those vows, Andre Peterson-Dyer.”

His smile could light up the world as I say the name he’ll have from this day forward. “Are you sure you’re ready for them, Dylan Peterson-Dyer?”

“Born ready, baby.”

He clears his throat and looks down at the piece of paper. “I’m not sure if they even count as vows. I’m not really making promises to you. I just wrote down why I love you so much.”

It’s so cute how nervous he’s getting when he already knows perfectly well I’ll be saying hell yes later today when asked if I want to become his husband. “That works out perfectly, because I love you too. Now stop fussing and read them to me!”

“Okay… well, Dylan…” He glances up, his eyes dancing with joy. “A little over two years ago, you walked into Liv’s bakery like the whirlwind you are, and I can honestly say my life has never been the same since you strutted in, yelling that you were a king, and making jokes about feeding people your cock.”

I chuckle at the memory. “I’m pretty sure you started with the innuendos, babe. Didn’t you tell me you liked it when men got on their knees for you?”

His grin is downright dirty. “I did, and I still love it when you get on your knees for me, but you do know why I said that back then, right?”

“Because your banter is always on point and I was literally on my knees in front of you?” I remember that day quite clearly too. I was begging Liv to let me design her new website for her the moment I learned she was expanding, opening a coffee shop with Andre.

“Mostly, I wanted to make sure I could slip into to conversation that I’m gay.” His eyes twinkle at my surprise. “I thought you were sexy the moment I laid eyes on you, love. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. You were so… well, you. And do you remember your first words to me?”

I think back, but I don’t know exactly what I said to him. “I know I came in, made a fool of myself as per usual, and dropped to my knees in front of you and Liv. I don’t remember what I said, I’m sorry.”

Andre has tossed the vows he wrote aside already, speaking from the heart. “You said: you’re new. Then you looked me up and down, taking in every single inch of me, and continued with: you’re cute. I swear to God I died a little that very second. How often do you think that happens to me, Dylan? How often do you think people see me, like what they see, and tell me to my face that they do?”

“It should happen every single day of your life.” I mean that from the bottom of my heart. “But I guess I should be glad people are stupid, because their ignorance helped me snag the best guy out there as my fiancé.”

He takes my hand in his, squeezing. “It had literally never happened to me before that day. Of course, Liv continued to tell me that you always told everyone they’re cute, so I figured that you probably didn’t mean it, but something… I don’t know, Dylan. Something about you told me that you wouldn’t have said it if you didn’t mean it. You were flirty with me from the start, but it was more than that. You were always telling me how great I looked, how amazing I was at my job, how funny my jokes were, how much you enjoyed hanging out with me… I still think that’s amazing. How you always speak your mind. Most people don’t bother telling others that, but you always tell every single one of your friends how much they mean to you. You give people compliments like it’s normal to praise everyone that way. No one does that.”

“They should.” It’s humbling to see how much me being my normal self affected him these past two years. For me, it’s normal to sing people’s praises. If someone is awesome, you should tell them, right? “I meant every single word, Andre. I really thought you were cute from the moment we met.”

“I know that now.” He sighs happily. “So yeah, I made that joke about loving a man on his knees just so you’d know I was gay. And then you dropped the bomb about being very happy with your boyfriend, so I put all hopes of ever asking you out in a little box that I stuffed away, and focused on becoming your friend. I figured our banter didn’t mean there was a spark between us. I tried to tell myself that it was all in my head. That I just because I was crushing on you like a goddamn idiot didn’t mean that anything would ever happen.”

I knew he liked me before we got together – I’m not an idiot – but I had no idea it all started that day we met. I didn’t feel something like that between us until later, when we were already friends. Or maybe I just didn’t allow myself to feel anything at first, because I was with Kian back then, convinced that our relationship would last. When I finally came to my senses, it was hard to tell when the feelings started. I just knew they had been there for a while already, waiting for me to finally notice what was right in front of me.

“So you’ve basically been in love with me for over two years?” I tease. “Pining much?”

He rolls his eyes. “You know damn well I was definitely pining for you. You were killing me when you started turning on the charm for real. That day you showed up at my place, telling me that you and Kian were over, and that you wanted me…

“Don’t say it was the best day of your life,” I warn him lightly. “That’s an insult to all the amazing days we’ve had since.”

“True, but it was really amazing. We kissed for the first time that morning, remember?”

“Of course I remember!” I move in closer so I can give him that kind of tender kiss. One full of promises for the future. Back then, it was the promise that after flirting and aching for each other for so long, we could finally date for real. Right now, it’s the promise that we’ll get married later today, and that we’ll stay together for the rest of our lives, raising kids together, loving each other unconditionally.

“Back to my vows,” he breathes when we break apart. He picks up the piece of paper and tries to figure out where he left off. “Right, so… I liked you from the moment we met. It took us some time to get to where we are now, and I didn’t exactly make things easy for you, but you don’t hold that against me. Your ability to forgive the people who hurt you – including me – is one of the many reasons I love you.”

“You never hurt me,” I protest.

“I walked out on you after we first had sex,” he reminds me. “And I said no to your proposal.”

I wave away his words. “We talked those things out, and we’re stronger for it.”

Andre’s smile is full of love. “Not many people are capable of moving past things like that. You always see the good in me, and you refuse to believe I’d do something just to hurt you. You always try to understand why I act the way I do, and you’re willing to forgive me when I mess up. That’s the way you love, and I adore you for it.”

“That’s normal,” I mutter, starting to feel shy under all this praise.

“It is for you, which is exactly why you’re such an amazing person.” He looks back down at his vows. “Another reason why I love you so much is that you’re fiercely loyal. Not just when it comes to me – you are that way with all your friends and family. Also… you’re insane.”

I smack his arm. “These vows suck.”

He grabs my legs to pull me closer, kissing me again. “Insane in the best possible way,” he murmurs. “I love how comfortable you are in your own skin. Before we got together… I don’t think you realized back then how much you were teaching me about self-worth. I was already pretty happy with who I was, but my insecurities still caught up with me from time to time. Meanwhile, you ran around making jokes about your small dick, calling yourself an idiot, chatting easily about how you got tested for ADHD as a kid, being open about your sexuality, even talking about your preferences when it came to porn… You’re such an open book, totally happy with who you are. That’s not just sexy as hell, it’s an inspiration as well. You taught me how to love the parts of myself I didn’t even realize I hated.”

We both know what he’s talking about, so I don’t say it. Instead, I touch his chest, his belly, and squeeze his love handles. “Hate is such a useless emotion. And you’re absolutely gorgeous.”

“When you say it, I can’t do anything but believe it.”

There we go again, kissing and touching. We stop before things get too hot and heavy, knowing we want to save the sex for tonight.

“Any other reasons why you love me?” I ask hoarsely, nodding at the paper on the bed.

He picks it up and smiles. “How easy it is to make you happy. If you have a soft rug to pet, your day is already perfect. You enjoy the little things in life. I love you’re still a little boy at heart. I love how good you are with kids. I love how hard you work, and that you hardly even seem to see your own business as real work, because you do something you love. I think you’re sexy, and I love the way you dress. I adore that you love karaoke even though you can’t sing for shit. How you eat popcorn at the gym. I love how cute you get when you’re high as a kite, and how you giggle when you’re tipsy. I love every single thing about you, body and soul.”

I feel so blessed that I get to marry this sweet, wonderful man. “I’m really sorry I didn’t write you any vows. But I hope you know I love you the same way. I think that what I love most about our relationship is that we’re not just lovers, you know? We were friends first, and we still are. You’re not just the guy I want to fuck, you’re also my best friend, and that is rare. I’ve never had that with anyone before, men or women.”

“Same here.” He kisses my nose, all cute and cheesy. “Oh, and I forgot to include it, but I also love that you’re so patient.”

“Right back at you. You’re beyond patient. You’re calm and rational and so sweet. You make me feel so…” I don’t even know how to describe it. “You can slow down my mind when I’m reeling, but you also light me up from the inside out, and get me all hot and bothered with nothing but a look. You don’t just accept all the different parts of me, but you love me for being a weirdo. You make love so easy, Andre. Loving you is the easiest thing I have ever done.”

“I’ve been reading romance novels for years now, and you make me feel like I’m living in one,” he breathes, his eyes locked with mine. “I know you don’t see today as our real wedding, but still… We’ll officially be husbands after the courthouse ceremony. We’ll have the same last name. It’s so special I can’t even wrap my mind around it.”

“It is,” I agree. “It definitely is.”

Andre groans when I press myself up against him. “We should get out of bed, or I’ll end up doing something I’ll regret.”

“Like what?” I tease, grabbing his cock through his boxer shorts.

“Like putting you on all fours and claiming your ass,” he grunts, hauling me on top of him completely. “Like sucking you off until you’re begging for me to make you come. Like giving you the present I got you way too early.”

“Present?” I moan, ready to forget all about our agreement of no sex until we’re married. “What present?”

He pushes me off so he can get out of bed and grabs a box from his side of the wardrobe. I eagerly pull off the ribbon so I can open the lid, groaning when I see what’s inside. It’s every single toy you can possible think of when it comes to anal sex. Plugs in all shapes and sizes, made from different materials. Beads, P-spot vibrators, even a tail.

“I still haven’t made good on my promise to give your ass the night of its life,” Andre teases, winking at me. “I figured tonight might be a good time to start.”

“Do we really have to wait?” I pull out a glass plug, touching it reverently. “Can’t you give me a little preview?”

“No.” He takes the plug from me and closes the box. “It’s so much more fun to leave you sexually frustrated all day. You’ll be ready to go the moment we get home after the wedding.”

“It’s not a wedding,” I complain half-heartedly. “But yes, I’ll definitely be ready. I already am.”

He smirks, and it’s so sexy I almost combust. “I know, love. Hold that thought, okay? I’ll make it worth your while.”

I know he will. He always does.

Somehow, we manage to leave the bedroom without getting carried away, and we get ready for the courthouse together. It’s not a wedding, but of course I’m still wearing a suit. It’s the powder blue one I bought when I was working with the fairy bakery, during the week I was away from Andre and finally realized I was falling in love with him and needed to break up with Kian. I haven’t worn the suit since buying it, and I love to think that it was because somehow, I knew I was saving it for today.

Andre wears slacks and a red checkered button-up shirt – a wink and a nod to his normal attire. No baseball cap, of course.

When Thomas arrives to pick us up, with Ivan in the passenger seat, we’re ready to tie the knot. Imani and Deidra will meet us at the courthouse. One hour from now, we’ll officially be married. I’ll be Dylan Peterson-Dyer.

I can’t wait.

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