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Jenny has trouble making friends. Her parints are criminals in disguise so, when someone would figure out they would have to move ,making her go to a new school. By the time Jenny turnd 14 her mother got cancer.Her mother pased away 2 yaers later. Now It's Jenny's turn to take her mother's place in being a criminal. She has her dad, brother, and do puff that need her to succsed but life gave her a problem. When a talle deep blue eyed boy is new to her school she cant help but studder around him. But she cant no one would like a girl like her." You sure about that"?

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Beep,beep,beep! "I dont want to get up"! "Jenny you have school, that cloock has been going off for ten minutes" shouted Mr.Caribbean. Jenny sat up slowly streching each one of her legs and arms. she yawns as she stands up yelling "Ok Im up dad!" back to Mr.Caribbean. She gose to her closet not knowing what to put on for school. She decides on a black t-sheert with a pair of riped blue jeens. Jenny puts her hair in a high ponytail. dashing a bit of powder on to her taned face. She graps her white converses and put's them on her cold feet. Jenny gose to rach for her bag and a pair of boot's for when she has to go on a mission so there would be no evdice frome her shoes. As she heads out for the door she stumbles across a shiney crystal. Jenny beands down and grabs the crystal but instantly drops it holding her hand in pain from the burn the crystal had left. She holdes her breth trying not to screem.
Jenny raps her hand in a cloth and heads down stars. As she makes it down she sees her brother" Jackson where is dad". I see as my three year chest nut haired brother having truble gitting the words out of his mouth. I walk tword him saying " Jackson I wont get mad ,you can tell me anything you know that right?" He looked up at me with a week smile and says" y-y-y-ya I know." I pull him in to a hug trying to make him feel safe. When a quiet voice say's " Da-dad we-went t-t-t-to the b-bar" You would think I would be shocked but, no. He has beed doing this seens mom had passed away. He dose it to calm him down and numb the pain he tells us. But I know that It is not going so well. As you can guss my dad is gone and I have school there is no one wuld be at home to wach my little brother. My dad has his good times when he is nice enough to hire a babysitter for my brother. Thou most the time I end up hireing the babysitter and paying them. I picked up my phone and went on the 123 babys to find a babysitter.
It turns out that there are varey few to pick frome because most of them are booked for the next few months. I scrowl down and see a 5 stared rated man named Ethan Cash. sounded like a nice boy. As soon as I looked at his scedule it had showed he only babysitted on the weekends. I was disponted. I look at the clook on are lime green wall and see that I only have a few minits befor my bus arrives. I close my eyes and pick the ferst one I touch. it just so happends to be aold lady only a block away. I give her a quck call and ask her to wach my brother as I was at school. She had told me only if I had droped him off over there and picked him up. I relly did not have the time but, as I turned around and saw Jackson making a cute face as he wachs a kid show named Blippy I sigh saying ok I wil be ther in a bit. " wonderfull I'll be wating" says the old women as she hung up the phone. I grab my brother and a few of his things and run as fast as I could thinking I am not going to make it. I knock on the ladys door as I cach my breath knowing I am about to do It all over agin so what is the point. She opens the door and taks my brother. She had toled me to go or I would be late for school. I look at the clook and see that my bus had already passed by my house.
I make a sharp turn around one of the best bakeries in the world and race the bus. I was dying. I had to jump over a kid that had a green shert. He had a bad adtued! "I need to cach my breth" I think to myself.I I take a deep breath and look up. "The bus!" I shouted. I could feel all the eyes of the peolpe on me. I coulldent understand why this had to happen. To top it all off the bell rings." huh". My day cant get any worse. I just decide to walk the rest not like I wasnt late already. I make It to shcool and I see the principal and my teacher standing in front of the big doors that are supposedly warm and welcomeing. at least that is what we where told on the ferst day at the high school. I look a little closer and I see a kid behind the teacher. But just a glance I didnt see much ."Miss.Caribbean I would ask you why you are late for the 3rd time this week, but instead I will give you detention". "WHY"! "Because we said so" sniped back my teacher mrs.Cupid. I dont get her last name. Cupid is an angl of love but, I think she is the teaching demon of hell. "Miss.Caribbean I would like it if you show the new kid around". Just as I was about argue back with Mr. Bckett a tall muscular man with deep blue eye's and dark brown hair comes out from behind the tacher. He was wering a tight blue shert and some jeans. "Hello my name is Ethen". Why dose his name seem so familiar?"Hello are you still haer"? "Yes" I say nervsly". "O-Ok then let me finish My name is Ethen Chash".What!

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