The Ranch

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Jake Inherits a Ranch from his father's passing; now he needs to get it back into shape. Lisa is abandoned by her self- centered mother and drug using father, left to survive and find her way. Will fate bring these two together?

Romance / Drama
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Hello, and thank you for reading. In case you haven't seen the notice on my wall, this story is being Re-written. The characters will stay the same for the most part, but perspective and certain scenes will change.

I wrote this a while ago - it was my first ever attempt at writing something the "Proper" way. I use that loosely. Since then, I have started and nearly finished several other stories. My skillset has changed, and so have my ideas for this story.

Again, thank you for clicking on this book. I hope you visit again when my revision is complete. 05-16-2022


I pulled up to the gate outside the property and put the old pickup in park. The windshield wipers skipped across the glass, I switched them off along with the headlights. It was down to a small drizzle now anyway, and light was filling the valley behind the clouds. I walked to the gate and cursed, seeing a padlock and chain around the post. “Fucking scumbags”, I thought to myself. I fetched the bolt cutters from the bed of the truck and removed the obstruction.

Dad evicted the tenants for non-payment of rent and suspicion of cooking meth. A suspicion well founded because of the sheriff constantly visiting the property and reporting property damage and improper disposal of hazardous materials back to us. The sheriff served them the notice and saw to the eviction. Shortly after this, Dad passed, leaving me the ranch. While sad, it was not unexpected. He had been battling lung cancer for a while, the meds and treatments helped a little but unfortunately it was time.

He had been a truck driver for 40 years, driving across the country hauling produce. The ranch was purchased for the business back in the day, a place to park and work on the trucks he purchased. It had a large shop big enough to hold two trucks, and a 3 bedroom single-story house. After he retired he sold the rigs and rented the property out. He lived in his condo in Mexico rather than the property here in Oregon. He never really stayed there anyway after mom left and took me with her. But I grew up, graduated high school and bought my rig. I always saw him whenever I could and helped where I could.

My name is Jake Marshall, owner of Marshall Trucking. I’m a 30-year-old single truck driver that’s tired of long hauling across the country. I had been considering converting my old sleeper truck into a daycab for local haul work. I didn’t know how I was going to do that until now. This property is a tremendous step for me. Best part is a good friend of mine, Carl, lives down the highway a couple miles who works for an outfit looking for an end dump hauler. Something to give thought for the spring.

My old pickup bounced its way along the half mile gravel driveway to the ranch. The small block 350 under the hood of my semi restored 1968 chevy grumbling along to the sound of Sammy Kershaw on the radio was a decent start to the morning. I smiled as I came around the last bend and the house came into view. The single story ranch house with the wrap-around porch…. Well, it definitely needed some work to say the least. The white paint was peeling badly, and the false window shutters were falling off. Aside from the cosmetics though it didn’t look too bad, I dreaded what I’d find inside though.

I parked the truck in front of the shop, noting a missing roll-up door, “fucking tweakers” I said to myself. I didn’t even want to think about that damn cost right now. I wanted to check out the inside of the house, anyway. The shop and its needed repairs could wait. I’ve got to get the house in livable shape for my move in. After dad passed, I moved my LLC to Oregon and set up here. No point in renting it out again, anyway. I’m a single guy with one business, no family, and most of my friends drive. They could always stop by here to visit with ample parking.

I grabbed my coffee mug and flashlight, stuffed my pistol in my coat pocket and headed towards the side door of the house. The door opened easily into the large kitchen. It was a disaster. The recessed lights were missing, countertops covered in garbage and dishes with rotten food. The appliances were missing, and they destroyed the hardwood floors throughout the house. The only thing I could do was shake my head and curse in disappointment. How the fuck could anyone completely fuck up someone’s house like this?

It needed to be damn near gutted. Fortunately, the ceiling had no stains or signs of water damage, dad’s old tin roof choice has apparently held up well. Fuck it, I’ll take this as an opportunity to update the old house, modernize it, make it mine. I’ve got the money I’ve saved and made smart decisions.

I’m just not happy about having to wait even longer to move in, I guess I could park my travel trailer next to the shop and live there while the work is being done. Winter is around the corner and I usually park the rig for the season anyway, I could check out the shop and see about garaging the old Kenworth in there.. yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll do. I walked back out to the truck and put my things back in the cab. I grabbed my phone off the dash mount and dialed up the dumpster service. A gravelly voice I recognized picked up.

“Joe’s waste service, Joe speaking.”

I smiled, “Hey Joe! Jake here, how ya doin ol’ timer?”

The recognition showed in his voice. “Jake?!, holy shit! Who the fuck let you back in the state, you son of a bitch!” he chuckled, “What d’ya need, buddy? We ain’t hiring convicts if that’s what yer lookin for.” He laughed, turned into a nasty cough, evidence of the 40 or so years of chain smoking.

“Aw hell, I don’t work for cheap crooks anyway, Ol’ man,” I said, feeding his humor back.

“Hell, Jake, it’s good to hear from ya. Hey I heard about yer ol man. Im uh, well hell we’re all sorry to hear about it Jr.” Joe’s voice cracked on the other end of the line. He and dad had been good friends for years. He coughed once and continued, “Anyway Jake, I hear ya got his Ranch. You moving in, huh?”

“Yeah,” I said, “That’s why I’m calling. The tenants trashed the entire damn place. I’ve got to gut the damn house, redo the whole thing Joe, need a couple dumpsters for the waste and construction cleanup.”

“Sure, sure buddy. I’ll have Becca run one up there tomorrow morning. That work for ya?”

A loud CRASH sounded from the shop. I grabbed the gun from my coat and told Joe that sounded great,

and hung up. Phone in my pocket and gun held in front of me, I slowly made my way towards the missing door. Stupid! I should have checked the shop first.

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