Like A Phoenix

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"I'll rise like a Phoenix." Cathalina was killed by the love of her life. Azrael is a new villain and Nathanielano wants him gone He kidnaps Azraels righthand Morana. Things don't go according to plan. People are killed, hurt and secrets are revealed. How can one love when there is: Deception. Sex. Power. Lies. Revenge. Money. When someone is killed do they really stay dead or do they rise up

Romance / Action
Christel Loubser
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I would like to thank all my friends especially Armand and Hennie. Armand you designed this beautiful book cover for me. Once again thank you. Hennie you encouraged me to keep writing, to beat my deadline. Thank you. To my other friends, I didn’t leave you out. Thank you for your support.

Please note I am not Italian nor do I speak it with that did I not trust google translate so when you read words that are written in italic it means that the conversation is in Italian.

Also note this story is not a copy of 365 days. I started writing this book in 2017 but stopped then in 2019 stated with another one and this year with lockdown I decided to combine the stories and make a new one.

This is a first draft and there may be some spelling errors.

Thank you.

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