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Halo McClelland is your average open gay with a passion for baking, dedicated to his friendships and just looking to have a good time while not taking any smack from other humans. Romeo Washington or Rome as he liked to be called, is the type of guy who would back you up in any situation and also proclaimed to be bisexual that no one believed. He, himself thought that he would never find anyone especially since he preferred men more. Halo rushed into his life as a green blur rushing out of school in the rain and Rome’s justice man suit played its card and unknowingly, fate brought him and Halo McClelland together for a joy ride neither expected. Cover done by: the_nerd.artist

Romance / Humor
Vanessa Nicole
Age Rating:

Chapter One

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Rome ran to his car as the rain suddenly poured down on him with lightning striking down! He climbed into the driver’s seat and sat down heaving in a sigh of relief, “Well this sucks,” he commented seeing that his car seat was now soaking in the water from his clothes. Rome stared out of the windshield and saw that he was raining cats and dogs.

Chucking his backpack to the back where it landed on the backseat. He took off his baseball jacket and placed it on the floor at the back.

Fastening his seatbelt, he started the engine and drove off school grounds. Stopping at the first stop street; looking up into the rearview mirror, he saw that a boy dressed in a green tracksuit was walking out from the school gate.

Looking away, he drove off to the mall where he bought himself new running shoes.

Stopping at a coffee shop, he bought himself a coffee then drove back home. On his way back, he passed the school and just as he was nearing his area, he saw that same boy wearing the green tracksuit at a crossing.

‘How long has it been since I left school? He walked so far, we’re at least thirty minutes away from school,’ he said to himself.

Driving up to the boy, he rolled down the passenger side window and stopped the car, hooting he yelled, “Get into the car, I’ll take you home!”

The boy stopped walking and looked into the car with his hand covering his eyes from the rain; the boy’s eyes widened as he recognizes Rome. Shaking his head quickly, he yelled over the rain, “Thanks but it’s okay, I live not too far away from here.”

Rome frowned, “It’s raining and you’ve been walking for over thirty minutes, don’t be stubborn and just get in, I’ll take you home.”

The boy shook his head, “I said it’s okay,” he said and started walking again.

Rome glared at the boys back and drove up to him again, climbing out of the car, he ran after the boy and dragged him back to his car, shoving him inside the car, he locked the car then jogged over to his side, unlocked it and climbed back in.

Starting his car up again, he wound the window up and looked at the boy, he was about to reprimand him but saw who it was, “I told you it was fine,” the boy said snapping Rome out of his thoughts.

Fastening his seatbelt, he drove off saying, “Stop being stubborn. Fasten your seatbelt.” The boy sighed and did as he was told, “I’m Rome,” Rome introduces himself and held out his left hand instead of his right.

The boy looked at Rome’s hand and hesitantly shook it with his right, “I’m Halo.”

Rome hummed, “It’s nice to meet you.”

Halo stared at Rome after pulling his hand away and after a moment he said, “We’ve met many times before, you know… All those times when your best friend kept calling me a faggot.”

Rome pressed his lips together, coming to a stop, he turned to look at Halo, “Yeah, sorry about him, he has his reasons for disliking gays.”

Pressing on the gas and letting the handbrake down he asked, “So where do you stay?”

Looking out the window, Halo answered, “Two streets before your street.”

Rome’s brows knitted, “How come I’ve never seen you around here before?”

“I prefer to stay indoors,” Halo answered in a whisper.

Rome looked over at him briefly then handed him his coffee, “Here, I drank half of it already, hope you don’t mind, it’ll keep you warm until you get home.”

Halo looked at the coffee cup held in front of him then looked at Rome. Turning back to the cup he took it brushing his hand accidentally against Rome’s as he whispered, “Thank you, Romeo.”

Rome sighed hearing his first name being called, “Please don’t call me that.”

Halo hummed as he sipped from the entrance Rome drank from, after swallowing he asked, “Why not? I like your name, it suits you better than Rome.”

Rome reached over and switched on the heater, side-eyeing Halo he answered, “My parents were crazy for naming me that, but thank you… you have beautiful eyes… they suit you just as your name does,” Rome added slightly embarrassed.

Halo’s face flushed at the compliment.

Looking at Rome, he couldn’t help it but the fluttering of butterflies in his stomach made him nervous.

Thinking it over, he said, “Thanks.”

“From who did you inherit them?” Rome asked conversationally as he switched gears.

Looking out of the window, Halo answered, “From my late grandfather.”

“Ah shit, sorry,” Rome apologized.

Halo chuckled with a slight shake of his head, “Don’t be, I never knew him, he died before I was born.”

Rome relaxed after hearing that. He looked over at Halo again before turning to the road, “I’ve spoken to Adrian about being resentful towards gays, but he won’t listen.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to apologize for him, he’s grown, he should know what’s right and wrong,” Halo answered noting down the word ‘resentful.’

Rome nodded his head, “Do you always leave school this late?”

“Ah no, only Tuesday’s and Thursday’s since I have club activities,” Halo answered with a spark in his emerald eyes.

Rome raised a brow noticing the happiness in Halo’s voice, changing gears, he snuck a glance and saw that Halo was looking at him eagerly.

Smiling Rome continued, “Oh yeah? What club are you apart of?”

Halo beamed, “Arts and Foodies,” Halo answered.

Narrowing his eyes on the road Rome asked, “Foodies? You mean that club that organises the drinks and food for other clubs and school functions?”

“Yup!” Halo answered popping the ‘p’.

Rome smirked and looked over at Halo, “What do you do?”

“Well since the beginning of the year, I’ve been the vice president, I make sure everything is in order and come up with recipes,” Halo answered, thinking for a moment, he looked ahead when Rome turned into the street and said, “It’s the yellow house.”

Rome nodded and stopped in front of it.

Halo rummaged through his bag and pulled out a brown paper bag, handing it to Rome, he said, “Take this as payment.”

Rome nodded and smiled, “Well, here we are, shower when you get inside and climb into bed after eating and taking vitamins.”

Halo looked at him for a second then smirked, undoing the seatbelt, he leaned over to Rome’s ear and whispered, “Yes daddy.”

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