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Chapter 3

All eyes landed on me when I burst into the school. Everyone stopped what they were doing, a couple pencils fell to the ground and my heart pounded almost loud enough for everyone to hear. I stood, frozen in place, my feet felt like ten pound weights that I couldn’t move no matter how hard I tried. Faster than my mind could comprehend, Quinn grabbed my shirt sleeve and pulled me along with her down the hallway. Everyone still stared as we passed by with Quinn apologising to everyone as if I were her responsibility. I politely smiled and nodded my head to random people as if apologising as well. Quinn pulled me along into the girls bathroom.
“Some grand entrance you made,” she said with a little attitude in her voice.
“Look Quinn, I would love to talk but I do not want to be late for class!” I explained. She still had a grip on my shirt which made me kind of nervous.
“Look Hailee, things might be different in New York but here you don’t do stuff like that, people might think…”
“Why should I care what people think about me?” I interrupted her. It was obviously just to make me feel better about myself because deep down I really did care. Stunned with my answer Quinn stood in silence. She looked as if to say something but just couldn’t find the words.
“It’s just,” Quinn struggled to speak. “It’s just, grand entrances are Everest’s thing, ya know?” Now I was the one that couldn’t find any words.
“Excuse me but have I been transported to the alternate universe of high school musical? Is Sharpay not happy that I have stolen her thing? I’m sorry but this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! Tell Sharpay to grow up! And find a hobby, Quinn, Everest can look after her self!” I jerked my arm out of her grip and stormed out of the bathroom and ran straight into someone. I didn’t look up at them, didn’t care to know who the heck it was either.
“Sorry” I barely managed to say as I ran off to class. I made another grand entrance three minutes after the bell rang in Ms. Raymond’s Biology class. Ms. Raymond was in the middle of introducing herself to the class when I bursted in. She stopped, and looked over at me with a frozen yet annoyed look an her face. With her lips pursed and her glasses tipped down to the edge of her nose she looked me dead in the eyes like she were staring straight through me.
“Can I help you?” She asked. She had a British accent that I knew was going to get annoying.
“Ah yes,” I walked over to her desk and propped my heavy backpack on it. Ms. Raymond narrowed her eyes on me, I could tell she didn’t like my stuff on her desk. I pulled out a slip of paper that I was told to give to her. She pulled her glasses back up to her eyes and studied the paper. “Oh yes! I know who you are,” she handed me the paper back and studied the room of people.
“Ms. Raymond!” A familiar voice said.
“Yes Kevin.” Ms. Raymond said in the most disappointing tone.
“Can Hailee sit by me?” Kevin asked.
“Well Mr. Summers isn’t here yet…so I suppose,” Ms. Raymond nice and easily shoved my backpack that was sitting on her desk back into my arms. I thanked her and sat down beside Kevin and got my books out. Too bad Andrew wasn’t in this class, I would have gladly voluntarily sat beside him any day, but I’ll have to settle for Kevin.
“Ok class! So sorry for that little interruption!” Ms. Raymond glared at me. “This is our new student all the way from the big apple. Hailee, please stand up and introduce yourself.”
My face grew hot, my heart started racing, and I couldn’t catch my breath. Ok, chill out Hailee, it’s simple, just get it over with. I stood up trying not to freak out, I don’t know why this was such a big deal for me, but then again I was the girl that had a panic attack in a strip mall.
“Um, I’m Hailee Hunter, I’m from New York City, I’m seventeen, and you all clearly don’t care about this stuff and it was nice to meet you all.” I sat back down and let out a breath of relief. But I breathed in more anxiety when the door swung open and a tall figure stormed in.
“Mr. Summers, you late.” Ms. Raymond told him. He came up with a really long story about why he was late and it seemed like every other word he said was a curse word. Zeke Summers, being late and cussing was probably all he was good at. He looked winded like he ran in here like I did, his hair was a perfect mess and he wore all black like the night before. When he looked around at the room for a seat I held up my book to hide myself behind it. When I was sure that the bad boy had found his seat two tattooed fingers with chopped off fingernails slid over the top of my bio textbook and pulled it down. Two deep blue eyes were staring back at me. I could feel the sweat dripping down my neck and my dry chapped lips were trembling. I could smell the cigarette smoke on him that was masked with cologne.
“My chair” he said simply. His voice was deep and antagonising. It made my skin feel with chill bumps and made my heart turn inside out.
“What?” I asked, it was the only word I could possibly muster. He rolled his eyes off in the distance but finally met mine once again.
“Your in my chair. Get up.” He demanded. Oh! Why didn’t it click in my head before. Mr. Summers was late so I took his seat. Normally, for anyone else I would have given up my seat, but for this jerk… absolutely not. I cleared my throat, placed my hands on my desk and stood up. I stared him in the eyes trying to be brave. Our faces were so close I could feel his hot breath which made my knees weak.
“I don’t know how to put this nicely, so I won’t.” I said. He still stared in anticipation as I paused for a dramatic effect. “Hell no.” I sat back down in my chair and crossed my arms. He leaned back up off my desk with the most arrogant look on his face. A bunch of other guys laughed and joked about it and all the girls giggled. He smirked with an evil look in his eyes.
“Okay.” He said simply. Wow I was not expecting it to be that easy, but it’s good now that he knows I don’t take no crap. Zeke made some other kid get up from the back row, sat down and propped his feet up on the desk. Maybe just maybe I have earned Zeke Summers respect and all I had to do was speak his language.
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