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Chapter 4

Tip toeing to my front door was the hardest thing to do considering every step I took the whole house seemed to creak. But after five or six nights of doing this I was getting pretty good at it. Grabbing the door knob I carefully opened the front door. It squeaked and creaked and every other sound it could possibly make. I carefully closed the door behind me and locked it. I tip toed through the kitchen and picked me up a slice of pizza and headed back towards the door.
“Hailee!” My dad yelled from his bedroom. Shoot. I dropped my head then rushed towards the door. “Hailee is that you?” My dad rushed out of his bedroom and caught me right before I slipped out the door. I won’t give you details, all I could tell you is I closed my eyes and winced at the pain. Every touch on my skin, every word coming out of his mouth gave a new definition to hurt. Sometimes I couldn’t help but ask ‘why me!’ Why was I the one in this situation? I didn’t want to deserve it but I know I did. I deserved all the pain all the suffering. Some crappy cards I was dealt. The sound of my dads voice was anything but safe and comforting like a dads voice was supposed to be. I had nothing, no safe place, I just wish for once I could feel safe, I wish I could just get a break! My dad finally went back in his bedroom and that’s when I made my escape. But first I went to the bathroom to examine the damage he had done. I had bruises on my neck and around my collar bone. My arms were equally as bruised only with more blood. And my bottom lips was busted and bleeding. I took an old rag and wet it with water and carefully wiped down my new wounds. I covered my arms back up with a hoodie and grabbed my stuff. I carefully opened the door only to find Quinn who was about to knock on the door.
“Oh hey!” She beamed. She was looking like a goddess with her hair curled and her makeup done with a super cute outfit on. Meanwhile I looked like a homeless person.
“Shhh!” I told her and I carefully closed the door.
“What is it?” She asked, clearly not listening to my shhh.
“My dad…” I had to stop myself from speaking, I almost let out one of my deepest darkest secrets. “My dad is asleep.” I told her.
“Oh I’m sorry.” She apologised. I pulled her down the front porch steps away from the house so my dad couldn’t hear us. Then I remembered I didn’t like her and completely changed my expression to deadly. “What do you want?” I crossed my arms.
“Look, I know you don’t necessarily like me right now,” Quinn started.
“Yeah, no kidding,” I said.
“But I want a second chance. Just so you know, I took your advice to heart and I am starting over, getting rid of toxic friendships and relationships and I want to know if you would like to help me make that happen? You inspired me.” Said Quinn. Ok, I was not expecting that. How exactly does someone like me inspire a queen like her? I mean she’s so perfect, her skin is the most beautiful tone of cocoa and her brown eyes were way prettier than mine and she had the perfect body and…this is not helping my self confidence one bit.
“Quinn, I…”
“Please Hailee. Look, I am trying, I am really trying, Please.” She pleaded. I looked up at the sky and took a deep breath.
“Okay,” I told her.
“Yes!” Quinn screeched and gave me a big hug. “Thank you so much, Hailee.”
“No problem.” I hugged her back. Although I was hesitant about my decision I still had hope that everything would turn out, and I hoped that Avery wouldn’t be mad now that Quinn and I were officially friends after I went on and on about how awful she was on the phone with Avery the other night. I couldn’t help but feel like every time I talked to Quinn I wasn’t myself, it would always seem like I was just saying was she wanted to hear and doing what she wanted me to do. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my imagination because I haven’t had new friends in so long, it’s just been me and Avery since forever.
“So I must ask, why are you so dressed up?” I asked her. A wild smile spread across her face. I had a feeling I was going to regret asking that.
“That is the other reason why I came to see you. We are going to a party.” Quinn said.
“Well, you lost me at ‘party.’” I said.
“What? You have to come!” She said.
“No, I hate party’s.” I complained. Anything social I hated. That’s just me, I have no other explanation for it.
“Hailee,” Quinn tried to meet my eyes. “Hailee, look at me.” She caught me gaze. “Your going to the damn party.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me off down the side walk.
“Quinn!” I complained. “Well, if I’m going to go I can’t go looking like this.”
“Trust me, I know. My house is a block down, I can get ya fixed up there.” Quinn practically dragged me down the sidewalk all the way to her house. Her house was giant, bigger than anything I had ever lived in. It had to of been three stories tall, with white picket fence surrounding it and there were shining SUVs parked in the driveway. The front porch could have been as big as my house. The landscaping was beautiful and there wasn’t one mistake in the white paint on the house.
“Oh my gosh! Quinn, this is your house?” I asked her. We made our way up the front porch stairs. It was easily way bigger than my house.
“Yeah, my parents won the lottery so then they were on that lottery dream home show. It’s all stupid in my opinion.” Quinn said.
“Stupid? Bro this isn’t stupid. You live in a freaking castle! I’d give anything to live somewhere like this.” I followed her through her front door into the castle. Holy smokes! This house is freaking insane! I walked in and my breath was taken away from me. The floors were polished granite like Cinderella was on her hands and knees all day. There was a bubbling fountain in the entry way and two ginormous stair cases going up to a second floor on each side of the fountain. I followed Quinn up the staircase on the right, went down a couple corridors, made a few turns, saw a couple butlers and finally made it to Quinn’s room. A look of shock spread across my face for what I saw when she opened her door was not at all what I expected to see. The room was small, the walls were dark purple, her bed was just a mattress on the floor and posters of boy bands and wrestlers were coving the walls. It was dark and smelled like smoke with rap music playing in the background.
“Um…” I said observing my surroundings.
“You see, I have a little secret. I’m a foster kid.” Quinn told me.
“Oh wow,” I looked at her in utter shock.
“Yeah, this is a home where kids over 18 can live here to get on there feet, it’s not really a lottery dream home. Like ten other kids live here as well.” Quinn informed me.
“Well this room is killer,” I said. There were posters of Imagine dragons, One direction, Why don’t we, One republic, Plain white T’s and many more. And lots of posters of Dwayne Johnson.
“Yep, this is where I spend most of my time.” Said Quinn. “Okay, sit down in my chair and I’m gonna fix you up for the party. Any suggestions before I start?” Quinn asked. I sat down where she told me. “Don’t go too crazy on the makeup and I’m going to wear long sleeves.” I told her.
“Okay, one more thing,” Quinn knelt down beside her closet to dig through a big box. She pulled out a jagged pair of scissors. On no. My eyes widened and my heart started racing.
“No, no, no!” I told her.
“Why not?” She asked.
“Because this is MY hair! It took me years to get it this long!” I screeched.
“Come on, lets me and you, start over together. New beginnings, new looks.” Quinn pressured.
“Whats the worst that could happen? It’s hair, it grows.” She grabbed my long hair in one hand and held the scissors to it.
“Quinn,” I breathed heavily. “I am trusting you,” my voice squeaked as she made the first cut.
I closed my eyes for I couldn’t stand to watch years of my life fall to the ground. Maybe this was good for me considering that I had just moved here looking for a new start. Oh who am I kidding? I’m out of my mind! I’m letting a complete stranger cut my hair. She’s probably never cut hair before. Oh my god! I can feel air on my neck! Well it’s too late to go back not, let’s just hope I don’t look like Edna from The Incredibles. I waited until Quinn was completely done with curling my hair and doing my makeup to open my eyes. She handed me a mirror and I held my breath as I carefully opened my eyes.
“Oh my god! Quinn!”

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