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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

My hair was shoulder length and choppy. With beach waves throughout the knew layers of my hair I was looking fine! And my make up wasn’t too much, it looked natural and elegant.
“Quinn, this looks amazing!” I tossed my hair around looking at my self in the mirror from all angles. “God, I wish I had a talent like that! That’s a scholarship right there!” I said.
“Yeah except I’m going to college for business.” Quinn said.
“Ah, that sucks. I’d give anything to not go to college for business but right now it’s looking like my only option.” I told her.
“Yeah, I just want to create a stable life, not always wondering if there will be enough money even to eat dinner.” Quinn said.
“Yeah, I know what you mean.” I said.
“Okay now try this outfit on that I picked out,” Quinn told me. I grabbed the clothes and changed in the bathroom down the hallway. I came back into her room and felt like a model on a runway. I never wore clothes like this, I was too insecure, but now I felt just amazing! The shirt was a cropped skintight black long sleeves and the pants were a washed out light color with more holes than there was material. And I wore my regular everyday black combat boots and my peach socks.
“Yes queen! Honey you look amazing!” Quinn said.
“Thanks!” I said. And about that time is when we heard a loud horn honking.
“Oh that must be our ride,” I followed Quinn to the front door. I could hear loud music coming from the vehicle. This wasn’t my idea of fun, being crammed in a car full of drunk or high teenagers going to a party with more drunk or high teenagers was the last thing on my list of fun. The car was another glistening white SUV with a stereo that made the ground shake. Some guy that I had never seen before was driving and Everest was in the front seat sitting in another guy’s lap. The car reeked of things I never wanted to be involved with. Five other people hopped out of the car to let Quinn and I get in. I slid in the car and scooted all the way over to beside the person sitting by the window. Of all the smells in that car I noticed one that stood out above the rest, not because of the stench but because it was a familiar smell. I looked to the person beside me and they looked at me. His blue eyes met mine and I was lucky I was standing because my knees went weak. Why does this freaking bad boys blue eyes have such an effect on me?
“Hailee, you gonna have to scoot over more! We can’t fit everyone in here!” Quinn yelled over the music. I had left about three inches between Zeke and I for reasons that you could probably understand. I looked over at him again and he had held his arm up for me to scoot under his wing. The smirk on his face was remarkably antagonizing like he knew I was hating every minute of this.
“I don’t bite,” Zeke said. Even though the music was blaring and Zeke didn’t yell I heard his deep voice perfectly. I slid over hesitantly and he dropped his arm over my shoulder. Immediately I tensed up. When everyone got in and Quinn kissed the driver, Tyrone we were soon doing 60 down the highway. I stayed tense throughout the whole drive but my limit was exceeded when Zekes fingers started tracing back and forth on my shoulder. I took my left elbow and jabbed him in the ribs. The look on his face said it all.
“Geez!” He complained. I glared at him and leaned up where he couldn’t touch me for the rest of the drive. As we pulled up to the house that the party was at I could feel the ground shaking from the loud music. I was glad to get out of that car, Zeke was freaking annoying. I followed Quinn inside the house and immediately regretted agreeing to this. Smoke filled my lungs, dancing lights blurred my eyes and the music made my eardrums ring. Tons of people danced on the dance floor, some stood around chatting and others had there tongues down someone else’s throat. Everything about this environment made me want to go home. If something made me wanna go home to my dad I knew that I was really out of my comfort zone. I made my way through the crowd stepping over tons of red solo cups on the ground. Quinn got pulled of to dance by Tyrone so I was on my own. I found an empty table and sat down. I hoped no one noticed me and I could sit over here in peace.
“Not much for party’s?” I looked up to see that Andrew had sat down beside me.
“Or you just not much for anything?” Zeke sat down on the other side of me. Ignoring Zeke I turned my attention towards Andrew.
“I’m just tired, that’s all.” I told him.
“You always seem tired,” Zeke commented. I tried not to let him get on my nerves but it seemed as if he was trying everything to just stomp on them. God he’s so annoying! I sighed in aggravation and gave him a glare.
“Is he always this annoying?” I asked Andrew.
“I heard that!” Said Zeke in an aggregated tone.
“You were supposed to!” I said back.
“Yeah pretty much,” Andrew answered me.
“I heard that too,” Zeke said under his breath.
“Again, Ezekiel, you were supposed to!” I said louder. Andrew and I laughed together. When I looked back at Zeke he had disappeared. Must have finally hit him that I’m not very fond of him.
“Well he finally got the message.” I said to Andrew.
“So, uh, just wondering… back in New York did you have a boyfriend?” Andrew asked. No way he just asked me that, he wouldn’t be interested in me, would he?
“Yeah,” I told him.
“Oh!” I could feel the energy in the room turn tense and awkward. I tried to hold off the rest of my answer so I could see his reaction. If he was disappointed he did a very good job at hiding it.
“Yeah but we broke up,” I said.
“Oh, cool.” And suddenly that vibe was back to nice and chill.
“It was a really toxic relationship, I just didn’t think I deserved any better than that, though.”
“Well Ms. Hailee, judging by how good I know you it seems to me you deserved better.” Andrew smiled which made me smile even bigger. I looked off at the crowds of people to hide my blushing red cheeks.
“Awe somebody’s blushing!” Kevin appeared out of nowhere.
“What?” I asked him as I stood up to give him a hug.
“I may be an idiot but I’m not stupid, Hailee.” Said Kevin “I’ll keep your secret.” He whispered in my ear as he pulled away. His hugs were so comforting it was a breath of fresh air for me. Kevin sat down in the chair Zeke was sitting in and I sat back down in mine.

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