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Trying to follow in his father's footsteps, world wide pop star Noah Simmons attempts to navigate through the depths of Hollywood in order to maintain stardom. What he wasn't planning on? Falling for Stella Abrams: A girl that wants absolutely nothing to do with the spotlight. Through fake relationships and world tours, to hidden feelings and motives, Noah attempts to triumph it all in order to make his father proud, even if it means pushing his own feelings and wants aside.

Romance / Humor
DeAnna Faison
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1: Noah

NOAH SIMMONS NEVER liked the spotlight. If it were up to him, he’d spend his early twenties finishing up college like other kids his age, or he’d be off on some trip to try and figure out exactly what it was he wanted to do with his life rather than sing in front of thousands of people night after night, the same routine on repeat since he was fifteen.

He let out a long exhale to calm his nerves as he pushed away the curtain, the girls in the front row screaming their full heads off, along with fifty thousand others. The light is practically blinding, and in seconds beads of sweat are threatening to appear on the back of his neck. Why had he ever agreed to this in the first place?

He’s repeated the same question hundreds of times before, but he knew exactly why he was doing this. Being the son of the biggest pop star of the eighties, Charles Simmons, Noah never had a choice in the matter. When his dad gave up music, everyone looked to Noah to continue the legacy. As much as he would like to go to college, or on an extravagant trip, he knew it couldn’t be possible.

He grabbed hold of the microphone, this time the object beginning to feel more and more unfamiliar than the last in his fingers. “How’s everyone doing, Los Angeles?” He said, flashing them one of his famous smiles. It was exactly like his father’s. He was thankful that he had gotten the ability from him to hide all of his pain from the world just by doing this one, simple gesture.

As he looked out into the crowd, he spotted the same girls from moments ago hold up a few signs. We love you, Noah! and Will you marry me? were sprawled out in black letters across the neon background. He purposefully sent a wink their way, one of the girls breaking out into tears.

Noah never understood why girls were so fond of him. When he first got signed to Studio Records here in LA a few years ago, he never knew at the time just how popular he’d become. He’s been recognized before as being Charles Simmon’s son, but when he became Noah Simmons his world completely turned upside down. Girls flocked to him everywhere he went now. He couldn’t grab fast food like a normal person, or go to the grocery store to grab milk. Everywhere he went, the spotlight followed.

As his fingers started the familiar notes on his guitar, the roars from the crowd only grew louder once they recognized his song. Anywhere but Here was one he genuinely enjoyed performing. It was one of the songs he’d actually written all by himself, and one the label surprisingly liked and allowed him to record.

He played out the remainder of the songs of his first set before he needed a costume change, quickly dipping backstage to be attacked within seconds from the assistants. Noah had done this so many times before that being in just his underwear around strangers didn’t even matter. He wasn’t sure if his body was even his anymore.

“I said no to the interview.” Yvette, his manager, snapped into her phone before hanging it up and heaving out a sigh, unscrewing the top to a water bottle to place it to his lips. “Drink,” She instructed as the assistants tugged off a leather jacket and replaced it with a red t-shirt. “I swear, these people at the news station won’t stop bugging me about the rumors of the break-up. They aren’t true, right? At some point we’re going to have to come up with a statement. I’ll contact Tanya.”

His earpiece got replaced with another, the screams from the crowd and the music growing louder again before they drowned out once more. He took another swig of water as his forehead got dabbed by a towel to get rid of the sweat. “We didn’t break up.” He reassured. “If we need a statement, I’ll just post something on social media. You don’t need to contact Tanya.”

“Oh, Noah.” She let out a soft hearted laugh. “We don’t pay for you to have a publicist for nothing. I’ll call her after the show.”

As always, his life was controlled by the famous Yvette Abrams. Noah’s father refused to have anyone but her manage his career. After all, Yvette used to be his father’s manager, and she was the main reason he got discovered in the first place. They went to radio station after radio station to try and get his songs out, and only a few years later he was discovered by Studio Records, the same record company Noah was signed to. Although Noah was mostly grateful for Yvette, it’s times like these that he wished she would just leave him alone. He didn’t want to talk about Audrey, or the fact that the rumors were actually partly true.

“It can’t really count as a breakup if the relationship is all for PR.” Noah breathed out. The countdown from the speakers set the crowd erupting into screams once more. “It’s been months since I’ve started dating Audrey, and I haven’t seen this huge increase in sales that you keep telling me I’ll have. It kind of seems pointless if you ask me.”

Yvette sighed and narrowed her eyes at him, pushing a strand of her blonde bob behind her ear. “It’s true, isn’t it?”

When Noah remained silent, she threw her arms up and balled her hands up into fists. She always got like this with him. Noah was never one to be bossed around, and a relationship that was solely meant for PR was just stupid. He called it off with Audrey after a dinner date that was set up yet again by his team, and someone must have leaked it to the press. If that made Yvette mad then so be it.

“This is ridiculous!” She screamed over the music as an assistant placed a pair of sunglasses on his face. “Do you not understand that you are under a contract with her? You never listen to anything I have to say, you deliberately rebel against every move that will benefit you, and you think you can get away with it because you’re some hotshot, huh?”

“I do get away with it though, right?” He smirked. This only got her blood to boil more, and he knew that. “Yvette, I love you, okay? You look out for me, and I appreciate it, but I don’t need to date some girl to get attention. I’m doing well enough on my own, and no offense, but Audrey isn’t even that famous. If anything, this is helping her, not me.”

“To the stage.” An assistant said.

“I’m contacting your father.” Yvette replied. “We will discuss this once the show is done with, and I’ll get those photos of you from dinner the other night with Audrey, and we’ll release a statement to let everyone know you’re still together. Shit, where is my laptop? I need those photos. Because of you I now have to contact Audrey’s manager before her legal team gets involved.”

“Noah.” The assistant repeated. “To the stage. Now.”

Noah seethed with annoyance, but quickly composed himself and followed the assistant towards the stage. No matter what he did, no matter how much he rebelled, it would still end in the same result. His life would never be truly his.

In the dressing room he found his dad already ready and waiting along with Yvette, angry expressions written across their faces. Noah was tired, and all he wanted to do was go back home and rest. He had a two month break coming up before he started his european tour in August, and the last thing he wanted to do was fight with everyone before it started. He just wanted to be able to take this time to himself and relax.

“Why aren’t you listening to her?” Charles blurted out. “Yvette is the best of the best. If she says that you need to be dating Audrey then so be it. That’s exactly what you’ll do. Don’t you want to make it big?”

“I already have made it big.” Noah replied tersely. “I’m selling out arenas all over the world, I’m going on tours non-stop. I haven’t had a second to fucking breathe in the past two years.”

“You’re not big until you have a grammy.” Charles rose to his feet and walked over to Noah, placing his hands on his shoulders. “You’re so much more talented than I was, son. I just wish you could see it. I was never able to grab that grammy, but you can. I know this lifestyle can get hard, but you’re going to make it. I know it. You just have to hang in there.”

Yvette arched her eyebrow up, almost as if to say I told you so.

What Noah truly wanted to tell him was that he didn’t care if he got a grammy. He didn’t care anymore about the fame. He’d been done with it after the first year. Sure, it was cool at first to get recognized and get special treatment, but now it just got old. He thought at twenty years old he’d be going to college football games and getting drunk with friends, not being one of the most famous teenagers in the world. That wasn’t on his agenda.

The look on his father’s face pulled at his heart strings, pulling him back to the dilemma he always seemed to have. Make his parents proud, right? Give his father everything he missed out on, right?

“Fine.” He muttered, barely audible for them to hear. “Whatever. Can I just have this week to myself before I start things back up with her?”

“Absolutely.” Yvette smiled, sending a grateful glance to Charles. Her eyes lingered on his more than Noah was comfortable with. He’d noticed this on multiple occasions, but he just chalked it up to her probably being some crazed fan for Charles back in the day. It’s horrific how obvious she made her infatuation with him. “I’m going to fix this as soon as my laptop gets here. I can’t believe I forgot it. I’ll be in touch via email.”

When his father and him were alone, Charles patted him on the shoulder. “Your mother would be so proud.” He admitted. Noah felt his heart sink down into his chest. “That was an amazing show, son. You did good.”

Noah cleared his throat, desperately trying to keep his tears back. He wondered if she really would be proud of him for doing something he wasn’t all that passionate about. Would she be proud of him for carrying on his father’s dream? Since he never met her, he couldn’t really be sure. He never got the chance to know her.

“Thanks, dad.” Noah choked out. “Uh, I’m going to get changed and then probably head out.”

He watched as Charles nodded and pulled out a flask from his jacket and took a swig from it, something he’d been doing a lot lately, before he rubbed tiredly at the bags under his eyes. He really has aged over the last couple of years, and a part of Noah took responsibility for that. Noah took responsibility for a lot of things.

“Alright, have a good week. You’ll come over for dinner on Friday?”

“Yeah.” Noah nodded. “Sure.”

When he was finally surrounded by silence, he gripped the chair in front of the mirror surrounded by bulbs and looked at his reflection. His brown curls were dampened by the sweat on his forehead, making it so that a couple of pieces framed his face, and his normally bright, blue eyes looked more like an ocean blue, the pools of sadness just seeming to completely submerge them.

He sighed in frustration and stripped himself of the red t-shirt, tossing it onto the ground beside him. All he wanted to do was be normal for a day. Just for a day he wanted to go and get a burger like his best friend Elijah could.

Elijah was the son of his dad’s former back up dancer, and when Noah’s father and Elijah’s father would go on tour they would spend all of their time together. Elijah’s father never got recognized for being a dancer, and wherever they went nobody stopped him for a picture. He could be normal, and for that Noah was jealous. Elijah could go to the store, or to a college game, or to the mall with friends. He could do whatever he wanted.

When the door opened without a knock, Noah turned around to find a girl around his age staring at him in confusion. For a second he panicked thinking it was a crazed fan trying to get a picture, but when the girl stepped back, she had embarrassment written all over her face. She definitely hadn’t meant to come in here.

Her eyes ran down his bare chest before they met his gaze. “Sorry,” She said quickly. “Um, I just came to give my mom her laptop. She left it at home, and she texted me saying she was in here, but clearly she isn’t, so...” She looked down at the sneakers on her feet, her teeth biting down on her bottom lip when she realized he wasn’t replying. “Okay, so I’m going to stop embarrassing myself further and just go. Sorry, again.”

Before she could close the door, Noah took a step closer. “You’re Yvette’s daughter?”

She nodded. “Yeah, she forgot her laptop and said it was urgent that I get it to her.”

Noah glanced questionably at her outfit, which consisted of a pair of grey sweats, an oversized hoody and a backpack on her shoulders. She seemed to notice his stare because she added, “I was at home and was told to come as I was, so, here I am.”

“Yvette didn’t tell me she had a daughter.” Noah furrowed his eyebrows together and leaned against the wall of the dressing room. “Why haven’t I met you before?”

The girl’s cheeks became rosy, almost as if she was getting flustered. Why hadn’t they been introduced? He’d known Yvette since he was born, but, then again, Yvette was never one to talk about her personal life. She’d always been strictly about business.

Didn’t her daughter ever want to meet him though? Noah didn’t mean to seem cocky, but a lot of girls were interested. Maybe Yvette thought he’d be upset if she brought her here?

“Oh.” The girl shook her head immediately. “This isn’t my scene. I try to stay away from all of...this.” She glanced around the room, almost wincing from the sight of it. “It’s too much.”

Well, now it seemed to make sense to him. The girl just didn’t want to meet him. For whatever reason that bothered Noah.

“You’re not a fan?” He questioned.

A piece of her brown hair fell into her eyes, and he watched her quickly push it behind her ear before she cleared her throat. “I just haven’t really listened to your music.” She shrugged. “I mean, a couple of songs I’ve heard on the radio, but it’s not really my style. I’m not all that into pop music truthfully.”

Almost as if she suddenly realized she was talking to the actual artist, her eyes grew wide. “N-Not that you’re bad.” She stammered. “Oh god, please don’t tell my mom I said that. I’m so sorry. This is why I don’t come to these types of things.”

Noah found her funny and intriguing, and when he was silent for a couple more seconds the girl seemed to become even more flustered. When she did, he saw the resemblance to Yvette. The same hazel eyes, long eyelashes, and full, pink lips, but Yvette’s daughter certainly looked different from her too. Instead of a bleach blonde bob, her daughter had soft brown curls that fell just to the middle of her back, and her body was much curvier than Yvette’s. Noah liked that.

Instead of checking her out any further, Noah turned the chair around that was in front of the mirror and plopped down into it. “You think I’d tell your mom on you?” He laughed. “I’m not a nark. It’s actually kind of refreshing to hear the truth for once.”

“Okay.” She said and bit down onto her lip again after she let out a laugh too. “Um, do you know where my mom might be? I just want to get this to her so that I can go home.”

“She’s probably by the exit waiting for me. If you take a left out of here and go all the way down the hallway, then take another left, she’ll be-” He paused when she started to laugh again, clearly from being overwhelmed. “Why don’t I just get dressed and then I’ll show you?”

The girl seemed shocked by the gesture, but she finally agreed and said she’d wait outside in the hallway.

Noah got dressed quickly in a pair of sweatpants and a hoody since he was only going directly home, and as he fixed the gold chain around his neck he couldn’t help but smile at the thought of someone not liking his music. He’s used to getting hate reviews from commenters online, or from the press, but for a girl to be so bold about it in person was refreshing. A lot of people were so fake around him, and it’d been awhile since he’d encountered someone that wasn’t fazed by his charm.

“Why’d you seem so surprised that I’d walk with you?” Noah asked the girl as he threw his duffel bag over his shoulder and led her towards the exit. “Did you think I’d be a dick?”

“Honestly? Yeah.” The girl giggled. “Isn’t that what all pop stars are like?”

“Only some.” He admitted, and he found himself smiling too. “What’s your name by the way?”

They rounded another corner, Yvette waiting by the exit at the end of the hallway like he knew she would be. For whatever reason, Noah was wishing that this conversation with her daughter would last just a little bit longer.

“Stella.” She said and pointed down the hall at her mother. “I guess you were right.”

“Oh, thank god!” Yvette threw her hands up and raced towards her daughter, grasping the laptop once she became in reach. “You just saved the day, sweetheart.” Then she looked at Noah and began to piece everything together. “Oh, shoot. I forgot to tell you that I would be waiting here instead. Things have just been crazy tonight. I apologize, Noah.”

“No need.” Noah grinned widely at her daughter before he moved his gaze to Yvette again. “Stella made good company actually.”

He saw Stella’s face redden, and it made him want to laugh. Being a flirt was never hard for him. If anything, girls were the most distracting part about this lifestyle. He loved to take a girl home for the night until Yvette made him start dating Audrey Davis, a girl he had no actual feelings for. Now if he wanted to take a girl home he had to do it secretively, and it took so much of an effort that it wasn’t even worth it.

“Oh, really?” Yvette glanced at Stella for a quick second and smiled. “That’s good to hear. Your car’s ready, Noah. Security has the crowd out of the way for you, so it should be a smooth drive back.”

Noah gripped onto his duffel bag tighter, feeling more alone than he has in a long time. He was happy to be going home, but to an empty house. Maybe he’d text Elijah to see if he’d want to come over.

“Alright, thanks.” Noah said and started to head towards the exit, but something made him turn back around. “Feel free to come to the last show of this leg, Stella.” He smiled again. “It’d be nice having someone my age around here.”

“If you want her here then she’ll be here.” Her mother said, and Noah watched as Stella’s features on her face hardened. “What?” Yvette asked when she saw her expression. “I’ve been trying to tell you to loosen up and have fun. Writing in your room all day isn’t going to make you famous, Stella. It’s a waste of time.”

Noah meant his comment as a joke, not as a demand. “She doesn’t have to.” He started, but Stella cut him off.

“Well, luckily for you, mom, I don’t want to be famous.” She pushed the backpack straps further up her shoulders and started to head towards the exit. “Thanks for the offer, but I’m more than good.” She called back to him. Noah stifled back a laugh, trying to ignore the blow she just threw.

“Sorry for her behavior.” Yvette sighed. “I’ll make sure she’s at the next concert. Whatever you need, Noah.”

Noah hated the fact that Yvette gave him whatever he wanted as long as it didn’t effect his career. If her daughter didn’t want to hang out with him then she shouldn’t have to.

“It’s fine if she doesn’t.” He replied. “Honestly, I was just kidding.”

“Nonsense.” Yvette grabbed her phone and started typing rapidly. “You should leave now before the crowd gets bigger.”

After saying goodbye, he slipped into the car and waited as they traveled down the road to the fans. Their screams grew louder as they inched closer and closer, and before he knew it girls were throwing themselves at the tinted windows, pounding and pleading for him to roll it down.

Normally Noah loved to see his fans, but he knew that doing anything while driving was dangerous. When he tried to do it once before, one of the girls almost got run over. It was in the news for weeks that he put his fans in danger. A story that Yvette and his publicist Tanya still brought up to this day.

As they pulled out onto the road, the screaming diminished and the silence took over, the loneliness he tried so hard to ignore seeming to flood into him all at once.

Author's Note:

New story!! :)

I've been working pretty hard on this, and I hope you all love it as much as I do!

Please vote and review if you're enjoying it <3

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