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Dragon Queen

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I am the Dragon Queen. I don't get to do whatever I want with my life but that doesn't mean I don't want to. When I found out I was the chosen one I was in the grief of my dead parents. I found my soulmate during that time and 5 years later I found my best friend and brothers. I am to save the dragons of the humans and I will do so but I am still very confused. How am I an 18-year-old teenager to stop the human race from killing the dragons? I can hardly help myself so how am I to save them. I doubt myself when I know that I shouldn't. I love the dragons and I will do my best to save them. I just wonder what should I do with my brothers? I can't just go to war and not tell them. Find out what I will do in the story.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Dragon Queen

Chapter 1

Monica’s POV

Ever since I became a teenager my life has never been the same. I had a completely normal childhood but ever since my thirteenth birthday, I can’t assure you that any part of my remaining life is ‘normal’.

I remember waking up to my parents’ loving smiles and a fresh batch of pancakes.

There were about 9 pancakes. One to spell each letter of my name and then two just for the number 13. It was fantastic.

I quickly ate them up and saw a crown pancake just for me.

“How was it, sweetheart?” Asked my mom with her perfect smile.

Honestly, it tasted fresh and fluffy almost. This is a good thing but there was no chance I was going to let her know. The first thing she will do is start dancing and saying she’s a better cook than I.

“It’s better than usual... but could work on the sugar,” I said trying to be completely lying.

My mom’s smile only got bigger by my choice of words.

“Well enough girl talk, me and your mom are taking you someplace special for your big day,” says my dad with excitement showing itself in his voice.

Oh yeah... I just remembered that they were planning something really big. They even tried to stay secretive about it but knowing them I probably found out about 2 hours after they planned it not like I was counting.

I wonder what could they could be hiding.

It couldn’t be anything too boring so I was pretty excited.

So I quickly grabbed my jacket and headed out the door not wanting to waste any time. My parents quickly following behind me which was odd since they were the ones who actually knew where we were going.

The entire car ride was too embarrassing to explain in words but I’ll try. My parents were singing the song Boom Chicka Boom. Where did they even learn that from? I couldn’t help but giggle a bit at their ‘musical touch’.

Then suddenly the car stopped. Were we at our destination?

Oh no! It was the worst!

We stopped at… at the gas station!!!

A gas station is usually just a place for getting gas and bathroom breaks but not with my family. Whenever my dad is at a gas station he tells his stupid gas station jokes!

Somehow I managed to survive the embarrassment.

The rest of the car ride was silent.

The silence in the car was great as I had my golden blonde hair blowing through the wind.

It was peaceful yet adventurous.

I can’t remember the last time I just closed my eyes and let the world around me past by. I could hear the wind gently tickled my ears and the way it just always made a smile reach my face.

It was a unique feeling that was hard to explain yet so easy to embrace.

It was weird how I put so much thought into everything else in my life but for this, it just cleared my mind. It was a feeling I wasn’t quite used to as yet.

The day was beautiful in every single way possible. The sun was shining and so gracefully touching the clouds the surround it. The day held a very cool breeze that blew just so calmly.

It was just perfect. Stunning in every which way.

The car I was in was a great big white Jeep that my dad loved even more than he loved his cat sushi.

I couldn’t even dare compare his love to that car to us because I am afraid of the outcome of that answer. I couldn’t honestly say that the thought of it never passed my mind.

I wonder when we would just get there.

I quickly jumped as I heard a yawn; it seemed that my mom was starring at me.

It couldn’t have been me but yet again I was so deep in my thoughts that I probably didn’t even notice.

Maybe I should just close my eyes for a bit and definitely not go asleep.

I couldn’t risk not getting to see my surprise the moment we arrive.

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