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Time Passing-Poetic Stories

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There wasn't enough time in a day anymore for what she wanted to do. She took all that was offered to her to write. She wrote shorter and shorter stories because time kept her from doing what she liked. She called them... poetic stories. The name fit for what she wrote. Those poetic stories fit the time frame that was given to her in a day, a month... a year. There was nothing in this world that wouldn't allow her to write at least one story per year. She wouldn't allow anything to get in her way. Here were her poetic stories. One of a kind stories that were created from deep within her. With one floating sentence or idea the stories came to her.

Romance / Fantasy
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Poetic Dreams-In The Wild Daisy Field, They Stayed

He loves me, He loves me not.

He loves me, He loves me not.

She sat on the soft blanket on top of the cold grass underneath her. There were daisies all around her.

She had one of those daisies in her small hands as she lay down and looked at the fluffy clouds above her.

She played the He loves me; He loves me not game to pass the time.

The daisy she had picked up was red which was suiting to her game just fine. Red for her meant romance and eternal love.

A small smile came onto her lips and set the mood for the rest of the game.

He loves me, He loves me not. He loves me, He loves me not.

Red petals fell all around her. A small laughed escaped her at the thought of the pretty red petals covering her before he showed up.

She could just imagine his expression when he saw her. He would wear an expression of bewilderment at the silly game she was playing but it would soon turn into a full megawatt smile that would transform his face into the handsome man she knew him to be.

She sighs in contentment. She didn’t know why he had chosen her, why he loved her the way he did but she thanked God all the same that he was hers.

She loved him so dearly. He showed his love every single day by doing something that would delight and melt her heart all at the same time. He loved showing her affection. He didn’t care what others thought of their relationship. He was protective and possessive of her.

She loved that.

They spent every waking moment together and their nights were filled with decadency.

She sighs dreamily as she remembered those nights. She wanted more of those nights. She wanted forever with him.

He loves me, He loves me not.

He loves me, He loves me not.

A grin found itself full blown on her face. She had three petals left. She knew what would be the answer to the game.

He loves me, He loves me not… He loves me.

A laugh of delight escaped her.

“He loves me,” she said with a smile. She closed her unique violet eyes and relaxed down in the wild daisies underneath her letting the forgotten red petals be her blanket.

“I do love you. Very much so,” his deep voice carried over across her bare skin like a lover’s tender touch. She would never tire of his voice.

Kara squeaked in surprise and opened her eyes to stare up at the tall, masculine, silhouette blocking her sun.

She would know that voice anywhere. She would know his love anywhere.

“Mmm, especially in that yellow dress with your dark red strands flowing behind your back and violet eyes glowing up at me all soft looking,” he whispered in aww. His golden gaze blazed in heat as he stared down at her.

“Loch!” she said in excitement as she scrambled up from her perch on the ground and launched herself at him knowing with no doubt that he would catch her.

The picnic bag he carried fell uselessly in the daisy field completely forgotten the moment Kara launched herself at him. He caught Kara in his arms and held her close to his heart. He made sure that the bulge in his pocket would not be felt.

It was a promise to her but something he could only reveal at the perfect moment.

Loch twirled them around to her delight. Her laughter made him all the smugger and possessive of her.

He loved her laugh. He loved her exuberance. He loved everything about her, especially all that love in such a small body… for him no less.

Loch knew he had someone special in his arms, one a person did not always find in their lifetime. Kara was his, body and soul, just as he was hers.

He wanted to make it permanent.

Loch slowly let Kara slide down his body until her feet touched the ground beneath her once again.

He kept her locked in his arms. She snuggled closer if possible. He looked down at her thick dark hair. She was such a small slip of a woman but she fit him perfectly.

“Picnic dates are the best,” Kara said in his shirt. She impulsively kissed his chest and hugged him a little longer before letting go of him. She stayed close as if she didn’t want to separate from him for any reason.

Kara smiled up at him. Those violet eyes of his twinkled with love and happiness.

She took his breath away. She was a temptation he couldn’t resist.

Loch bent his head and took her lips in a tender kiss that became so much more.

It had always been like this since the start. He had only grown since.

Kara softly moaned. She moved closer into his body until every part of them were touching. Somehow, she didn’t feel the bulge in his pocket but he didn’t care right now. His hand went into her soft, beautiful hair and held her there. He deepened the kiss.

Kara moved restlessly against him, further hardening him. That little bulge was growing uncomfortably tight with every second of their passion.

Loch slowly slowed things down a notch. He ended the kiss but kissed the side of her soft mouth twice. Kara’s eyes were closed when he kissed her nose before pulling back. A small smile played on her lips.

She made his heart squeeze in love. He could never have imagined someone like her in his life.

Loch took her left hand in his and tenderly kissed it. She would be wearing something of his on that finger of hers very soon.

Kara’s eyes opened and she watched him. They didn’t say anything. There was no need. Their actions said something for more than words ever can.

Loch took her hand in his and brought them back to the blanket. He made her lay down and when she was settled, he returned for the discarded picnic basket.

Then he sat beside Kara, his love, and proceeded to unpack the lunch he had made specifically for her.

“Picnic first, then I will ravish you to your every desire,” he grinned in his direction.

Kara laughed in delight at his response.

“I will hold you to that, my handsome man,” she murmured in a saucy tone. She watched in wonder as small tea-cut sandwiches, cheese, red wine, slices of apples with caramel sauce and a chocolate mousse appeared before them.

Oh, no one has ever done something as sweet as this in her entire life. It was too much.

Tears came unbidden to her eyes and she sniffled. She was just so happed with Loch by her side, in her life.

Loch whipped his head around as the first sound of her distress. When he saw Kara on the verge of tears, he was speared into action. He took her into his arms, protecting her from whatever that had made her tear up.

“Don’t cry, Kara. I can’t deal with your sadness, with your tears, baby. Don’t be sad, my Kara. Tell me what’s wrong. I will fix it. Is it the picnic? I can throw everything away and redo the whole day. I love you, baby,” he all but pleaded with her to tell him what her tears were all about. He kissed her tears away. He kissed her cheeks, her forehead, her nose. He took her lips in a sweet kiss that almost made her into a bawling mess.

Kara sniffled laughed at his laugh. He could never stand it when she cried for any reason. Loch became a desperate mess with her tears. He panicked and tried everything in his power to make her smile again.

His arms around her were solid, his heat blanketed her. Loch’s smell surrounded her and make a welcoming cocoon. She was so very loved by him.

She stared up at his handsome face. His 5-O-clock shadow made him appear darker and more dangerous than he was. He thick curly hair was sticking every which way as if he couldn’t care less about brushing them. His beautiful golden eyes were in pain in seeing her like this.

He was misunderstanding her tears.

She turned in his embrace until she was facing him. Kara cupped his rough cheeks in her small hands. He closed his eyes in enjoyment at her touch and leaned into her touch.

“I love you, Loch. I could have never imagined someone like you in my life. You make my day shine, you make me smile in the darkest of times, I brighten and light up around you. You make me so very happy. I ache when you are not with me and this picnic means everything to me. I love you, Loch,” she softly told him and tenderly kissed him.

God, how she undone him. She had his heart and soul. They both belonged to her and if she said yes, they would knowingly belong to her forever. They already did.

He abruptly got up with her in his arms. Kara gave an another squeak of surprise at the abrupt change in him.

Loch held on to his Kara until she had her footing.

The he went looking into his Levi’s for the ring box.

“Loch?” Kara questioned hesitantly.

He momentarily looked up from his quest and landed on her confused gaze. He stopped what he was doing and couldn’t help but kiss her on the nose.

He held the little black box in his fist. Loch took a deep breath and got down on one knee.

He opened the box.

Kara gasped out in shock but it didn’t deter him.

With his golden eyes reflecting off the sun, he spoke.

“Kara, I love you. My whole being loves me. My heart, my body, and soul belongs to you. Today, tomorrow, forever. There is no one else that would love you as fiercely as me. I want to wake up next to you, I want to sleep next to you for all of eternity. I want to live the rest of my life with you by my side. I want to have children with you and watch them grow inside with you. I want to build a family with you based on our love for each other. I want to have a life with you, my Kara. There is nothing more than I want in my life than to spoil you, to hold and to love you if you will have me. I love you to infinity and beyond, Kara. Will you marry me?” Loch finished in an emotional voice.

Only with her would he show this side of him with her. He could cry with her. He could show every single part of himself with her without judgment. And if she said yes, he would not hide any other part of himself with her.

There was a beat where everything became silent around them except for the beat of both their hearts beating in sync with one another.

Then… Kara launched herself with such force into Loch’s arms that they tumbled both to the ground.

The ring went flying from his grip into the wild daisy field soon after.

But all he cared about was the woman in his arms.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Loch, yes! I will marry you. Today, tomorrow, whenever you want. I love you, Loch. You’re the only one I have ever wanted,” Kara told him tearfully.

She then promptly started kissing him all over. No part of himself was safe from her soft lips.

He chuckled at that thought. Who was he kidding? Loch didn’t want to be safe from Kara’s love. She could molest and ravish him and love him whenever she had the urge. God knows he would be doing the same for the rest of their lives.

When she took his lips in a passionate kiss, he finally decided to take control.

He turned them around until she was underneath his hard body and loved her.

In the aftermath, they laid wrapped around each other as they watched the sun set with the wild daisies surrounding them when Kara suddenly screeched.

“Oh, No! Your ring!” she screamed in despair.

Loch silently laughed as Kara scrambled up to look for it while still naked.

The view was amazing.

He was happy. Kara was simply stunning as she ran from one path to another looking for the ring he had chosen for her. Her dark reddish-brown hair shone in the sun. Her skin sparkled like diamonds with the way the sun shone on her.

Kara was one of a kind and she was to be his wife.

…if they found the ring.

He hurried after his fiancé and together they found the elegant ring.

Loch had immense pleasure putting it on her finger and tenderly kissed that ring finger.

Kara already belonged to him but in the eyes of the law, she would legally be his.

Forever and beyond. For all of eternity.

As the sun set around them, crickets filled the dusk. Kara and Loch went back to their special picnic.

Their memories will always stray back to the time they stayed in the wild daisy field.

Where Loch’s and Kara’s forever truly started.

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