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Silenced Poems-Silencing The World

For just a slight moment, life around her became quiet, became soothing.

People stopped talking, birds stopped chirping, traffic noise disappeared. Silence came in a welcoming into her space.

Silence dominated the space she was in.

Silence reigned in the space she was in.

She felt like she was in another dimension, in a world void of any noise. It wasn’t like a kind of world portrayed in movies where silence was a horrified reality, never. The silence here was more… powerful in its meaning.

It was a peace that she barely felt anymore.

That silence was rejuvenating.

She could breathe deeply again.

And that’s exactly what she did.

She took two powerful gust of air and slowly and cautionly let it out.

She let the refreshing air take hold and her and heal her.

She loved that feeling. It was like being reborn.

Her demons left her. Her dark thoughts disappeared.

There were replaced with this blankness, with this nothingness.

It was nice for a change.

There was always something to do.

There was always someone that needed a piece of her.

There was never anytime just to be her.

There was never enough time to relax and take in a moment.

But in this day and time, she can be herself. A self that needed to be alone like a hermit and recharge herself to face the world once more.

Being out in reality drained something in her. The world was too harsh and cruel sometimes.

It would have been too much if she couldn’t have that time for herself.

Other people needed to be around others. She just needed to find herself again in Nature.

In the silence that only Nature could provide.

That silence, Nature’s calling, only came once in a blue moon.

Only for a couple precious seconds, minutes, and a couple stolen hours if she was lucky enough that the silence remained.

But in those few stolen moments, it was always enough for her to bask in the silence of the world.

And then the world came rushing back.

The noise could be heard again.

Traffic jams, cars honking, the birds chirping away, people talking around her… it all came back when she least expected it.

As it did now.

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