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Poetic Lights- In The Light

She stayed in the shadows.

She stayed in the darkness enveloping this world.

She stared at the world go by without her.

She saw things that no other saw.

Abuse, loss, despair.

She saw how people acted behind the façade they showed the world.

She saw the true selves of those out there.

But she also saw what was underneath all that darkness and negativity shown in the world.

She saw the light, the brightness in the world she lived in.

She saw the love, the humility, the friendliness of the human race.

It was what she saw underneath all that blackness of the world that kept her in the light.

She had been lucky.

She had felt both worlds. She had experienced both worlds.

The light always won at the end.

Oh, don’t get her wrong. She knew that the darkness won sometimes. She had seen it happen and if one let it, that darkness will overtake the soul until there was nothing left.

She battled with that darkness everyday even though she lived in the shadows of it.

She and it were not the same being.

She was what they called living warriors who lived in the shadowed dimension of the living world.

There were more of her. Many more… living among the humans but never being seen by any.

She was lonely but even then she didn’t let the darkness touch her.

She had the light as a companion. The light was a constant shine in her soul.

But she wanted to experience touch, an embrace.

Humans had it easy.

They had touch. They comforted each other. They loved.

Humans fought off the darkness in their own way even if that ugliness was more powerful in their world and could drag them down faster.

She loved also. She loved the light around her, the light that filled her.

She was ready for more. She was ready to walk among the humans, among the unknown.

Her kind was not.

Until then, she stayed in the shadows.

Until then, she lived in the shadows.

Until then, she stared out at the human world.

With only the light as her constant companion, in the light she stayed.

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