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Starry nights-Looking Upon the Starry Night

They lay on the soft blanket covering the cold night ground.

They lay side by side, their bodies close but not touching.

The night air gently blew across their heated skin. The grass swayed around them. The light summer wind rustled the leafs in the trees surrounding them, setting the mood for the evening.

They were in a farm field far from the city lights.

It was dark, that darkness enveloping them like a lost lover.

The starts twinkling above them like bright diamonds, the full moon winking down on them, provided just enough light for them to see each other.

The silence around them was comfortable. It was almost… soothing.

They did every time one of them needed a break from the big city.

It rejuvenated them both.

They always come up together, never one to separate from one another.

They weren’t lovers, just friends who understood the need to be close to each other, the need to hold on to each other and to comfort each other.

This… them being out here, feeling like being the only ones in the world, reinforced their friendship tenfold.

The stars above them became more vibrant with time encroaching in their bubble. The Milky way opened up and glittered like silver sparkles.

It brought a smile to both their faces.

Then they saw a shooting star shoot from one side of the night sky to the other before disappearing once more.

Her laughter of delight made him turn his head towards her and stare in fascination.

He loved the sound of her laughter. She didn’t laugh often.

He smiled at her happiness. He let the joyful sound wrap around him. He let it warm his heart.

“Make a wish,” he whispered in the silence of the night around them.

With a smile still on her lips, she closed her eyes and made her wish.

He followed her movement, closing his own eyes and made a wish himself.

When he reopened his eyes and looked at the woman by his side, he saw she was already staring back at him with her smile and green eyes twinkling in merriment.

They stayed silent. They both knew that wishes were sacred and should stay close to heart… until they eventually came true.

They smiled at each other than both returned to looking up at the sky.

The stress of work, the loneliness of living in a big city even though there were thousands of people around them had left them by now.

There was just peace now. Contentment.

Their hands inched across the space separating them until the tips of their fingers touched.

Until his rough hand engulfed her small smooth one.

They stayed like that with only their hands touching for the rest of the night and looked up of the night sky before them.

At the starry night before them.

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