Time Passing-Poetic Stories

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Poetic love-Her path to her loves

The stairs were there for a reason.

They were a test.

She gazed at the beautiful... yet damning steps.

Each of those fifty steps had intricate designs on them.

Each of those steps told a story that told her about the past.

She knew about the stories.

She knew about the past women who have taken the steps before her.

They had all found their soulmates.

They had all found a love so profound that death couldn’t rip them apart.

She wanted that.

She wanted it so badly that she could taste it.

She dreamed of this day.

It was what she had always wanted.

It was what she had been waiting for since forever.

Now she was old enough to take those steps and find that eternal love that she has always wanted to bear witness too.

She had a choice.

She could find her eternal mate or go back down the darkness of the path behind her.

She looked behind her. She looked at the dead trees and yellowed grass that composed the path she came from.

The path behind her brought her nowhere.

The path behind her brought her nothing.

She came from there.

They all came from there.

She looked back in front of her.

She had always been surprised by the contrats of light and darkness.

This was her chance.

She only got one.

But she was also scared of taking those steps.

She was also scared of the meaning of those steps.

It was that fear that shackled her to the ground right now.

It was that fear that stopped her from a wanting to take those steps right now.

She was afraid of what will happen when she took those steps, when she felt the stories to her bones.

She knew what each of those intricate symbols on the steps meant.

As eager as she wanted to take those steps, she questioned herself.

What if she didn’t have a soulmate?

What if there was no one to love her?

It would crush her.

She wouldn’t survive that simple fact.

She knew deep down that everybody had someone to love them.

She knew deep down that everybody deserved to have someone to love them.

She knew there was someone out there waiting for her.

She knew there was a man worthy of her love.

She knew he was waiting for her, waiting to love her, to spoilt her, to love her so fiercely she wouldn’t know where they began.

Did she really?

She stared up the fifty steps in front of her.

She knew the stories.

They were intwined with her past.

She wanted this.

She felt the love all around her.

She felt the ones that came before her.

She felt their happiness, their love and joy.

She felt their other half giving her a hand.

She was filled with their passion, with their romance.

She reached for the first step.

It glowed beneath her.

The designs wrapped around her.

The stories came to life before her.

She smiled in pleasure.

She continued up another step.

She let the history of the past take effect. She let the past guide her to her future.

Her past didn’t matter anymore. She didn’t dare look back.

Only the future mattered.

Only her future mattered.

The love that she could feel mattered.

That love that was just within her reach was what truly mattered.

She was ready.

She let herself be guided by the stairs in front of her.

The end opened up in a great white light.

And that’s when she felt it.

No... that’s when she felt... them.

The air shifted around her.

Their warmth surrounded her.

A masculine hand reached out for her.

Another reached out at the same time.

She knew them.

She had two mates.

She could feel them.

She was loved.

She was theirs.

She placed both her hands in one of theirs.

They gently grasped her small palms and dragged her into the light.

She was in the middle of two strong bodies.

She breathed them in. She breathed in their essence.

Their rough hands were gentle on her body.

They wrapped their warmth around her.

She loved them. She felt it deep in her bones.

She looked up at both of them and got lost in their identical hazel eyes.


Identical twins.

She smiled goofily up at them as she reached to embranche both men.

They came willingly.

Of course.

The one person that was scared of true love found herself with double the romance, with double the love.

Her path was set a long time ago.

The twins have been waiting decades for her.

The love between them had been blooming for centuries.

She just had to take the leap to find them.

The kiss they put on her consumes her.

Flames licked towards every cell in her body.

They were ready for the life they had planned.

Nothing will separate them.

Their love will only grow stronger as they grew old together.

Their love will survive everything that will be thrown at them.

Because with each other, they had nothing to worry about.

Her path had been set in stones since the day she was given birth.

Her path had always been set to accept these two beautiful souls as hers.

Her path had always been set to accept their love, their touch, their bodies inside of her.

This just proved it.

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