Time Passing-Poetic Stories

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Lighting the darkness-Lights

The twinkling lights in the room gave her hope.

They gave her something to smile about.

They were pretty to look at.

They reminded her of calmness.

Those twinkling lights reminded her of everything reality didn’t feed her.

They twinkled down on her like fairy dust.

It made her wish for more time.

It made her wish for more of time like this.

Times with the twinkling lights were rare.

They came and went.

They came willingly and were force to shut off.

It was when they shut off that the monsters creeped in.

Once they turned off, darkness descended.

Once they turned off, there was no more hope.

Monsters visited her frequently in that darkness without her twinkling lights.

They came crashing into her life beyond reality.

Only she could see them.

Only she could hear them.

Only she could suffer from their presence.

The meaning monsters under her bed was real.

Everything was real in the dark.

There was no calm in that darkness.

The twinkling lights always disappeared at a certain time.

The monsters always came out at that specific time.

She could look at her twinkling lights all she wanted.

She could wish for more time.

She could imagine a world where darkness didn’t exist.

But fairy dust always disappeared without thought.

Fairy dust always disappeared without a moments notice.

They knew...

They knew when to flee....

The darkness forced them to flee.

They were forced to share her space.

They were forced to share in her happiness and fear.

The twinkling lights started to flicker.

The twinkling lights started to fall victim of the darkness of her room.

One by one they turned off.

One after the other, those twinkling lights stopped illuminating her path.

Space became meaningless.

Time became longer.

Her fear showed itself.

She could hear them.

They were coming for her.

They knew the path to take, monsters that they were.

They followed the fairy dust that stayed behind.

They followed the scent of the hope she still felt.

Monsters under her bed were real.

Monsters under her...

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