Time Passing-Poetic Stories

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You were a dream of mine.

You were so very perfect for me.

You were who I have always seen myself being with.

You were the perfect soul mate for me.

You were the perfect significant other for me.

My soul reached out for yours.

My heart recognized your beating.

My body heated up every time you touched me.

My eyes ate you up every time you were in my view.

We were good together.

We loved each other.

We complemented each other.

We were each other’s safety net.

It was everything that romance novels talked about.

It was everything I have ever dreamed off.

And I was experiencing it after so many years of picturing how it’d be like to have you by my side.

You were my every fantasies.

You were coming true in front of me.

You were so very real to me.

I stroked over your strong jaw.

Your five-o-clock shadow scrapped lovingly against my soft skin.

Your strong arms surrounded me.

My body pressed against your warm muscular one.

We gazed into each other’s eyes.

Hazel to Green.

You smiled down at me with your signature smirk on those lips I loved so much.

I smiled up at you with a little smile of my own.

We were happy to just be.

We were happy to be in each other’s presence.

It felt so real.

Your cologne filled me up.

Your smell did it for me.

My hand went into your black silky hair.

I tilted your head down.

I wanted those lips on mine.

You gave me what I wanted.

You took possession of my lips. You captured and demanded more.

I felt it. I felt everything between us.

We breathed the same air.

I needed and you gave.

I needed and you were there.

You kissed beside my lips. You kissed my cheeks, my forehead.

Your hand travelled down...

I blinked and we were naked.

Our skins rubbed erotically together.

I took in everything greedily.

I felt you.

I felt you.

You were so warm and hot.

You were a hard body pressed against mine.

I felt everything you gave me.

I took everything you offered and gave back in tenfold.

Your rough hands ran lovingly down my body.

Your lips petted everything it it’s path.

Your breath grew ragged as mine did.

We breathed the same air.

I held you to me tightly.

I wrapped myself around you.

We fell into bed together.

Your hard body was on top of mine.

Your body grew taunt as mine became liquid heat beneath yours.

We stared into each other’s eyes.

We gave everything to each other.

I felt it.

You felt it.

We were connected. This was nothing like we’ve ever felt before.

We were one being.

Everything was perfect.

We were perfection together.

But then you started flickering.

You flickered like a ghost.

I could see through you when before you were solid.

What had happened?

You started disintegrating in front of me.

I felt you pull back.

I cried out for you.

I reached out for you.

You did the same.

I saw you do the same.

Your hand, once rough against my skin passed right through my own.

I couldn’t touch you anymore.

I couldn’t feel you anymore.

I couldn’t see you anymore.

In front of me... you disappeared.

My soul was full with you by my side.

Now it was half of one again.

My heart was once filled to bursting with your love.

Now it was dead without yours to keep it beating.

My body was once a heated soma with you wrapped around me.

Now it was once again cold.

How did this happen?

I cried for you.

I ached for you.

I wasn’t the same without you.

I had felt you.

I had touched you.

I had seen you.

I had your essence inside of me.

Now... nothing.

There was nothing.

There was nothing left of you.

There was nothing of you anywhere.

It was as if you had never existed.

But I knew better.

I had you.

Darkness took me under.

I felt nothing at that moment.

Blackness suffocated me, leaving me in a haunting cold.

Then... I woke up.

And realized it was all a dream.

You were just a spect of my imagination.

But you were real to me.

You were so very real to me.

There was magic in the air.

That magic had bonded us together.

It was that magic that created you for me.

They say home is where the heart is.

They say home is where your one true love resides.

I had just lost mine.

I was once enveloppes in warmth.

I was once enveloped in heat.

You made me warm.

I believed in everything around me.

I believed in you.

I believed in the magic that was our love.

And now... I couldn’t bear this.

I had just lost everything.

It wasn’t just a dream for me.

It was everything for me.

You were everything to me.

And you slipped through my fingers... taking my heart, my body, my soul.

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