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Poetic Fairytale-Daydreaming of Her Own Fairytale

She believed in fairytales.

She believed in princes and god fortune women who became princesses after having been rescued by Prince Charming.

She believed in the magic of romance.

They were all real to her.

She believed in the story of Cinderella, of Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Red riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and all other magical story that came to be created.

She believed in the bond that existed between the man and the woman.

Those stories taught her the meaning of life itself.

In those magical moments, life was about finding one’s love, of being kind to animals and humans alike and giving second chances. It was about loving those who were unkind to one because a person did not know their story and what they themselves went through.

She loved reading those stories. She wanted desperately to experience a magical fairytale in real life.

Good thing she had a wild imagination. It occupied her quite often enough.

She dreamily smiled to herself as she imagined her own fairytale version of the originals.

She imagined herself falling into her Prince Charming, being whisked away in a carriage to the dark forest that only the true one’s could seek out. She imagined falling in love with him at first sight because love at first sight absolutely existed. They would be surrounded by loving wild animals that she would name silly names and pet them to her heart’s contentment. Her Prince Charming would chuckle with amusement at her antics and teasingly make fun of her.

They would have many children to fill their castle. Laughter and happiness and joy will be heard around the castle for centuries to come. There children will grow strong and be secured in their parents love for them and for each other. They will grow to know and want the bond and love that their parents had between them. They would want to experience the tender touches and loving looks passed between their parents as if they could never get enough of each other even after so many years of marriage. They would want to seek out that spark that only ever happened when one finds its true love.

She sighs in contentment imagining her life in the fairytale.

She could feel the love emanating from the fairytale, how happy it was in that life. She could feel the romantic bond between her Prince Charming and herself, feel the touches from his rough skin and smell his unique flavor. If she imagined just hard enough and embarked more in her fairytale she could very readily feel his kisses and could see exactly how her Prince Charming would look like.

Tall, dark, and handsome.

He would be broad shouldered and muscular. He would have a rough looking 5-0-clock shadow, curly black hair and midnight blue eyes that somehow sparkled in the sun.

Oh, and his smile would transform his rugged face when he looked at her.

She practically melted at the thought.

“Evalina! Please stop daydreaming and get your ass down here, for God’s sake,” her twin brother’s deep voice intruded into her daydream.

She jumped in fright and her fairytale vanished in a pile of smoke. Her purple ceiling stared back at her. She guiltily looked around her bedroom until her gaze landed on her bedside table.

Where the time blinked back at her.

Evalina was late. Very late.

Emmanuel was going to kill her. They had friends to meet.

She hurriedly got her things together and rushed out the door but not before halting for just a second and staring at her sanctuary.

Then she went to meet Emmanuel by the front entrance.

He smirked down at her when she stopped in front of him. Emma had always been taller than her since they were born. Laughter spilled from eyes that resembled her own.

“I’m sorry. I lost track of time… again,” she murmured an apology.

Her twin brother, older by just a minute, looped his buff arm around her shoulder and steered them to their car.

“Aww, Eva. Don’t be like that. What were you daydreaming about this time? Dragons and knights in shining armor? Emmanuel said in an amused voice.

Evalina laughed softly. He was the best brother anyone could ever ask for. She impulsively hugged him for just a moment.

Emma hugged her just as hard.

“Tell me all about it,” he murmured in her hair the same deep honey blond as his.

She gave him a stunning smile and proceeded to tell him all about fairytales.

Her twin groaned and grumbled good naturally as they headed to meet their friends but he listened attentively to her daydreams while adding some scenes of his own to both their amusement.

One of those her own fairytale is going to come true.

She couldn’t wait for it to become a reality.

Because to her, fairytales and true love were real.

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