Time Passing-Poetic Stories

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Night's Star-Shinning night

She looked up at the starry night with a small wistful smile.

She looked at the twinkling lights that were the stars shinning down on her.

She was alone out here. She was the only one miles away.

It hurt to be here but she smiled because she couldn’t help it.

The night was beautiful.

It was romantic.

That’s what hurt so much.

She was alone. She had no one to share this experience with.

She wanted someone with her. She wanted someone that was hers alone to experience this with her.

Instead, she sat with her hands wrapped around her legs and stared up at the night sky.

The stars weren’t alone. The stars have each other. They illuminated the path for one another, never leaving one behind.

They were forever bound to each other, forever bound to light everything in their path.

It hurt to be a romantic.

It hurt to read all those romance novels wishing that she could have what the beloved characters found in their stories.

It hurt.

She felt it in her heart every time she came out here.

She felt it in her soul when she finished a book.

Reality hurt worse because it was never true.

Love was precious.

Trust was precious.

Romance was everything in this world.

Books have been written off the subject for centuries.

It existed.... how come she couldn’t find it?

That hurt became something she couldn’t shed so fast anymore.

She felt empty now every time she finished a story.

She felt lonely every time she looked up at the stars.

She felt as if something was missing.

She felt like she wasn’t made to be alone.

But she was.

She was.

She wanted what those beloved characters found.

She wanted to find that warmth, that trust and love that they shared by the end of their story.

She wanted to feel strong arms wrap around her and protect her from everything.

She wanted to feel cherished in his arms, she wanted to feel small in a good way in his arms, she wanted to feel his heat wrapped around her.

She wanted someone to want her for who she was. She wanted someone who would have passion for her, who wouldn’t have a problem to show how much he cared for her.

She wanted someone to love her.

She needed it.

It wasn’t enough imagining him.

It wasn’t enough picturing how he would be like with her.

She wanted the real thing.

She wanted it all.

She wanted his love enveloping her right now. She wanted his caresses, his kisses, his sweet loving and dominant possessive side.

She wanted his all.

She needed him like a person needed oxygen to breathe in this world.

She stared up at the dark sky with its glittering diamonds.

It didn’t have the answers for her.

It didn’t have anything but it’s ambiance for her.

Those stars glittered down at her.

Those stars possessed a romantic view she understood.

This is what she lived for.

This is what got her through those wistful times.

Tonight had been hard.

She looked out at the night before her and remembered.

The wind gently rustled her long hair and she remembered.

She remembered her beloved stories she kept close to her heart. She remembered the stories that left its mark on her soul.

She remembered what they went through to be together. She remembered how love conquered all at the end.

Once strangers... they became wrapped around each other until their hearts beat in sync and their soul sung the same song.

She wanted that... she needed it so badly.

She could almost taste it. She could almost feel it.

She reached in front of her towards the stars in the night sky.

She reached with all of her heart...

She reached with all her soul...

She reached with all her being...

She reached for the love... the romance... the everything that the stars offered her...

They promised her with their glittering hearts that she will one day find her Prince.

They promised with their bright lights that she will feel everything those characters have felt.

They promised that she will have her own romance story and that it would be all worth the wait.

They promised it would be as special as she had always wish it would be.

Their promise filled her up with the purpose she needed to get through another day.

A tear escaped her as a tremble overtook her body.

She hugged herself more tightly as the night wrapped more firmly around her.

Thank you... she whispered into the surrounding starry night.

Thank you...

Romance did exist for her.

It was written through the magic of ink.

It was found in books in her reality.

She just had to believe she will find her own.

Just... not yet.

The stars weren’t aligned for her story to began yet.

When they will be... that’s when she happy ending will commence...

That’s when she will have the romance she craved with her everything.

The romance that came from trust, passion, and love.

The romance that came from her one and only.

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