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Poetic nights-When Night Becomes

She slept.

She dreamed.

Most of the time nightmares plagued her dreams.

They came to her and terrorized her.

It was as if the boogeyman chose her specifically to practice his nightmares on before moving on the dominate the world population.

She was his sleeping toy, to do whatever he wanted in her sleeping state.

Her nightmares were horrifying for a human alone.

She could never defend herself when they had her in their claws.

She endured it. Night after night.

The blood at her fingertips, the gory deaths of the one she loved, the darkness that rose and the unforgiving black smoke that chocked her was enough to kill her.

But it never did.

She always woke up at the end with just enough fragments to remember how it felt like to be trapped in the nightmare.

And then it happened all over again.

Once she closed her eyes, once she let her guard down and let the soothing darkness envelop her, he was always waiting to possess her mind.

She could never defend herself. There was no point when he always won at the end. It would just be a humiliation she would feel over and over again.

She never knew when it would happen, when he would take control of her mind and use it for his own enjoyment.

It could be tonight, tomorrow, the day after that.

There was no way to ever tell and nothing to come out of it.

He liked her fear.

She could tell he really liked her fear.

He thrived in it. He prayed on her like a predator prayed on its preys before attacking. His power grew…until it was something that no other supernatural being has ever seen before.

She was his puppet. To do as he pleased. He controlled her in those nightmares.

She gave him that power. Every time he came back, her fear bled into his veins, powering him.

She didn’t know why he had chosen her as his sleeping toy, what she had ever done to deserve this Hell.

She knew she had to control that fear, turn it into something positive but how was she supposed to do that when she didn’t even know how to control her dreams.

He laughed in enjoyment at her pain, at her desperation and cries for help.

She reached for someone, for anything that would keep her anchored to earth when she was in the throes of the nightmares… but there was never anyone.

She was always alone, had always been alone.

It was the desperation when she woke up that got to her. It was that feeling of helplessness that gripped her when she was in those nightmares and realized what was about to happen.

She never saw their faces. It was always the feeling that she knew them that gripped and squeezed her heart in pain.

She wanted someone with her when she awoke from those nightmares. She wanted someone to hold her and touch and kiss her when she awoke from those nightmares. She wanted someone to soothe her and tell her everything was going to be all right.

She wanted someone to conquer her nightmares for her.

She didn’t want to fear waking up from a nightmare just to close her eyes and tumble back into another ugly nightmare of his making.

It happened sometimes.

Not enough but more so than she ever wanted to experience.

She thought that with someone in bed with her that she would be alright to sleep a good night sleep, that she wouldn’t descend into this Hell every night if she had that one person.

He would be her guardian night angel. He would look over her and conquer her demons at night, keep her safe from Him and she could dream again.

She wanted to dream again.

She wanted to experience that love once more.

Dreams were the epitome of happiness and joy.

It has been such a long time since she had experienced the opposite of a nightmare.

It was hard to keep her positivity after returning from a nightmare.

But she had too or she wouldn’t sleep anymore. And she couldn’t afford to lose her sleep too.

When night becomes… it becomes dark.

When night becomes… nightmares come roaring to the surface.

When night becomes… She got scared.

When night becomes… He haunted it.

When night becomes… She becomes his sleeping toy.

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