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Poetic needs-Needing

The Sun, the Moon, the Earth.

Circling each other but never touching.

Needing each other but never knowing.

One was only seen during the day time, the other only seen during night time.

Earth separated them like a jealous lover.

But all three needed each other.

The Moon complemented the Earth. It was a push and pull game they played.

The Sun warmed the Earth such as the Moon brought coldness to the Earth.

Hot and cold. Brightness to darkness.

They called it duality.

Lunar eclipses and sun eclipses could be seen when the Earth forgot itself.

It was the only time the lovers came together before being separated once more.

But in those precious moments, they loved each other.

They were not meant to be, one being a rock, the other a burning star.

That’s why the Earth was there.

The bright, vibrant, planet separating the lovers was the glue to their love.

Never allowing one to dominate the other in the fierceness of their love for one another.

And so they stared at one another longingly from a distance.

Wanting but never getting.

Seeing but never touching.

The Sun, the Moon, the Earth.

Needing each other but never knowing.

Reinforcing their love but never knowing.

A game played until the end of times.

Because without one or the other, they will forever be lost in the void we call Space.

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