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Timeless in Poems- Timeless

They say that time is everything.

That time is precious.

And it is.

There is never enough time in a day, a month, a year… in the whole world for everything we want to experience.

But living in the moment was even more precious.

Especially when it came to love.

L’amour. Amor.

Time didn’t exist in the mist of love. Of romance.

The tender touches from a lover, the gentle kisses and love bites from the one you loved.

Being in the arms of a lover, enveloped by their scent, by their love stopped everything around you.

It was in their arms that time became meaningless because all that mattered was that one moment. That perfect moment, when nothing mattered but the lover and the love they shared between the couple.

It was then that time slowed down.

Hours became minutes. Minutes became seconds and seconds became milliseconds.

Love grew between them. A bond became.

It bloomed into something eternal and unconditional.

It was that feeling that would stay with them forever. That feeling of having been worshipped, of having experienced what life had to offer that only time allowed.

Without time, there would be nothing.

And nothing without time and blooming love was too cruel to imagine.

If ever with time, use it preciously.

Find love. Find someone who will love and worship you.

Because time and love is everything and anything.

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